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Bigfoot body: Arizona tour canceled


If you’ve ever wanted to see Sasquatch, keep looking.

A sideshow-like display featuring an alleged Bigfoot body has canceled its Arizona appearances because they had nowhere to put it on display.


Np Tracker


The specimen comes from Rick Dyer, a self-proclaimed "Bigfoot Tracker" whose web site says, "I tracked a creature. I shot it. With tears in my eyes, I watched it take its last breath." Dyer says that was in 2012.

Dyer hired promoter Andrew Clacy to book stops on the "I Told You So" tour. Clacy told CBS 5 News that the body has undergone DNA testing, MRI scans, an autopsy, and more scientific testing in the last year. However, results from those tests are not yet available.

Clacy had been negotiating with various Valley locations that might be interested in hosting the exhibit. He said shopping malls or other venues should want to pay him to have the display on site because of the tremendous crowds it would bring in.

Clacy and Dyer have a credibility barrier. Dyer admits to being the man behind one of the biggest Bigfoot hoaxes of all time. In 2008 he was involved in a scheme to sell another alleged bigfoot body to the highest bidder. The story got national attention and Dyer went into hiding for months.

CBS 5 News has learned that Clacy could not find a single venue that would pay him for the show, nor could he find a venue that would allow him to set up if fees were waived. Even the International UFO Congress, which kicks off its five-day conference in Scottsdale, turned Dyer and Clacy’s exhibit away.

"He’s a known hoaxer," said conference organizer Maureen Elsberry. "We are a reputable conference and we did not want to be associated with that."



Read more about it:


Do not pass go… go directly to Houston!

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Hey gang, good times, good times!  In a super positive mood this week as a lot of things coming to fruition.

First, the move is on to a new Squatch-D HQ in March. The new facility should be the best biggest yet. So there may be a little quiet streak coming up the last week of February, first week of March.

Road trip anyone???

In March of course, there is the Cabela’s Rare, Strange & Unusual Sightings, at the Cabela’s in Tridelphia, West Virginia.

A totally free event, with Eric Altman, Billy Willard, Dave Dragosin, Doug Waller, Stan Gordon, myself and featuring Dr. Jeff Meldrum.


(Left) Myself, Eric Altman and Billy Willard at the Steve “Indy” Pickett Memorial Barbeque, Salt Fork State Park, Ohio and (Right) Dave Dragosin and myself at the East Cast UFO/Bigfoot Conference, West Moreland, Pennsylvania.

There will be a meet and greet panel on Friday March 14th, and the speaker series on the 15th and 16th. Admission is $0.00, FREE, GRATIS, etc.

Okay time for my shameless plug…will have copies of What Would Sasquatch Do”  available for purchase and of course anyone who has purchased one in the past bring it, and I will make sure it gets signed.

I know there will be some other vendor tables as well and it’d be a great time to get any of Stan Gordon’s books you may have signed and see if he’s got some new ones. Of course Dr. Meldrum will perhaps have his awesome, Sasquatch: When Legend Meets Science there as well.

Series Finales???

Rumors are abound that filming just wrapped for the series finale of Finding Bigfoot, which will air next year,I believe.



The rumor started when a local newspaper where they were doing what may be the final filming (Humboldt County), in a  Walla Walla, Washington paper ( I always love how that town sounds, kind of makes me wonder if the have a Walla Walla Wal-Mart in town).

Question is, did the newspaper misquote and say series finale instead of season finale. Shows are usually hush hush about whom announces the series finale. Sources around the web are leaning to, that’s it.

I will just sit and wait. Nonetheless I am a bit melancholy to see the program go. 

I know, I know, its just entertainment my colleagues say. I agree. But I am a “Squatcher,” and I like to be entertained. The show also opened the door, not only for the shenanigans by some on the down side, but on the good side, did make people a little bit more tolerable to the possibility of their being a Sasquatch.

Not to mention inspiring a future generation of kids, who seem to love Bobo, to keep an open mind and perhaps one day get in the field themselves, much the way The Legend of Boggy Creek was to me and countless others in the 70’s.

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Some of the inspirations that created generations of researchers and enthusiasts

Of course media and TV programming is the latter part of the twentieth century’s inspirations but prior to that we had countless books by the likes of John Green, Ivan T. Sanderson, John Keel, Dr. John Napier in the past which set the tone for new researchers.

Finding Bigfoot, having well survived its first season, like it or not, has made its mark in history and developing a new generation of researcher yet to come. Not bad. 

A curious note was that the news media was always neutral on the matter until we saw a drop off for about a decade in the late 80’s. Then they turned on us believers with bias. It would seem without adequate reminders that this mystery exists, the news forgotten most objectivity in the matter and now consider it a side show attraction.


Just my observations, but still no word on Bigfoot Bounty’s renewal, but considering the time it took to cast the previous time, and having my ear firmly to the ground, it doesn’t appear that Bigfoot Bounty will be coming back. There’s just been no real big buzz about it like the time Finding Bigfoot went “wheels up.” Spike did not appear to enthusiastic about the Bigfoot Bounty the way Animal Planet was about Finding Bigfoot.

Speaking of side show attractions…

Dummy Boy has hit the road, and is trying to find a venue in Phoenix  while he lays low near Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

Last week we showed you a post where Dummy Boy was selling his little trailer, stating he bought one appropriate for carnivals and fairs, and side shows for that matter. Well this picture turned up from somewhere, showing Dyer did indeed obtain a new, bigger trailer and is not eating the most nutritious food.


Dyer Watch 2014.

We all know about the venue he has at the end of the month in Houston, and people from reports have been deluging the venue to pull out of the deal. However, here at, we will be having our sources doing their thing at the venue.

Sources state that Dyer’s tour may end in San Antonio near the end of May.

This week on Squatchdetective Radio

Radio2  This week we’re bring back Don Boucher, to NOT talk about dummy boy, but rather about Bigfoot research and Bigfoot in Montana. Join us 8PM EST on Squatchdetective Radio.


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Again we go to Mr. Lindsay’s blog,

“Frank Cali accused of continuing to extort people. I reported earlier that a complaint had been filed with the FBI accusing Frank Cali and Rick Dyer of extorting $10,000 from a man. The complaint is sitting there and no doubt will not be acted upon. “


                                                                                                       -Robert Lindsay 02/02/14


According to sources in law enforcement, there are no open investigations, at the federal level against Rick Dyer.

Sorry Robert… while I wish you were right on that one… it just ain’t so.

Tomorrow we will cover yet another topic in deciphering Bigfoot from Bullshit.

Tonight (02/06/14) on Squatchdetective Radio

We have our good friend, JC Johnson from Crypto Four Corners, and we’ll be discussing some very interesting topics.


Here’s a couple of vids that we’ll be discussing,

Published on Aug 16, 2013



Published on Feb 1, 2014

Hope to see y’all there 8PM EST at Squatchdetective .

Till Next Time


Hey Gang as we know Robert Lindsay wrote on his blog, “Beyond Highbrow,” a series of statements that his “sources” including “cross referenced” ones, have stated.

Well as I have said it in the past, his sources are either repeating what Dyer or Dyer’s minions have been saying to them and telling Lindsay. Frankly I think they’re all just playing him.

Lindsay had this to say about Facebook FindBigfoot just a couple of days ago,

“First of all, a public service announcement. All you people out there who won’t listen to me are just wrong. You should listen to me. Blow me off at your peril. You have no idea who I know or what I know. Most of the stuff I believe is true is true, and most of the stuff I believe is false is false. I am pretty good at figuring out truth from lies.

Dyer skeptics will soon be eating a lot of crow. Make sure to make that pie huge!

Certainty that Hank is real and not a hoax? Now 100%…

…And Facebook/Find Bigfoot are indeed the new investors. I just verified this from a 2nd source so of course I was right again. They stayed for 2 weeks in Las Vegas and brought a whole slew of MD’s and scientists to verify Hank. One MD even brought some equipment with him but he was not able to use it.”


                                                                                                               Robert Lindsay 02/02/14



We’re pretty good here to at deciphering BIGFOOT from BULLSHIT too. Matter of fact when I broke into this field THAT was my calling card. I don’t steer people wrong, nor do I state things as fact unless I have cross referenced my sources or have gone to the subject matter directly. In this case I went to the subject matter directly.

I got off the phone this evening with “Jack Barnes” and he stated to me, in no uncertain terms, NONE of what Lindsay was written was true about trips. MD’s and funding Rick Dyer and said, “We’re just kind of laying low.”

So there was no two week Las Vegas stay, no MD’s and no scientists that verified “Stanky Hanky.”

My friendly message to Robert Lindsay

No Robert, they weren’t lying. Matter of fact it would only validate their earlier stance and what you are saying if they told me that you were correct. They have no reason to lie. But they didn’t. Your sources LIED.

They would be playing this up, because long ago, they believed Dyer was speaking the truth. They’re not. Matter of fact just the opposite, Jack laughed at what was written.

If this is from your sources then none of what you have written can be trusted WHATSOEVER!

  • So Robert, lets go for confirming sources, “Round Two.”
  • Name the museum and lets see if she confirms what your “sources” have told you.

Sorry man, Vegas odds aren’t so good for you now being 100%.

Follow the money…

Lindsay also stated on the same blog,

Rick gets no money until after the tour. Rick turned down a large sum of money so he could go on tour with the thing. At the end of the 13 months, Rick will receive a large sum of money, millions. This is why Rick needed funding for the tour. FB/FB guys are helping with the tour. Rick turned down the money because he was afraid that the investor would not do the tour. Rick really wants everyone to see this body. Well, that is a good sentiment there for Rick.”


Is that why Rick is selling his RV, trailer and still selling cars on Craigslist as we sit here tonight?


FordPT cruiser

Shot heard ‘round the world…I think not!

Oh and, by the way, there is one thing we CAN confirm. This didn’t come from Robert Lindsay or his sources, this actually came from Frank Cali, former Team Tracker Veep.


I have confirmed with “Jack Barnes,” when the FBFB founders traveled to Nevada for their meeting with Dyer last year, they did purchase the gun Dyer had used in the movie, or at least Dyer claimed the gun was the one he used in the movie.

Till Next Time


As our old pal Allen F. Issleb aka “Musky Allen” continues to stand by his story of seeing a “real”  bigfoot ala “Hank,” despite the dummy looking nothing like Issleb’s description, we came across a comment on Robert Lindsay’s Blog, which was deleted some forty minutes later, after Robert felt it was defamatory against Issleb.

Here’s the comment,

So yesterday we read that Team Tracker members are starting to doubt Rick, and 24 hours later there’s a new post with all this new information that just had to get out today? I’m sorry, this excessive amount of content in such a short time suggests serious damage control from Team Tracker, and much of what is there points to Musky, who is as good as Dyer at spinning yarns. (And the more I read, the more it looks like these Facebook guys really are in on it.)

How did these two sociopaths get together anyway? You know it wasn’t in group therapy. Robert, did you know the Illinois attorney general sued “Musky” Allen Issleb for scamming homeowners? That’s just a coincidence and not a window into his character and ability to present false scenarios? The top judicial officer in my state hasn’t sued me for anything lately. Has yours come after you?”

                                                                                                    Deleted comment on RL’s Blog

As far as FBFB is concerned, we must remember that RL’s sources have been extremely off their mark concerning Dyer. In fact I will speak with reps of FBFB today to see if there will corroborate RL’s claim that FBFB is now sponsoring Dummy boy.

Back to Issleb…In truth the Illinois Attorney General did in fact sue ole Musky for allegedly bilking $13K out of customers from his company, AFI Construction based out of Island Lake, Illinois. of course we know Musky had some brushes with the law back in 1997.




“…Last year, the Illinois Attorney General’s Office received more than 2,200 complaints from consumers caught in home repair scams. In fact, home repair fraud is the most common complaint among Illinois consumers. Because of the growing number of problems, Attorney General Jim Ryan announced Thursday that his office is filing lawsuits against 14 companies that allegedly did shoddy repair work or took money and did not work at all…Among those companies was…

…AFI Construction of Island Lake and owner Allen Issleb. Prosecutors claim the company bilked consumer out of $13,000 by doing shoddy work or no work at all. AFI also failed to inform consumers about their three-day right to cancel a contract…”


Remember Musky Allen IS Allen Issleb, not Redman or anything else.


Again…here’s a High School Year Book picture…you tell me…


“The two Isslebs”

A Similar but sadder note…

Well I always promised “The good, the bad and the ugly.” But always the truth… well here it goes…

One of my long time idols Peter Byrne has had a run in with the law at age 88, in what authorities had claimed a 20 year long theft of benefits from SSI and Medicaid.



Peter Byrne

88 Year-Old Author Sentenced For Fraud


December 05, 2013

PORTLAND, Ore. – A former resident of Pacific City was sentenced in federal court on December 3, 2013, for stealing more than $78,000 from the Social Security Administration (SSA), the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS), and Medicaid.  Peter C. Byrne, 88, was sentenced to a three year term of probation and required to pay full restitution by the end of the week. Byrne pleaded guilty in August and admitted that between 1992 and 2012 he concealed from SSA and DHS his travels outside the United States and his compensation, while receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and food stamps.  Byrne had previously deposited $25,000 with the court for restitution and indicated he was prepared to pay the full balance by the end of the day.

According to documents filed by the government and Byrne’s admissions, Byrne began receiving SSI, a need-based benefit, in 1990 and was required to report to SSA certain travel outside the United States as well as his income and compensation.  Between 1992 and 2012, Byrne traveled outside the U.S. for more than 30 days at least 15 times, on some occasions remaining outside the U.S. for more than four months.  Between 2009 and 2012, Byrne also maintained bank accounts with Barclays of England and Wells Fargo where he held more than $85,000 at one time, and failed to disclose these bank accounts to SSA and DHS.  When Byrne was questioned by SSA and investigators in 2012, he failed to disclose all of his travels and assets.  When SSA asked to see his passport, Byrne advised that he had accidentally destroyed his passport by running it through the washing machine.

Investigators subsequently served a search warrant at Byrne’s residence and located financial and travel records, and his Will.  Byrne urged that the Will be kept confidential because he feared the Social Security Administration would come after his estate for benefits he unlawfully received.  Agents also located a copy of a letter from Byrne to Safari Press directing that any future royalties for his published books be sent to his girlfriend.  Byrne had previously been questioned by investigators whether he was receiving royalties for the books he had written on topics such as his search for Bigfoot and game-hunting in Nepal.  Byrne denied receiving royalties.

Prosecutors also noted that in the 1990s, Byrne had two previous overpayments of SSI because of unreported travel and assets.  Those prior overpayments had been handled administratively by SSA.

The Honorable Garr M. King stated that Byrne’s actions had been intentional and criminal, but agreed with the parties’ recommended sentence of probation primarily because of Byrne’s age.

The case was investigated by the Social Security Administration Office of Inspector General, Office of Investigations, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Oregon Department of Human Services, and the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office, and was prosecuted by Special Assistant United States Attorney Helen L. Cooper, as part of a partnership venture between the Social Security Administration Office of General Counsel and the United States Attorney’s Office in Portland.


Thanks to Pam Farley for the heads up.

What this does to this man’s integrity? Well only time will speak of such.

The DOJ’s report is pretty condemning, but considering the amount and the time span, it amounts to about $325 a month in benefits that he was getting that he wasn’t supposed to.

But also consider he coughed up $78K in a week to pay restitution. 

I think I need a few days to process this one before it makes any sense.


Till Next Time,


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