I know this may be a little early, but it is how I feel right now about things and it is time for some appropriate words given the last several weeks in the Bigfoot research community.

In the United States, this month marks Memorial Day, formerly known as Decoration Day which faded after World War II.  The holiday is a remembrance to all those that died while in service to their country, whereas Veteran’s Day is a celebration of one’s service to their country in the military.



While no one in my family, that I know of died in the service of the country, many of my family did serve in times of conflict. 

My father served in the 3rd Army during WWII under Gen. George S. Patton. My uncle, became a Disable American Vet, when his Destroyer, the USS Ludlow took a hit from a German U-Boat. Despite being disabled, he worked and retired from the transportation authority. My Godfather served in a Submarine in the European theater in WWII.

My brothers served in the Air Force, one of my cousin’s retired from the Air Force a Lt. Col. and another one of my cousins was in ‘Nam.

All of these folks had or still have stories. As well as character. My family is proud of my accomplishments, but I am humbled and in awe by their service to our country and am grateful, that they survived their ordeals to give me some of their knowledge, character, and values along the way.

My Dad, Uncle and one of my brothers, are gone, but forever I will have their memories and in essence, their zeal for life.

I would like to take pause to thank not only the souls whom died for their country, protecting our freedoms, but their families for their sacrifices who too often we forget. God Bless you all.

Veterans or not, we have been shook a bit in the community by the loss of Ohio researchers Todd Clark and Hawk Spearman within a week, and last month with the loss of Mogollon Monster researcher, Mitch Waite.

I’d also like to take the time to mention and remember a few others that have passed on since my tenure, in the community that I so dearly miss their research, words of wisdom, discussions, laughs, or even sometimes, their zaniness.

Tim Cullen, Steve “Indy” Pickett, John Whitesel, Shane McMahon, Jon Erik Beckjord, Cliff Sparks, Dan Gordon, Stephanie Henderson, Phillip Spencer.

Out of the 12 mentioned here, I have radio interviews with 8 of them. Which I will always treasure dearly.

May you all rest in peace.

Till Next Time