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Just to dispel an internet rumor that “50 Large” has been cancelled, it has not. There were some proofing issues that required attention, pertaining to margins and sizing of photos.

BookCoverPreview (1)

Now that has been fixed the printed proofs are on the way. I will review them and we should be good to go.

“50 Large” will be available on, by following a link which will appear on the site as soon as the proof is a go for publishing.

Thanks everyone for their patience, being the first time out of the gate for an author I got a little premature on the date, but we should be good!

I’m already penning a second book, “What Would Sasquatch Do?” covering case studies of Sasquatch reports I and others investigated that fit into a behavior pattern, useable to researchers. Hoping to have that released by late summer/early fall.

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Apology accepted…

About six weeks ago, I announced that “50 Large” was having the finishing touches made to it, and in coincidentally coincided with some comments made by Rick Dyer, concerning me, the hoax and some other stories.

Dyer had always been one to assist in the providing of materials and documents in the big question in “50 Large,” was Tom Biscardi really duped.

Dyer for the better part of two years, claims to have been doing legitimate Bigfoot research internationally, and after speaking with him over the phone this past week, again is helping to provide access to a document his attorney has, that, well let’s just say would implicate Biscardi in something else, as in the research of “50 Large” I have obtained the entire 88 page police report concerning the matter.


The 88 pages of documents, just received sits on

my desk just prior to opening.

The book will contain at least forty-one of the eighty-eight documents received and screen caps of the video also submitted as “evidence” to the police department by the Biscardi camp. Thanks to them providing the video for the police record, it now becomes public domain.

Rick was angry with me, thinking that my foray was about vindication. Never expecting me to ever go public with the book, I had long said I was writing. But as many know the truth, sometimes takes time to be exposed, and time for fact checking and verification.

As I explained, I was never worried about vindication, because as the truth would be revealed, vindication would never be a concern, because the truth has always been on my side.

We had a long conversation, and he was unaware of some of those things, I had gone through pertaining some of the games the Biscardi camp has played over the years to attempt to either discredit me or dissuade me from writing “50 Large,” or the lengths I went to verify facts and obtain documents, not only just to say what I say is the truth, but to verify and prove such.

After our conversations this week, Rick stated he would issue an apology, not something I asked for, but he insisted upon. And kept to his word so we are posting that here, not as a sign of vindication, or “I told you” so, but as credit to Rick for doing what he stated he was going to do.


Rick backed up his words with actions by posting this video.

Now many folks in the Bigfoot community can’t stomach Rick, and that’s okay and I understand why. I’ve always maintained that the Bigfoot community itself would have figured out the Georgia Body Hoax on their own, if they hadn’t done it themselves already, had it not been for Biscardi, pumping out the lies and propaganda turning it into an international circus. But to prove something ultimately, beyond a reasonable doubt, you have to get your “eyes on the prize,” in this case the suit. Remember, boots on the ground!

That’s why in my view, I lay this whole affair clearly at the feet of the CEO of Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. His mission has been one of playing things up, with lies if necessary, not of clarity, integrity or legitimate investigation or research. “50 Large,” backs that up with documentation. And unlike the original thought, I did not get him involved, he was making inquiries for very different reasons at the same time I first challenged “The Georgia Boys,” to come on Squatchdetective Radio, and back up what they were saying.

His involvement was an eventuality. But all of this is covered in depth and at length in “50 Large,” – The Real story of the Georgia Bigfoot Body Hoax. Coming to you on February 20th, 2012.





Steve’s Public Appearances


February 25th & 26th, 2012 – Wheeling, WV, Cabela’s – Strange, Rare and Unusual Sightings Seminar



March 4th – 6th, 2012 – Mayville, NY – Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo



October 13th, 2012 – Jamestown, NY – Jamestown Paranormal Convention


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