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Being steeped in reality is what we all need to be sometimes. Sometimes we need to listen to the “old timers,” and put ego aside, self included.

In other cases we need to stop becoming “dreamers.”

Sometimes we even stop being fair, or nice and become investigators. Verify.

Sierra Kills and Dr. Brian Sykes

This week we’ve had some major developments in Bigfoot body cases, the first via Dr. Brian Sykes, NatGeo Channel concerning the alleged Sierra Kills shooter Justin Smeja.


Justin Smeja…DNA all bear.  

Turns out everything is bear or nothing…the steak (which we knew from other DNA tests) and of course now the bloody boot which turned up no useable DNA. Hence no Squatch.

All we have is a video via a FLIR device by veteran researcher Bart Cutino that may or may not substantiate Sasquatch activity in the area the kill had allegedly occurred.

Still I must say that at least in those cases physical evidence was turned over to scientists for analysis, giving me the leeway to at least stay on the fence and have some hope.

But, as a friend said to me the other day, “Hope is for suckers.” Show me something concrete.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the Sierra Kills now becomes that of Bigfoot Legend and Lore and much debate for the future generations of those who want to mix it up and fight over the topic, the same as the Ketchum Study, the PG Film, The Massacre Debate and so on and so forth.

MiB’s and Rick Dyer… AGAIN! 

It should come as no surprise that a person so angered over the Sierra Kill has been one Rick Dyer.

See many folks think that the major motivation was money. Wrong, not at first. It is no coincidence that He really started making the rounds again right after the announcement of the Sierra Kill. He publicly called Smeja a hoaxer, but claimed himself to be truthful.


Rick Dyer…”MiB’s took my Bigfoot…AGAIN!”

I mean how can you be the “Best Bigfoot Tracker in the World,” if someone else brought one down or in before you?

Let’s not forget, just how angry Dyer was with the old Team Tazer. He bought all the domain names he could with the name Team Tazer.

Then he tries to call out his enemies, when one or more (me) calls him out and actually goes to Los Angeles, he tries in vain to hurt me by attempting me to spend hundreds of dollars on a cab ride, which he claimed he would pay. Luckily it did not work out that way. Click here to read about the LA trip.



(From Left to Right) Plane Tic to LAX, LAX and the “No Show Party!” with Bugs Mitchell.

Then doesn’t show. Claims a great victory, leaving many of his followers stunned and saying, “What the ^&#*@?” The next day all but a small handful of his followers are left. In following weeks, more jump ship.

Little obsessed? You bet!!!

The Ketchum Study build up was at it’s peak as well. That became a bust for most over the course of the last year, as it has not been accepted by science.

Now that the Sierra Kill DNA is bear, and the Syke’s Study has made no significant Bigfoot breakthrough, it does not surprise me, in the least, that Dyer has bowed out and has been leading up to this since coincidentally with the announcement of the NatGeo show that would reveal the samples authenticity or not.


(Left) HotDocs in Toronto in April..decent turnout. (Right: Courtesy of Joe Mastroianni) the NY showing in November and post the calling Dyer’s bluff in LA in August… theater very empty.


MiB’s took his Bigfoot. Zero for originality, as he used that excuse in 2011 already. Sounds like someone is “selling their cabbages twice,” as my father used to say.

However, I don’t think for one second, this is the last of seeing Rick Dyer.

Unless the Feds get him this time.

Dyer’s website as of this morning has this message. Gone are the memberships, he was once selling.


Message on Dyer’s web site this morning, blog has been silent since Nov. 17th, 2013

But if there is someone claiming to bring one in or has bagged one, be certain Dyer will be there with another “Hank.”

If Dyer has any more supporters, then they need a severe reality check, as most did in August after I and some others called Dyer’s bluff in California. That sent a full house

The Aftermath

Why can’t some of us let this go…

well there is something teachable in everything here.

1. The No-Brainer: Some people are just liars…

                      hotairdownloaddownload (1)

(Left to Right) Famous Fibbers: Tom Biscardi (I saw it, I touched it, I smelled it), Allen (Musky Allen) Issleb (It was partially embalmed), Ricky Dyer (I am the best Bigfoot Tracker in the world), Linda Newton-Perry (If the photo of “Big Clyde” is a fake I will shut down Bigfoot Ballyhoo.)

Especially when they have a track record of it, making grandiose claims not attempting to support it with any evidence. Or the evidence upon closer inspection is doctored or misrepresented.

All, in my opinion seem to suffer some sort of defect, making up lies about people to further their cause or make them sound like the victim.

There is a commonality about all of them.

2. The Unfortunate Part: Some people are naïve, even if they are super intelligent. And sometimes play into the hoaxer’s plan.


Some of the more notable willing victims, Vermont researcher Chris Noel, and the Facebook FindBigfoot Team, who still had trouble coming to grips with the truth even after L.A.

Doesn’t make them evil, just makes them unreliable if they don’t change their methodology and trains of thought. I hope for their sake they do. I don’t like seeing anyone fail that had only good intentions and their mistake was believing in Dyer.

We are only human.

Unfortunately one of those human qualities is pride and ego.

Facebook FindBigfoot did make the statement of getting out of the game if this turned sour. And it did. So it is hard to say what the future holds for them. If they back out on it, will the world hold them to their feet to the fire like I did Linda Newton-Perry two years ago?

Difference there is Perry wasn’t a victim, she was the source of all the hoaxes on her site. FB/FB were approached by Dyer and believed him. The Issleb involvement cemented  their belief. So can we forgive them? I think so, but only if their work going forward is a little more objective.

They need to learn to listen to those who are in the know.

Example: I wrote a book on this Dyer guy as well as a few of his co-conspirators from 2008 since I was at ground zero…and they ignored everything I said for a majority of the time about the truth of this man… they were his victims.

And as true to life, some victims start off by being willing victims.

Too important of a lesson should be learned here by the the majority of the researchers that were naïve to believe in Dyer’s lies, were that they were only in research post Body Hoax 2008.

They wanted to give Dyer a pass on his previous actions. For some reason they forgot all his other lies between then and now, like another body, oh and the how the MiB’s got that one too.

But for the Naïve: Don’t want to believe me? Proceed at your own risk.

In Summary

We can let go of the parties responsible and ignore them.

But we should never forget them.

To forget them, we would end up forgetting the lesson.

And we as a race, do that all too often.

So it actually looks like we might start off 2014 with new business instead of all this unresolved stuff like Ketchum, Sykes, Smeja, Dyer, Smith… etc.

Till Next Time,



The Bigfoot Paradigm

People wonder why I’ve been very selective in posts the better part of this year. Well truthfully, I wanted to focus on the field research and getting boots on the ground rather than getting into the middle of the incessant quarrels within the Bigfoot Research Community.

But it is time to let people exactly know where I stand. This is how I feel, some of this not based on any fact, but rather opinion and gut feeling but some is too.

So let’s look at some of the classic or more philosophic debates:


Kill versus No-Kill: I have always been on the side of peacefully obtaining the evidence to prove the creatures existence. But I also know the absolute way of proving the existence of a Sasquatch is with a specimen. Science may actually demand it. The folks on the side of Kill, included the late Dr. Grover Krantz.

Still I won’t be the one to bring in a dead specimen.


Flesh and Blood versus Paranormal: Okay probably the argument that gets the most people heated. Listen I stand in the corner of, if it leaves tracks, hair, amongst other alleged things, and it’s naked, I would say flesh and blood. Not wormholes, UFO’s or telepathic, telekinetic, cloaking, transplanted people. If so, where’s the evidence?

Nope… I’m a show me guy. Rene Dahinden once said of James “Kewanee” Lapseritis, “He had 250 encounters with Bigfoot in his mind… that’s like saying you’ve had 250 sexual encounters but never got laid.”


Hominid versus Pongid: This is one of those categories where I really am not decided… could be either or something completely different. Gigantopithicus, Australiopithicus, Heidlebergensis, who knows? But we are talking primate.

So where on the primate tree it fits? I will wait for discovery and not venture a guess. But being a primate, that can tell us a lot as well.

Now for some of the newer arguments…


Profit versus Non-Profit: There sometimes is an outcry by some in protest of conferences and people who charge for trips with them or their organization into the forests in search of our favorite cryptid. I see this in several different ways.

First, nobody is forcing anyone to pay anything for anything unless it’s under the title of the Affordable Healthcare Act. Truth is people pay for entertainment and experiences.  It’s also very common and accepted practice in the paranormal community.

I say to each to his own. (Personally as I have stated before I would never charge for folks to go on expedition with me, it would be my honor to have them along.)

Second, I feel if you pay me for something, you get something in return that’s tangible. A DVD, a book, something.

Lastly, if you do things legitimately, and above board I could care less, good luck and God speed.

Finally on this topic I would just like to say…Caveat Emptor!


The MK Davis/John L. Johnsen Massacre Theory: I include Johnsen in this because he was the first who went public about the theory, and at the time was working on a film with MK.

Now for those playing “catch-up,”

The theory states, based on some miniscule, split second coloration on the Patterson/Gimlin film that allegedly lends credence to Patterson and Gimlin alleged killing several if not more Sasquatch. Bottom line to me, sounds pretty thin, considering the evidence.

Sounds more conspiracy theory than fact. 

The Justin Smeja/Sierra Kills Saga: Justin Smeja kills a baby Sasquatch but gets guilt ridden and leaves it behind. Sounds crazy right? Well this one I’m on the fence on. There are things that intrinsically bug me about this.

I pucker every time someone says they’ve killed one but, oops don’t have the body.  100 percent of the time in the past it turned out to be BS… so the odds are not in favor here.

But on the same token, Smeja has showed moxie, passing a lie detector test, and has stuck to his story and has been doing everything and anything to get his boot sample tested. The people on the investigation side of this are tops.

On the fence, I won’t condemn someone for something I can’t prove. Like any other witness, “trust but verify.”

The verification, hopefully will be with the Sykes DNA study. If not we may never know.

The Melba Ketchum Study: Dr. Ketchum states the Sasquatch are a hybrid human. Not accepted by any of the scientific community. Ketchum cries foul, buys her own journal, publishes it when it’s been rejected.

Again the step out of the normal process, and some of the anthropological facts not meshing with her peer rejected study, leads me to conclude, I don’t feel good about it at all and sorry I can’t accept it as factual, at least at this time.

To sum it up

Yes I am sure I’ve missed some of the smaller arguments. Perhaps even a big one that has never crossed my path.

See the thing is, I feel no malice towards those whom are on the other side of the spectrum on these issues with me, because the bottom line is we are all in this for one goal, to prove the Sasquatch’s existence. We all have opinions and different beliefs and even reasons as to why we are in the search.

There are no experts amongst colleagues.

In fact some of the nicest people I’ve met, have been opposed in some beliefs that I have.

I encourage diversity, but also sanity as well. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Till Next Time,


I have remained silent on the subject of Rick Dyer for a few months after his failed attempt at torpedoing anyone who showed up in California to see his “live baby.”

Of course we called that as a hoax before even embarking on the trip as we did his tent video and new dead body claims for the last year.

Since our coverage began of the Bigfoot Body Hoax Part Deux, we’ve seen Dyer falling apart piece by piece as we’ve and others like Racer X, have predicted.

Last month, as he has done in the past made an exodus from the scene yet again, because once again he is using the excuse his family is being threatened.

We’ve also seen quite the exodus, again as predicted, from Team Tracker. We’ve seen more Vice Presidents (DJ Brashear, Cindy Schaefer,  Chris Sands and now Frank Cali) not since the likes of the Nixon administration in a rotation of resignations of Vice Presidents and citations of illegality, immorality and down right mean spiritedness, by the expatriates.

One of the most vocal and outspoken, has been probably one of the closest to Dyer is Frank Cali.

I had an opportunity to ask Frank some questions in written form to him.

Some of the answers have been edited down for space and relevance to the questions:

1. How did you end up becoming VP of Team Tracker, what did Dyer promise in terms of money?

“Chris Sands was made VP after Pink left. He had the title for a week and really didn’t have time for it due to work and family. Dyer says he really wanted me, but I had just had the heart attack and they wanted me the recover. I was told I would be well taken care of for all my work when he got the money for the body.”

2. What were some of the first signs you saw that Dyer was making the whole thing up?

Dyer had told the entire team and people who listened to his radio show I was coming on the week BEFORE then to see the body. What he wanted to do was to get talk going among people that I was there and had seen it. I had seen nothing.

The next week I flew to Vegas at my own expense. That night I didn’t say a word waiting to see if he really was getting me "in" to see the body. Dyer announced to everyone and said "Frank, come in, we have someplace to go"

We got in the car and he drove me to a fast food place 10 minutes from his home and he ordered ICE CREAM" and eat it in the car. He told me that he could not get me in to see the body and that he was having a reproduction made of the body to take on tour.

I thought that was kind of odd and said "Why do that?" Dyer said he planned and switching them back and forth. When we got back, I stayed outside for awhile because I knew then it was all a hoax and I was upset.”

3. When Dyer tried his "California caper" was it apparent to you as it was to us, that he never expected to have someone call him on it?

Yes, he never thought you or JR Dobbs would come. He kept me in the dark right up until the last minute on that one.

4. Did Dyer ever confess the whole thing was a sham to the Team Tracker Execs or was he also playing them as well?

No, He never told me or anyone else that I know of the truth. He would lie to me about all kinds of things and it must made me mad that he thought I was stupid considering back background.

To this day, he still has never told me that he didn’t move to Utah. When he claimed the "investor" told him to move due to the made up threats, he said they gave him $100,000 to relocate for safely reason. I knew he only moved a short distance from his other home in Vegas.

One very important thing was I pressed him to release the video of this "Dead" Bigfoot to the public as he called and said he needed $6,500 to get the trailer done that he was getting made to transport the body. I said to him "Well, you have the greatest video of all time. Why don’t you release it and do it tonight. That should get you the $6,500 you need.

He promised that I would get to see it, but I never did. The biggest thing to make me say was it’s time to leave was when he called me again and said he need another $6,000 for another trailer and the one being built allegedly was sold die to him missing the final date to the payments.

I asked him what happened to the money he got for the DVD’s "After the Shot". He said "Well, I got to eat" and it’s spent" That when I deceased that was enough. I had been on his show saying that he would release them when he hit the 100 mark. When he never said showed me the footage. I told him that I could not do it anymore and I stopped doing the show that night.

A few days later he called me on a Sunday morning at 10am eastern and said he was up all night and that he already had announced that he was stepping down to devote full time on the tour and I was now "President".

I have been around for a long time and had seen just about everything. For sure when I worked In DC. I knew then for sure that he was going to try and hang me out to dry and blame me for everything. I was smart and never had any money to do with him ever sent to me.

Anything anyone paid also always was sent direct to his PayPal account which now has been frozen due to so many people taking my advice and asking for their money back. PayPal now has the authorities investigating him and his actions.

5. Can you name the folks whom Dyer seemed obsessed over and some examples how great his obsession was?

Yes!. He was most obsessed with you Racer X, Michael Merchant, Shawn Evidence, Justin Smeja. Now he’s turned his attention on former Team Tracker people such as myself.

Dyer has also tried to trash the name of Dallas Gilbert and Tom Stickle, another former team, member. All of what Dyer says and writes about them is a complete lie.

6. Did you ever meet Lilly (Rosa) and if so, did her relationship seem normal with Dyer?

Yes I met her when we came to Vegas for the Mt Charleston trip. I have heard a lot of bad things about that relationship from people. Also someone close to them has heard her telling Dyer he better get that body made soon.

7. Dyer appeared to have a bit of a sadistic streak. Can you give me some examples of such and can you support of dispel any rumor of Dyer being a drug user?

I believe he his bi-polar and also a pathological liar. He lied to me every time he called me. Still to this day, he has never told me the truth that he told me that he moved to Utah I knew he was only moving to another place in Vegas. The home he has now they say is "Section 8" housing.

I never seen him use drugs, but most of the time he would call or if I need to call him during the day, he sounded like something was not right. I asked him many times if he was ill and he said no.

But he did sound like he was under the effects of something not normal. low, very draw out speech and sounded like he was allegedly on or doing something.

There were times when I would talk to him at 6pm and he sounded messed up on something and then a few hours later that same night when he did the hangout, he appeared fine.


Capture of the controversial episode where Dyer wipes a mysterious powder from a table, then repositions the camera. (Credit:

8. What really happened when Dyer got caught with the drugs behind his camera that one broadcast? Did he ever fess up?

He tried to burn the award he was given by Facebook/Find Bigfoot on that dresser. It caught fire and someone told him to run and get salt to put the fire out. Here is a "grown man" setting to something in his home with his wife and 3 small children in it.

Just recently he did a video on his YouTube channel making fun of a "person" who allergy makes him act like he’s on the drug cocaine. He got all the gestures right on the button.

I have a relative who is retired drug enforcement and had him watch the Dyer video and he said "He does a great impression for someone who claims he don’t do drugs."

9. Aside from his sales through memberships, and DVD’s has the Dyer had any real private investors aside from FBFB? Is it true that Dyer claimed that FBFB bought his rifle?

He does claim to have "investors", but I don’t think he has anyone at this time or in the past year. He did sell FBFB a gun for a huge amount of money. The thing that got my attention and I have told this to them is when I would write about that gun.

Dyer would always say "make sure you say it was a gun SEEN" in the movie "Shooting Bigfoots". Do Not say "It was the gun USED to shot the Bigfoot" .

A lot of alarms when off when I heard that.

10. Does Dyer have any thermal equipment or sold any thermal equipment?

He did have 2 FLIR camera on loan arraigned through FBFB. He held on to them for some time pretending that he was going to throw them out. he even posted a photo of the 2 camera’s setting in front of a greasy pizza box as garbage. He now claims he sent the FLIR’s back. But as we all know, you can believe anything he says. I do hope he sent them back. FBFB was very kind to arrange for him to have these very expensive camera’s on loan.

11. Any closing comments?

I now know for a fact that Morgan Matthews has never with Dyer at the time of the claiming he shot the tent video. There was NO Bigfoot recorded with Dyers cell phone with Matthews present.

Matthews believes that as is seen in the end of the movie "Shooting Bigfoot" he was ‘attacked’ by a man in a suit. Morgan Matthews will not make this fact known while the movie is in its general release.

Then there is the DVD sales and then the pay-per view . People must remember that it’s called the motion picture industry.

Like another industry, the main concern is profit.

Think for a minute; IF there was an actual Bigfoot filmed during production of that movie. It WOULD be in that picture. That would be a gold mine for any studio.

I do also believe that Matthews i snow sorry it got involved with Dyers and his lies and Rick Dyer may destroy Matthews gold reputation in the movie business.

Word now is that Matthews has canceled his scheduled appearance in New York City this coming November. I feel he does not want to have to answer any questions in regard to the lies Dyer has been saying about he film for this past year.

I encourage anyone who bought the DVD "After the Shot" and or "The Autopsy to has for a total refund as about 17 or so people have already done.

Dyer has had is PayPal account frozen by PayPal due to them offering buyer protection. PayPal now must pay back these people for the purchase and they will in turn go after Mr. Dyer

 clipart_firelight_014 And now news of the dumb, Speaking of “Shooting Bigfoot”

It’s “Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty meets Deliverance!”

Here it goes… the story we’ve been waiting for when two hapless “researchers” go into the woods with guns to “Kill themselves a Squatch,” and one ends up getting shot in the back by the other, luckily nothing life threatening.

*(Please note that the quotes next to the following pictures are parody and were not really said by the “contestants.)

Contestant Number 2 Contestant Number 1: ‘I heard something bark, and next thing you know, my gun went off. I also accidently discharged my firearm too.’

But it gets better…

Both contestants were carrying, but the one shot was a felon, (Contestant Number Two), which is generally frowned upon by law enforcement. SO despite being shot…Contestant Number Two is arrested also!

Contestant Number 1 Contestant Number 2: Will no longer be taking “point” on future missions. 


It seems the wife of Contestant Number One (Daughter of Contestant Number Two for those keeping score), lied when questioned by the police, thus becoming Contestant Number 3, making it (as you hockey fans would call) it a “Hat-Trick” for the local constabulary.

Contestant Number 3 Contestant Number 3: ‘A family that gets arrested together, stays together…at least until sentencing.’

Sounds like their version of “Finding Bigfoot”  became “Finding Buckshot.”


Here’s the story in all it’s glory.

Three Arrested, One Shot In Rogers County Sasquatch Hunt

Posted: Nov 03, 2013 11:10 AM EST Updated: Nov 03, 2013 4:51 PM EST

Dee Duren,



Rogers County Sheriff’s Department arrested three people in what appears to be an accidental shooting. One of the men told deputies he’d shot his friend while the two were on a Sasquatch hunting expedition.

The two men were hunting – apparently for Bigfoot – around 177th East Avenue and Tiger Switch Road Saturday night. Omar Pineda reportedly heard a "barking noise," jerked and shot his friend in the back, authorities say.

"When you start off with an explanation like that, do you believe anything after that?" Sheriff Walton said Sunday morning.

The men met emergency responders at a QuikTrip near Interstate 44 and 161st Street. The wounded man is expected to survive.

Pineda, 21, was arrested for reckless conduct with a firearm and obstruction.

Deputies also arrested Perry Don James, Pineda’s father-in-law. James threw his son-in-law’s gun in a pond on the property because he is a convicted felon and was afraid to have the gun on his property, the Sheriff said.

James, 53, was booked on complaints of felon in possession of a firearm and destruction of evidence.

The shooting victim was also carrying a gun, though he dropped it when he got shot, according to a news release. That gun has been recovered.

Deputies arrested 22-year-old Lacey Jane Pineda, Omar’s wife, for obstruction because she told police at one point that someone else had shot at her husband and his friend, according to RCSO.

Walton said the incident is still under investigation. Authorities haven’t yet determined whether drugs or alcohol were involved, he said.

"It probably was an accidental shooting," Walton said. "Our efforts now are to locate the weapon that was used."


Sad thing is the area they were on the “hunt,” actually looks pretty damned good for Squatch activity.


Till Next Time,


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