Hi gang just a quick update on some of the Field Team’s forays. Much to the pushing of Assistant Director Bruce Barraclough, we have expanded to doing multi-area expeditions. Not only have the concurrent expeditions been conducted at different sites but in different states as well.

They have been yielding some interesting results and in December we should have a full recap of all our investigations and expeditions.


(Left) Steve Kulls and Field Ops Team Leader Steve Kannes looking at maps, (Right) Steve Kulls with Assistant Director Bruce Barraclough and Team Member John C. going over concurrent research area on map.

We can say that Bruce on his last night out in Area 1 had a track find, which we are still evaluating at this writing. Area 2 on it’s second trip out had some anomalies which we are still discussing as a group. Our next outing we are planning on exploring the other, equally as active other side of Area 2.


Our November mission will focus on yet a new area to us, Area 3. Over the winter months we will be investigating sighting reports and perhaps opening yet more research areas particularly privately owned sites.

Again I couldn’t do what I do without my awesome team. Thank you to those great people.

Till Next Time,