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Yesterday, I spoke of Biscardi and Dyer.

Dallas and Wayne, well, they may not be everyone’s typical or mainstream Bigfoot Researcher, but they believe in what they are doing and what they are experiencing, so as goofy as people think they may be, they’re alright by me. They have a right to enjoy what they do, and they do. And I like that.

But let’s get  to the nitty-gritty here.  My take on Morgan Matthews.

Morgan Matthews

First of all his whole premise of finding Bigfoot researchers and following them around to satisfy his childhood wish to see if Bigfoot really exists is HOGWASH!

First the movie starts with Ivan Marx, proven hoaxer (just ask Peter Byrne and John Green) who happens to be Tom  Biscardi’s “Jedi Master.” Later you will see more clips from Marx’s movies including a RARE clip of Biscardi actually doing something in the field other than complaining about people.

Then Matthews picks on a number of representatives of the Bigfoot community. He devotes less than a minute or two to the very credible Bigfoot Discovery Museum and researcher Mike Rugg. Even less time devoted to the yet even more credible, Dr. Jeff Meldrum .



Biscardi scolding his girlfriend for making noise during his interview.

In one scene after Matthews asks Biscardi a question, Biscardi stops himself in the middle of answering the question to scold his girlfriend Joan. Matthews never returns to the question meaning to me as the viewer, Matthews never cared about the question in the first place except as filler.

What he really wanted was drama and “assholism.” 


Assholism” – The constant state of being condescending, narcissistic,  insisting on being right all the time and blaming everyone else for their shortcomings aka an asshole.  While everyone can be an asshole at times, especially myself included,  It is the constant that applies in the situation of Dyer and Biscardi.


Matthews picked on, at least a couple of easy targets that being Dyer and Biscardi. If  you don’t think that was planned it was. Biscardi in 2010 had been bragging about traveling with the BBC to his contacts around the country.

Time for a hoax debunking sidebar…

Another thing we called correct here on this blog which the movie proves correct, that being of the Dyer shoot dates.

At the expedition time with Dyer, we see Dyer in his mocked up Suburban. He owned that vehicle when he lived in Texas, which was 2010-2011. In 2012 he was in Florida and left after domestic violence allegations where he relocated to Nevada around June or  July from what we can surmise. This earlier time coincides with the 911 call in the movie placed by the homeless folks.

Here’s a cap from the movie depicting Dyer’s plates which were from… TEAXAS!


Dyer Truck

(Above) Texas plate and his Suburban place this circa 2010 – 2011.

What people who supported this hoax, or chose to believe in Dyer, don’t know is that he has left an indelible footprint of his movements on the internet.  Being a former PI it’ was pretty easy to follow along with Dyer just being Dyer. 


Let’s face facts. Most researchers including Wayne and Dallas, act with restraint and like gentleman around filmmakers, news media, documentarians. The two narcissists / sociopaths here cannot restrain their true nature. Again easy targets.

In my opinion and I think if people really think on it they will agree, that  if Matthews had a true interest in the topic, and had at least a good R&D unit, he would have stayed clear of at lest two of the three groups he followed. But instead he sought them out… what does that tell you?

I don’t think he was trying to destroy the community as a whole or even mock the community as a whole, he was trying to get the goat of the three and actually ended up only really zinging one, that being Biscardi. You can tell Matthews just did not like Biscardi at all.

And I think the feeling was mutual, because first Biscardi never spoke of his BBC misadventure to any of my contacts after the jaunt, and certainly he hasn’t been promoting “Shooting Bigfoot,” on his website which as a true “media panhandler” that he is, comes as a complete policy reversal.


“Media Panhandler:” – calling the media to announce you are in town, even though you haven’t even investigated, or looked at a single piece of evidence. Common to people who exhibit assholism, because of their narcissist mannerisms.



Chris Noël acting like he is apologizing but is being disingenuous


Now by this point, if you still believe in ANYTHING Rick Dyer has said in the past without any hard evidence to back it up, well…

One particular post by Chris Noël kind of turned my head a bit… (My Comments in Yellow) 

“Here is my current viewpoint on the matter.

Evidently, the "whole thing" was not a hoax, as many have claimed. 


But by the same token, it appears that I was wrong in believing that Dyer killed a Sasquatch on the night in question, for which I apologize. 


As we can see by the footage, however, Dyer did shoot (or shoot at) one from very close range, the same one that then retaliated against Morgan Matthews.


Dyer was so close to achieving his goal on 9/6/12 that when he failed, his frustration led him to simply go ahead and pretend that he had succeeded, no matter the cost to others. Either that or he returned to the site and killed one at a later date.”


                                                                       –Christopher Noël March 25th, 2014  YouTube


Now we have an additional predicate on Cryptomundo.com with his repeat of the above he wrote on the YouTube site…

“In the wake of the other night’s broadcast of “Shooting Bigfoot” on BBC Channel 4, here is my current thinking…”

                                                                          — Chris Noel (Cryptomundo March 26th, 2014

Say what???

Noël was with Facebook Find Bigfoot’s Jon Foss and Jim Larrinaga the night “Shooting Bigfoot” appeared at the Hot Docs Film Festival in Ontario, Canada…

on April 30th, 2013!

As you know we had a contact in the theater the night it was premiered at HotDocs… here’s the pics that were posted with our post of April 30th, 2013 entitled, Survey Says: HOAX.



Pictures posted on April 30th, 2013. 

Only after the masses have seen it almost a year later than Noël viewed it,  is he “rethinking” “apologizing.”

I call shenanigans.  Now with his statement he is just fence sitting on something that has been put to rest, because he really can’t admit he was wrong.

An with that, how can we believe in what Noël writes in the future about anything knowing he just can’t face facts and the truth?


(Above) Is this a characteristic of being a truthful journalist?

Furthermore not only was I disappointed in his rationalization of this hoax, but also how he was, is and continuing to handle this hoax.

I was utterly disappointed and shocked when this event occurred, as his friends as he calls them had been outted long before I mentioned their true names on this blog.

I still await an apology for that affair from him, but am expecting that not any time soon. Remember it seems arrogance has replaced what a real man, heck a real community leader, in some of these folks. 

Robert Lindsay actually called a number of researchers and conceded defeat, apologetically. Shows much more manhood (not gender specific but human specific) than what we have seen from the folks still trying to cling to hope.

No comments from the felon?

Anyone heard from Allen “Musky Allen” Issleb lately???

Yeah that’s enough said on this topic!

And Finally Dyer himself…

While he gives us the peace out…


We gave him a peace out months ago… (this guy must have a man-crush on me or something he’s always imitating me!) )


Usually when a sociopath writes an accusatory series of statements, there is a lot of inward reflection… (Again my comments in yellow)

“Haters come in all sizes all different shapes from all nationalities. These people thrive on pain and misery because their personal life is full of it.


They come from broken homes or maybe these people we’re made fun of all their life . Most haters are single living by themselves or at home with parents.


Some haterS are overweight and even hate themselves. All haters hate their lives and and are so lonely they have way too much time on their hands, these people aren’t members of any clubs or very sociable.


But give them a keyboard in the computer and no consequences for their actions. They feel empowered. But make no mistake they would never come out from behind the safety of their keyboard!


This makes them very easily controlled.” (NO, IT MAKES YOU ALL TOO PREDICTABLE.)

There is no such thing as bad media. (YEAH THERE IS…ITS CALLED “SHOOTING BIGFOOT!”)

                                                                                  —Rick Dyer March 9th, 2014 on his blog

This man deserves no sympathy, no matter how pathetic he is. I have lost any empathy for what he has done to himself, not because of the hoaxes, but for the lies and attempts to destroy people lives, all of which has failed.

The only thing he has done is destroyed his girlfriend Rosa’s and his kids’ lives.

Yeah Rick… you’re a prize! What a sad example of a loser.


Till next time,


I just got done watching an HD copy of Shooting Bigfoot late last night when I came to realize that the ending not only sounded staged but LOOKED it as well.

Let’s look at the ending blow by blow…

Dyer-ama of Dyer-ia

First Dyer claims to have seen a little girl in a dress.

We see this sudden strain between him and Matthews.

Now for the first time while in the field, Matthews films himself on site and does an in face commentary, where he starts the climactic sequence with this predicate:




Then we go to a scene from the Biscardi portion, which actually looked credible at first, because there was no Biscardi. But we see another strangely staged scene it appears with Matthews moving about in the woods to find “Youngblood,”, whose real name is actually Rob Price, hiding directly behind him.

We cut back to the Dyer camp for the finale, where Morgan amazingly seems to have the camera right on the part where the alleged creature is going to hit the tent, coincidentally seconds after Matthews turns t he camera on and then gives the signal to hit the tent by saying…


Now we cut to the “attack.” First we here Matthews state, “Rick… Rick come back to the camp” Then we here a change and hear Matthews state “Rick, I’m going back to the camp.” In the process of saying a bit more louder when the attack begins, which Matthews amazingly has the camera in the right position.



I’m going to withhold commentary on the above picture until the next section. Now finally and the most convincing this was a setup, was the camera positioning when Matthews was allegedly knocked unconscious.




Well first here we are again with another Matthews money shot. There was one more as well on the way down but this one shows not only very rubber looking appendages, but look at the camera angle… straight up. Not very congruent with Matthews alleged facial injuries.




So here’s a capture of Matthews interviewing Dyer for Shooting  Bigfoot with a boom operator / sound tech. Does it look like it may defy the laws of physics for the camera to fall on it’s end, especially when at first it begins to fall it’s going lens first, snaps up to capture an image of the creature and then rests on it’s end which buy the way is not a flat surface, as that’s where the battery pack is.


Below is a shot of the equipment according to Dyer’s website in 2012.


Given the story line, the ease of money shots, the corny language used in the ending of “Shooting Bigfoot,” and the defiance of physics, the ending is ALL false.

Commentary about the Face…

As far as the face of the creature. it is pretty amazing how all parties involved left the upper portion out of it, including FBFB. No wonder they were in shock after the movie and Noel was on scene as well in Canada for the Hot Docs premiere. The top half and eyes obviously give it away as a fraud.

Randy Filipovic aka Racer-X has some great thoughts about that at his blog.


So arrogant were they prior to seeing the film they were all singing and acting punch drunk. They even sent me a little not about what am I going to say when I am proven wrong by this “documentary.” But instead of being stand up guys and honest, when they realized it was a sham they chose to do damage control, and keep skin in the game.

Searching for BS with Carmine and crew…

I loved it. If there was any more of someone being show as a know it all, cry baby, here it is. Morgan starts by confronting Biscardi about being involved in the 2008 Georgia Hoax.

Matthews confronts what we’ve been saying all along about Biscardi.

Matthews: “They say you said to them,  you know the body’s not real, but we can make a whole lot of money out of it and that you would give them fifty thousand dollars, so they went along with it.”




Tom’s response… here’s a shocker was a LIE…




He then adds the caveat, “until now.” But in 2009 he knew he was being blamed for his participation and even masterminding the latter part of the hoax.

Well here’s a little reminder and a tease from my book “Fifty Large,”

First the partial statement given to Clayton County Police by Bill Lett about the fifty thousand, BUT, states the date he got the DNA was August 9th, 2008.


Partial Statement

Which is why the freezer receipt, which the creature was kept in,  dated August 8th, 2008 at 8:45PM is all so important to Biscardi being involved.  He was present for the DNA collection and he saw it UNFROZEN. Remember in his own words, “He touched it…felt it..smelled it.” What I smell in Biscardi’s responses is BULLSHIT.



And just to show the money was real, here is the actual Bank Withdrawal slip, also part of the police record…


So Biscardi storms off afterwards, realizing Matthews talked to Whitton and Dyer, and he begins his tantrum like style we’ve all come to know and love, and gives me my new catchphrase. (I nearly fell out of my chair laughing with this one!)


Angry Tom


Of course throughout the film, Biscardi is very much captured as he really is. Contemptuous, nasty, egotistical, and occasionally funny. Quite funny and sad all at once. But the it’s obvious, Matthews does not portray Biscardi in a good light at all, not following the story of his Bigfoot investigations, but rather the idiosyncrasies of the personalities he interviews provided he can exploit them.

For example there is a witness from Virginia that’s a little bit off base. Okay…he’s a lot off base. Morgan gives him a lot of face time compared to the next witness who has a much more credible story.

Well get more into that on Part Two of my review.

Till Next Time,


Sometimes I do have moments of clarity, and even thought people see me as a comedian at times, it is on this blog many times my seriousness comes out. After doing this for fifteen years, I am a veteran, but I‘m not the oldest war dog out there… but I do have a rather unique view… so here we go with this weeks blog…


The Last Five Minutes… of this hoax that is.

After “Shooting Bigfoot,” airs in the UK on BBC Storyville, the heat is finally coming down on Morgan Matthews.

This story just won’t seem to die, probably because of Morgan Matthews trying to maintain an interest in his film .


Matthews taking fire for being a hoaxer.

First according to the Bigfoot Evidence blog, Matthews is taking fire for being a hoaxer by some folks who have just seen the video. You can read their comments here.

Secondly, while retracing some prior research I saw something very interesting on my Google search…

morgan matthews googsearch 


Yes it actually says, “Morgan Matthews Bigfoot hoaxer.”

Here’s the Wikipedia screenshot…

Morgan Mattews BF Hoaxer

(Click picture to enlarge)


Thanks to an intrepid YouTuber… we were now privy to seeing some low definition of the last five minutes of, “Shooting Sasquatch.”

The Last Five Minutes of Shooting Bigfoot


In my opinion, the interaction and reactions of Morgan Matthews seem a bit over the top and the whole thing looks staged and a “Blair Witch,” homage.


What the last five minutes tells us…

Well for one thing, what Matthews says at the end of the film, should have woken the tools that still believed in Dyer after watching the movie the hell up.

Remember when I warned people back in 2012, Dyer had bought some high end video equipment?

Well according to Dyer since the beginning, he got the tent video, then got more ribs, and BANG!

You can read this excerpt from Dyer’s own website…

             “It was September 6, 2012 in San Antonio, Texas. The 6th day of an expedition that would change lives forever. After hearing various reports from the homeless people in that area of seeing a giant hairy beast in this area dragging a deer across the roadway. Rick Dyer plans an expedition there with Morgan Mathews Director of the movie “Shooting Bigfoot.” The morning begins with a visit from Bigfoot (Rick lured in by nailing ribs to a tree they bought from a nearby Wallmart).

            Rick plucks up the courage to film the Bigfoot on his mobile phone and started to record what is now known as “The Tent Video”. Glancing over it’s should to look Rick dead in the eye. Both men having seen Bigfoot come out of the tents, while Rick picked up is gun ready to shoot but his hands went numb and he could not do nothing at that point. Bigfoot ripped the ribs off the tree and casually started to walk away. Every 4 or 5 steps it did the “classic Bigfoot” look turning its head every few seconds. Rick turned to Morgan who just freaked out. Matthews said “We gotta get him on film” he didn’t know that Rick already had the mobile phone video. They went straight back to Wal-Mart and bought about $200.00 worth of ribs. After they returned, Rick nailed these ribs all over the place.

Gun at ready which he originally thought would be for protection only waited for nightfall, with the see through net open all the way around and his night-vison on, he started to hear footsteps. Matthews also heard the noise and Rick helped him out of his tent. Morgan gets out with this huge camera and was helped up by Dyer and that when it all started. Dyer’s gun had a light at the end of it and both started walking through the woods…”

Source http://bigfoottoday.com/bigfoots-death/

But to those who know “Rick’s version,” why is Matthews version different.

Here’s a few screen caps of what was stated in the film, as the film claims, Dyer tries to claim the film in Matthews camera, but returns LATER to get  the Tent Video.






The film goes on to show Dyer with former Veep, (hard to keep count these days), BJ Breshears.


So this should have set alarm bells off for all those who knew the story of Rick Dyer’s baloney both the HUGE story inconsistency and prior history and WHO SAW THIS FILM.


Mind you when I see the complete HD video of  the entire Dyer sequence, I believe I can correlate the 2011 camp photos with the camp you see in the movie.

What Do I Think?

What I think is some people had an extreme arrogance. And arrogance where they could not look at the side of being wrong. They got entrenched and bought in. The one thing you can never EVER do is buy in.

The proponents of Dyer that remained to the end, and I am not talking to the people belonging to the cult of Dyer who were never researchers before Rick Dyer 2012 and probably won’t be again.

But the researchers that remained to the end, are they complicit. Yes I do believe so. Why?

  • Failure to have any objectivity.
  • Having no evidence to base their claim on. (The words of a hoaxer as being the only source, is not evidence.)
  • Doing authentication videos without any on scene investigation and making things up. (Example – Portraying a campfire video from an earlier film and portraying it the one the said night of the incident. The authentication video itself was compiled from pictures Dyer had uploaded but not labeled)
  • Asking people to lie, because they believe they have the “moral imperative.” (That was covered here in this blog as a researcher angered that I had pointed out the previously published names of people to ask me to lie and state I was wrong.)
  • Profiteering off the coattails of the hoax with fiction rather than fact. Some people were pissed I wrote “Fifty Large,” claiming it was profiting off a hoax. In that case, I did several things, first I never sold it on Amazon. Second is mine I based mine on fact and had done research including getting 85 pages of police reports, which costs money. So my book had stuff exclusive to it. However this individual’s book was written basically on the flawed opinion that Dyer had killed a Bigfoot. If I’d bought it, I’d be demanding my money back.
  • Attempting to be getting to the truth, but then switch back to it’s real afterwards. Facebook FindBigfoot  sent me out to California to call Dyer’s bluff, or so they said. Perhaps they were looking for vindication to give the appearance of being unbiased. The later defended themselves as saying they paid for me to go to California. NO, they stated they used frequent flyer miles to obtain my ticket. Not quite paying. Any incidental expenses I incurred on my own. Made it soud like I was on the payroll. Seems like another attempt to set me as a patsy like Biscardi-Dyer tried in 2008. That didn’t work out for them all too well and neither did this either. Mind you I wouldn’t have thought much about it, if they had casually stated them sending me to California, but the manner in which they did, made it sound like they were unbiased. Nope they were very biased and did not listen to reasoning until it was far too late. Not only did they take themselves down, but Chris Noel as well.
  • The lack of remorse by any of them for any of their actions or by anyone they particularly wronged.
  • Spreading of rumors via PM’s saying that they have, had, or will members of their team inspect the body. Much like Dyer’s details, which are vague and non-committal, these statements were made of the same ilk. No names, dates or places.

Lets face it, FBFB and Chris Noel took similar paths. They backed a losing horse for whatever reason. If they think my ascent to where I am know today had all to do with the 2008 hoax they are very flawed in that train-wreck of thought. 

I don’t think FBFB gave Dyer anything special like Biscardi gave him in 2008, which was a circus of an international press conference. But Dyer was out to destroy the Bigfoot Community agian, and FBFB the biggest group on FB was an easy mark.

Rick Dyer likes to think everyone was riding his coattails. Half the station graphics on his vehicles that are networks he has never been on. If that doesn’t spell sociopath I don’t know what does.

Fact is, like I’ve said he was riding on the coattails of the Bigfoot community.

Perhaps he convinced the media hungry FBFB because of that thought process. I mean what was FBFB? How does one get 40K+ followers in such a short period of time. Well you don’t do it for free. And if you’re paying for that sort of thing, then there needs to be a return on investment right??? I mean they were sending FLIR’s out like candy, including to Rick Dyer. Funny, there was no thermals from Dyer at all.

But the thing is I never compromised integrity, I never compromised the truth, correcting any mistakes, improving processes.

And I put in the time, and hard work.

Things FBFB never did.

How do we take a negative and turn it positive

Well strangely I see many positives of this.

First, I think people now realize the bar that needs to be set for what constitutes real evidence versus subjective evidence versus BS. Folks have called out, rather quickly other smaller scale hoaxers and people will again be engaged in looking at evidence with a skeptical eye, something that has lacked in this field for the last several years.

Maybe people will start realizing that all the “serious” studies that have been done here and in Canada, that have been drawn out for so long, with millions spent, have been drawn out because they have NOTHING. At least nothing they prove to science with ease.

Stuff that we will call out when we see it. Or methodology and processes they know is wrong, but try to justify to us, he Bigfoot researcher, for acceptance when they really need to be justifying it to science. The reason they don’t is the reason for so much debate and mistrust.

And frankly I want people to double check what they see and read as evidence. Check and check again before making up their mind, even on my own stuff, especially on my own stuff. I am about the truth, the good, the bad and the ugly.  I am not perfect, neither is the next guy or gal. You will see no grandiose claims on legitimate sites. I don’t get much in the way of evidence every time I go out. On my site you see compilations.

But why is it we see so much damned beginners luck…over and over again by the same folks? I’m happy if I am able to extrapolate some recordings or pics over a season. And not every year or season is there an encounter. Folks need to put themselves in a reality check over what you see and believe.

Why is it we’ve had five people claim to have shot one of these creatures dead and yet there is no body. (Fred Beck, Frank Kerlow, “Bugs” Hale, Justin Smeja and Ricky Dyer)  Or nothing to support their claim other than just words. I have a feeling there’s a commonality here unfortunately. I don’t thing it’s too hard to figure out.

Of course all have excuses as to why there isn’t evidence.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Put up or shut up.

As far as setting Bigfoot research back, I’ve heard that a thousand times. The only thing that sets Bigfoot research back is the constant jibbing by the media, and our own short sidedness in dealing with other researchers, witnesses and sometimes our own families. The public forgets pretty damned fast.


Till Next Time,


Once again another review of “Shooting Bigfoot” hits the presses, this piece on from the DenofGeek.com, and once again high praise for the filmmaker, but a disappointment not having resolution to the final segment.



On Dallas Gilbert and Wayne Burton,

“Dallas and Wayne are two old men it is almost impossible not to feel sorry for. Dallas has been retired since an injury at work…Dallas’ wife is aware of her husband’s reputation (here the observation that he should ‘get a life’ is particularly tragic), and notes the deteriorating effect his behavior has had on their marriage.

The undercurrent of their situation is deeply sad, one of a small, recession-hit deep South town. The editing initially seems cruel, but Wayne is seen at one point giving money to a homeless woman he has known for years, highlighting the benign nature of the pair.”

On Tom Biscardi who gets the brunt of the review,

“The same cannot be said for Tom Biscardi, a man who has been making documentaries about Bigfoot for years. He’s a monstrous rampage of a man, making Alan Partridge and David Brent look restrained…It is possibly that Biscardi is a sociopath. His reactions to events certainly suggest so, and he certainly has absolutely no idea how he comes across on camera.”


And Finally on Dyer,

“Finally, we meet Rick Dyer. He and an accomplice were involved in a recent hoax that incriminated Biscardi, so we’re advised not to trust him…

A young man who appears several times soon becomes deeply creepy, and it is implied that he and Dyer might be involved in trying to freak Matthews out. Ultimately, the denouement is weirder and more provocative than I had initially anticipated.”

On the film itself,

“Shooting Bigfoot might not feel entirely trustworthy, but it is entertaining. Whether or not it is honest is another aspect that’s up for debate, and raises questions about documentaries in general. Are we really expecting our presenters to be entirely truthful, when fabrication can enable them to get a better response from their subjects? Are their subjects the people they are interviewing, or the people who are watching?”

Read more: http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/shooting-bigfoot/26098/shooting-bigfoot-review#ixzz2WsQKa9gr


Till Next Time,


Despite some lobbying of Chris Noel, claiming he is not in Dyers corner, despite a book insisting he shot a Sasquatch and wild allegations of Hank Williams Jr. being his investor, ( I know, I know… craziest thing yet heard in this cabal) it would seem Tighty Whitey hasn’t quite realized he’s on the Titanic.


Noel, in our opinion, has lost all reasoning ability in the matter of Tighty Whitey.

Probably the most pathetic of his statements was that “the case only gets stronger that Dyer shot and killed a Sasquatch in San Antonio and there is no evidence of a hoax.”

He had his chance after the airing of “Shooting Sasquatch,” at HotDocs. But all that had occurred most likely was a discussion of how to save face. We know they were quite upset with what they had seen in the film. Hence no call to Tighty’s show.

Tighty was bragging how he would be vindicated on April 30th, 2013 and we called it correctly. Blame will go to the director, Morgan Matthews.

Do you think I wouldn’t have a couple of folks nearby, one watching the film and another watching their reactions? 

What the hell planet is Noel exactly on anyway? No evidence of a hoax?

Let’s start with evidence piece number 1:

He hasn’t produced a body.

Mr. Noel in our opinion has lost all his reasoning ability in this case. Why?

I’ll tell you why, in 2008 there were all these sources, saying this and that, how it was real, investors this and that, guess what? All bullshit.

He may have gotten a Ph.D in Philosophy at some fine institution, but I got my Ph.D in Philosophy at the School of Hard Knocks. Fool me once…

Well besides us ripping Dyer’s libelous and malicious edits, with rock solid evidence, defaming people who do not believe in his Swiss cheese story of shooting a Sasquatch, defections in the Dyer camp are rampant.

A lot of the “Army” he claimed to have is jumping ship, grabbing life jackets, getting on the life boats and coming over to the side of truth while Tighty is playing the role of Bruce Ismay, insisting the ship can’t be sunk. (Remember it was Ismay who disguised himself as a woman and got on a life boat, when they said women and children first.)


As of 12:30 AM Eastern time, this is what you see when you go to Tighty’s main page or Team Tracker page:


Apparently the webmaster had enough of Tighty Whitey.

What’s in the “exclusive” areas of Team Tracker?

Well thanks to some folks, we now know Tighty Whitey’s schedule.

Remember we told you of that video equipment he bought at the end of September 2012, well apparently the day before the body release slated for Bigfoot Black Friday, August 15th, 2013, on the 14th he plans to reveal a new film.

He’s also planning a “body tour” from January to April next year… yeah right.

There’s also a picture in there of a stolen frame of “Shooting Sasquatch,” when allegedly FBFB members illegally taped some of the film from inside the theater.

The picture actually shows details, that “Hank’s” face was really a mask. We’ll have some detailed analysis of such within a couple of days.

On another note, we’ve seen that a lot of the defectors have finally seen the light. Good for them.

Of course we welcome them with open arms and forgiveness for any transgressions.

See even they have more reasoning than some apologists. Like those stating they are not behind Tighty Whitey, but do all they can to support his claims, make money with books about the killing or even more dubious, just trying to save face. Well it ain’t working.


Till next time,


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