Here is my YouTube response to Rictor Riolo on calling me a fraud on his “final” episode of “Off the Rictor.”

There is no excuse for him calling me a fraud… period. We have a disagreement over something. So he chooses to purposely gaslight it because I disagree with what he thought the context of a conversation was. I know what I heard, and know what I didn’t hear. Having a conversation over that, to clarify is something real world investigators do. Clarify when things are grey. Calling someone a hoaxer, a liar or a fraud requires evidence. Conversations spoken in circles and or delicately is not evidence. Me changing my mind on something is not fraud. To call it such is gaslighting.

  • 1. He drags me into a fight that wasn’t mine, without any foreknowledge. And his original dispute  based on a 5 minute discussion almost a years earlier.
  • 2. After I talk to him and listen to the other side, I realize what was said was or may have been misinterpreted.  So I retract what I say, without even saying Rictor is wrong or anything derogatory to say about Rictor. And nine months later he goes on a rant why?
  • 3. After I talked to him on the phone, and he does not raise an argument and seems like he is agreeing with me.
  • 4. The reason for his hatred of Russell had nothing to do with Bigfoot or the topic at all. It involved Russell’s personal life.
  • 5. In late 2021 on the Coalition page, he publicly asks me if I still have that original statement I had made. (I did not). He promised that if I give him the video, he "won’t talk bad about me or make fun of me."

Even if I had the film, after making such a threat, I wouldn’t give it to him or anyone after such a threat. (And the fact is I wasn’t even on the Coalition page at that time, I dropped out a couple of months earlier).  I have nothing to hide. There are no Expedition Bigfoot appearances or cash deals for me despite what he thinks or his witless minion thinks (if it’s not just a sock account).  More to that, Expedition Bigfoot: Not a fan, and the viewers of my show know why. (ex. Cinnabar Mines, Antoine Ranch, mysterious marbles appearing, playing with chimp pheromones and then getting chimp DNA).

Bottom line is we have a guy, who is playing the victim card and wants everyone’s sympathy. He starts the program by dealing with a topic that we all agree on, that insults based on gender, race, sexual orientation are not acceptable UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. Then he moves on to his agenda of how hurt he is. Gaslighting.

Ask yourself: How many friends did Rictor turn on?  One or two, I can understand, but the numbers Rictor has, well guess what? He should be looking in the mirror of who turned on him. It was the result of his own self-destructive behavior.

Despite his past and warnings from others, I had the faith for a while to call him friend. Had long conversations about things other than Bigfoot over years. We share the love of the Star Wars franchise.

After the disagreement over this Russell statement thing, I let a few months fly, as I was a little miffed over being thrown in and know he might be stinging a bit knowing I had changed my opinion in the matter.  He didn’t bother calling either I might add and he could have to have a discussion like adults. But why bother when you can hide behind YouTube and Social Media?

In December I wished him a Happy Birthday, but realized that he is blocking me. Tried calling him, blocked again. There was never a bad word said between us at that point, other than the fact it would have been nice to know I was having my name thrown out there which was going to set my phone on fire. And then this.

So in perspective, I think he has hard time letting things go or accepting people with differences other than him. May be a result of the discrimination and possible isolation he experienced or felt due to his sexual orientation., which for me was never an issue.  So I do understand and empathize.

This can also lead to cynicism as well. When you are beat down at a young age it gives you a chip on your shoulder, as well as being eliminated first, on a third rate TV game show. 

This began his turn to Bigfoot isn’t real. Now lets talk gaslighting… everyone is lying if they’ve had a Bigfoot experience. Everyone is a hoaxer in the Bigfoot world and Rick Dyer is the only honest one. Everyone in the Bigfoot world is a liar, cheat, drunk. Now who sounds like they have a chip on the shoulder?

First, these things occur in everything everywhere. Liars, drunks, cheats. Politics.. yes. Hollywood…yes, Law enforcement…yes, Firefighting…yes. It’s a rough world out there, and what you need is a thick skin and a morale compass. I remember setting out in this world as a young man with higher expectations and saw the world for what it was. Pockets of good and bad. The whole thing is to have the maturity and retrospective to sort it out.

"Only a Sith speaks in absolutes."

  • 1. There have been thousands of eyewitness reports including by people that have risked careers going public. Some of these encounters date back as early as 1818.
  • 2. There have been numbers of foot casts made that were not faked or misidentified.
  • 3. There have been hairs discovered in the forests of North America that are primate in nature and lack medulla to extract DNA.
  • 4. Certain dermal ridge evidence on the some of the track casts. (Not all…but some)

Now there are some people that would throw the PG Film or the Sierra Sounds in here as evidence, but for the sake of argument, let’s omit them for this discussion.

And for those that lack the resolve to keep on keeping on because that’s all we got, have the resolve of those researchers in the past.

When you have a person that has a record for turning on people, and then claims he is the victim, then puts himself in his own Hall of Shame, well that sounds like a "pity party" to me. All of the actions unfortunately, I see when it comes to "friends that turned on him," was his own doing. We all know people in life that do this constantly, "the victim card." Here is just another example I am sad to say.

And no…. Dyer was not the only person ever to come out to admit he was a hoaxer. Just the most public one.

Till Next Time,