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Here’s a 411 for all you Facebook users. A guy by the name of Keem Missouri has been making the rounds since January, posting videos, saying how real they are.

He was recently snagged on a Facebook group where he claimed this photo was his.


Enhanced still of the 1996 Memorial Day footage, claimed by the hoaxer he had just taken it 9 weeks ago.

Of course the group called him out on it after asking several questions where he verified the picture was his. When confronted, he said oops and said the group had misunderstood.


20 year old Hoaxer, “Keem Missouri”

Okay…if we give him the benefit of the doubt on that one…


On February 24th, 2013 he tried passing this picture of a hair sample claiming it was his…


What he actually tried to pass off as his, was in actuality a hair sample found several years ago, referred to as the “Teslin Sasquatch” Hair Sample, subsequently tested by David Coltman.

Here’s a Cryptomundo article from July, 2008 about the sample and Coltman.



“In July 2005, the discovery of a strand of Sasquatch hair near Teslin, Yukon, followed a series of sightings that got a lot of press attention. The anticipation of the DNA tests on the hair became high drama in the media. David Coltman, a geneticist at the University of Alberta, finally determined that the sample was from the hair of a bison, not a higher primate, such as a Bigfoot.”

                                                                             -  Loren Coleman on Cryptomundo, 7/17/08

Not even a good hoaxer. So all my Bigfooting friends on Facebook, if you see him on your friends list, give him the boot and block him!!!

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On June 23rd, 2013 I took myself and a hand full of researchers including a couple of new comers to my research area, to see if there would be any increased/decreased activity on the super moon.


Weather conditions: Moon phase, Full. Occasional thunderstorms to the north. Light rain shower subsiding rather quickly. Hot and humid, in the 90’s during the day, dropping to the 70’s in the evening, high humidity remaining.

Very little in the way of activity at the main campsite, however, a couple researchers broke off and seemed to have had an escort on the road way which actually reversed direction to follow them, not indicative of the known native wildlife. 


June 23rd, 2013…at the main campsite.

Another researcher and I repeated this with a little success, hearing something on either side of the road paralleling us and it appeared  when a vehicle traversed the road, said activity seemed to cease or curb off to where we no longer noticed it. 

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Is it okay to teach young scouts to make fun or lie?  Would this person be laughing at a spoof of scout masters poking fun at some of their bad apples alleged crimes?

We think not.


The site also implies it is okay to hunt, a species that if proven to exist would be placed on an endangered or protected list.

I came across this gem today,, in which it appears to be a serious site, with a lot of baloney information on it, until in some points you dig deeper and realize the insult.


Paul Kautz pictured here, runs the hoax – spoof site

The site is run by a Scout Master from Eden Prairie, Minnesota by the name of Paul Kautz, and we find his actions, including a phony Fish and Game application, which asks for people’s personal information,  definitely not “Scout Masterly.”

Kautz thinks it funny, but not many people know the “Munster’s home address” listed on the application.

First of all it is not very apparent at first that it is a spoof site.

Second, it contains videos of people stating their alleged encounters, lending to the realism and confusion of the site’s purpose.

Finally, it contains some bad misnomers for the general public such as the Paterson/Gimlin film being the first well documented sighting of a Sasquatch.

Perhaps a future Hall of Shamer coming.

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Once again another review of “Shooting Bigfoot” hits the presses, this piece on from the, and once again high praise for the filmmaker, but a disappointment not having resolution to the final segment.



On Dallas Gilbert and Wayne Burton,

“Dallas and Wayne are two old men it is almost impossible not to feel sorry for. Dallas has been retired since an injury at work…Dallas’ wife is aware of her husband’s reputation (here the observation that he should ‘get a life’ is particularly tragic), and notes the deteriorating effect his behavior has had on their marriage.

The undercurrent of their situation is deeply sad, one of a small, recession-hit deep South town. The editing initially seems cruel, but Wayne is seen at one point giving money to a homeless woman he has known for years, highlighting the benign nature of the pair.”

On Tom Biscardi who gets the brunt of the review,

“The same cannot be said for Tom Biscardi, a man who has been making documentaries about Bigfoot for years. He’s a monstrous rampage of a man, making Alan Partridge and David Brent look restrained…It is possibly that Biscardi is a sociopath. His reactions to events certainly suggest so, and he certainly has absolutely no idea how he comes across on camera.”


And Finally on Dyer,

“Finally, we meet Rick Dyer. He and an accomplice were involved in a recent hoax that incriminated Biscardi, so we’re advised not to trust him…

A young man who appears several times soon becomes deeply creepy, and it is implied that he and Dyer might be involved in trying to freak Matthews out. Ultimately, the denouement is weirder and more provocative than I had initially anticipated.”

On the film itself,

“Shooting Bigfoot might not feel entirely trustworthy, but it is entertaining. Whether or not it is honest is another aspect that’s up for debate, and raises questions about documentaries in general. Are we really expecting our presenters to be entirely truthful, when fabrication can enable them to get a better response from their subjects? Are their subjects the people they are interviewing, or the people who are watching?”

Read more:


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Codename: ASH

Hot off the presses is a good hearted gentleman, that had a conversation with Biscardi, who is boasting about some claims about a famous Chicago media star.

Yesterday morning we had received a tip on Biscardi’s doings and low and behold last night a good gentleman had made a claim that he had spoken to Biscardi citing something else. 

I just had a face to face talk with Tom Biscardi from the searching for Bigfoot show and his camera crew. He told me they were on their way to do the Oprah Winfrey show and he would be coming back through here in a couple of weeks. He wants me to take him to the place where I found the tracks while hog and deer hunting last bow season. …Should I take them out there? Should I do their show? I’m undecided!

                                                                                                        Facebook User 6/19/13

People ask me all the time, why we do these pieces on hoaxers and here is a prime example.  The more the word spreads about charlatans in my opinion, and the better the documentation, the more easy it is to show folks where the truth lies.

Now on to the meet of the matter. I was tipped off Tuesday night of a Biscardi event this weekend and did some cross checking as we love to do the same thing any good investigative reporter does and learn that Biscardi is not doing the Oprah show, but rather shooting a sizzle reel for some unknowns out of New York City.

A sizzle real is a short demo of what production companies use to sell television shows to the networks.

This is what our source said about Biscardi’s doings,

I got an email from a guy …who said he was working on a television pilot that featured Tim and some other Bigfoot hunters…

They’re shooting this weekend around Waverly, Elmira, and Alpine Junction, NY, particularly the Connecticut Hill area.

Shoots are the (June) 21, 22, 23.

… (A producer is) in direct conversations with several networks for this very concept. – Abnormal Species Hunters. AKA – (Codename:) ASH.

Since Duck Dynasty became a smash hit, all the networks are looking for comedy reality with big characters.

We have Tom Biscardi, Roger Peterson (the wheelchair bound Bigfoot hunter) and Steve (Cautheron)- the gentle giant (7 foot four and suffers from Narcolepsy) – just to name a few.

No clue who any of these people are, I checked my contacts, checked IMDB, and these people haven’t worked in actual TV before, which was another red flag.

… particularly with Biscardi involved and the thought that they were just going to mock these people for three days.

                                                                                             – Anonymous Source, 6/19/13


Pictured Left to right, C. Thomas Biscardi, Steve Cautheron, and Roger Peterson

So it appears Biscardi was not meeting Oprah, but showing a style he has employed in the past, by fibbing to people for manipulative purposes. Something I had seen during the 2008 Georgia Body Hoax.

This should also serve as a warning to people wondering when Biscardi tells them something and trying to drag them into his circus act.

* UPDATE: Feb. 6th, 2014 – I received an email from Steve Cautheron, who informed me that he does not have narcolepsy. Since we wanted to bring you the source’s quote in it’s entirety, we here at, cannot verify whether or not Mr. Cautheron has narcolepsy, but we can verify that the shoot for Codename: ASH did occur.

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