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Definition of Irony

I understand Mr. Biscardi had a show on his weekly program, Bigfoot Live Radio, that featured a segment on Rick Dyer yesterday by interviewing former Bigfoot Tracker Veep, BJ Brashears.

I figured since I’ve been the

Well needless to say there were audio issues with the program so I never got to hear it.

Tonight I was looking around for the archive version finding humor in this whole thought of Biscardi putting the digs into Dyer, when I discovered that The SFBI Facebook page had a link to a Bigfoot “Hall of Fame.”


Left the day after Biscardi had a Radio show outing Dyer.

Maybe Tom was flattered that his picture was prominently displayed amongst others like Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Derek Randles and Loren Coleman, all great folks in my opinion. But I also noticed Rick Dyer was there. And Todd Standing.

I also noticed it was a Wix page.

So my curiosity went up and ran the Whois on the page on the site.

Guess who owns it???


Guess Who

Dyer’s Personal information has been censored.

Now that’s my definition of irony!!!!


Squatch-D Radio Back!!!!

Chris Bennett and I are so glad to be back on the airwaves at Beyond Borders Paranormal Radio Network. Visit our other sister shows there as well!!!



The show can be heard on Sundays 10PM EST (9CST), and accessed through the Beyond Borders website or by going to SquatchdetectiveRadio.com. The show archive page is also up and functioning where you can listen to the program replay or download it.

Our guest lineup is filling fast and we are booked until June. More guest announcements this week.

We’re also excited to be doing an “Out of the Box” show every third Sunday of the month, featuring a guest on topics other than our hairy friends.

Upcoming stuff…

Tomorrow night I will be going on the Giant’s Bigfoot Radio program for an hour long discussion on Sasquatch and who knows what other topics may come up.

Next Friday I will be on Scarefest Radio, talking about last years Scarefest 8 and this years Scarefest 9, where they’ve already announced one of my favorite actors, Malcolm McDowell, will be appearing.

Of course, on May 6th, 7th and 8th,  I am excited and super stoked to be a participant in the 2016 Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure.

They’ll be a screening of The Beast of Whitehall and special guest from Mountain Monsters, John “Trapper” Tice. (Yes we know folks, its television so chillax. Be fun to meet the guy and have a few laughs). Even Squatch-D can let his hair down once in a while… (okay I know…what hair!)


Looking forward to meeting a bunch of people, and getting boots on the ground in Pennsylvania and do some research.


Till Next Time,


Codename: ASH

Hot off the presses is a good hearted gentleman, that had a conversation with Biscardi, who is boasting about some claims about a famous Chicago media star.

Yesterday morning we had received a tip on Biscardi’s doings and low and behold last night a good gentleman had made a claim that he had spoken to Biscardi citing something else. 

I just had a face to face talk with Tom Biscardi from the searching for Bigfoot show and his camera crew. He told me they were on their way to do the Oprah Winfrey show and he would be coming back through here in a couple of weeks. He wants me to take him to the place where I found the tracks while hog and deer hunting last bow season. …Should I take them out there? Should I do their show? I’m undecided!

                                                                                                        Facebook User 6/19/13

People ask me all the time, why we do these pieces on hoaxers and here is a prime example.  The more the word spreads about charlatans in my opinion, and the better the documentation, the more easy it is to show folks where the truth lies.

Now on to the meet of the matter. I was tipped off Tuesday night of a Biscardi event this weekend and did some cross checking as we love to do the same thing any good investigative reporter does and learn that Biscardi is not doing the Oprah show, but rather shooting a sizzle reel for some unknowns out of New York City.

A sizzle real is a short demo of what production companies use to sell television shows to the networks.

This is what our source said about Biscardi’s doings,

I got an email from a guy …who said he was working on a television pilot that featured Tim and some other Bigfoot hunters…

They’re shooting this weekend around Waverly, Elmira, and Alpine Junction, NY, particularly the Connecticut Hill area.

Shoots are the (June) 21, 22, 23.

… (A producer is) in direct conversations with several networks for this very concept. – Abnormal Species Hunters. AKA – (Codename:) ASH.

Since Duck Dynasty became a smash hit, all the networks are looking for comedy reality with big characters.

We have Tom Biscardi, Roger Peterson (the wheelchair bound Bigfoot hunter) and Steve (Cautheron)- the gentle giant (7 foot four and suffers from Narcolepsy) – just to name a few.

No clue who any of these people are, I checked my contacts, checked IMDB, and these people haven’t worked in actual TV before, which was another red flag.

… particularly with Biscardi involved and the thought that they were just going to mock these people for three days.

                                                                                             – Anonymous Source, 6/19/13


Pictured Left to right, C. Thomas Biscardi, Steve Cautheron, and Roger Peterson

So it appears Biscardi was not meeting Oprah, but showing a style he has employed in the past, by fibbing to people for manipulative purposes. Something I had seen during the 2008 Georgia Body Hoax.

This should also serve as a warning to people wondering when Biscardi tells them something and trying to drag them into his circus act.

* UPDATE: Feb. 6th, 2014 – I received an email from Steve Cautheron, who informed me that he does not have narcolepsy. Since we wanted to bring you the source’s quote in it’s entirety, we here at Squatchdetective.com, cannot verify whether or not Mr. Cautheron has narcolepsy, but we can verify that the shoot for Codename: ASH did occur.

Till Next Time,


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