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Well for most if you haven’t been under a rock you know that early this week Rick Dyer stated he had a live baby bigfoot in his custody. Did I believe it? Hell no! But then he crossed the line and called me out to see it if I can get to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).

I was going to ignore the bluff, but by Wednesday hours after the challenge was issued, I received a call from “Jack” and “Jeff.” from Facebook Find Bigfoot. Apparently they had enough faith despite our prior differences to trust me to get to the bottom of things. They cashed in frequent flyer miles and booked me a round trip ticket, and promised whatever support I needed.

We spoke and they stated that Dyer’s claims were pretty incredulous, especially the asexuality of the creature, knowing that no mammal is asexual.

Then came Dyer so frantically trying to call it off. He knew I did not have access to my computer, and he set deadlines. Finally I read off a confirmation number to my flight, and told him when I’d be in, with one great discrepancy, I was arriving 3 hours earlier than I had told him.

Dyer in his arrogance opened it up to anyone else who wanted to come, and two good friends, who were sitting on the fence about Dyer’s claims, who lived in California decided they would go as well.

The previous day many were asking on Facebook if I was going to see the baby, I replied the same to Robert Lindsay in an interview on August 8th, “I’m going there to bust a hoax.”


My ticket to LAX showing my 10:35 AM local time arrival.

I arrived at LAX at 10:35 AM PST, and began to rally backup. Suzy Matash and Bugs Mitchell were in. So I waited an hour and called Dyer at 11:36 AM PST.

Dyer stated he was on his way and would be there until 2:30 – 3:00PM. While that was going on via telephone, Bugs, Suzy and I devised a plan that we would not leave their vehicle behind, and we would follow Rick to where ever his “baby” was.

Meanwhile I decided to have a very nice Asian Chicken Wrap with spicy Thai peanut sauce at the Encounters Lounge at LAX.


(Left) the Encounter’s Lounge and (Right) my view from my table.

At 2:36 PM I receive a phone call from Rick that he can’t pick me up, that he believes he will be followed if he goes to LAX and wanted me to take a $10 cab ride to the Hollywood sign where he was waiting to meet now. (In actuality with LA traffic it would have been about a $100 cab ride.)

He desperately wanted me to get a cab and eventually burn me as you can see by these desperate texts from him. Needless to say I had full control of the situation and was waiting for Suzy and Bugs, (Suzy was caught up in traffic). What follows is me stinging along Dyer for almost two hours.



      text6text 7

Chat log from 8/9/13 with Dyer, my texts are in green…all times are EST on texts.

I had no intention of playing his game, and once Suzy and Bugs arrived, we took the five minute trip to the Holiday when Dyer had lost his patience, believing I was in a cab and spilled the beans he was a no show.

Dyer never expected anyone to call his bluff. I did. So he devised a plan by saying he would pay for a cab to the Hollywood sign and leave me stranded there. Unfortunately for him I was wise to his game minute one.

When I call “Jack” back, he said, “Now we know, it’s all a hoax.” We had talked previously about Dyer not showing up if this was a hoax. He sounded relieved that it was over.

Jack told me to enjoy the night in L.A. Mission accomplished, and to take a visit to In & Out Burger which we gladly obliged!  


     1157675_10151785121305979_1392470613_n2013-08-10 01.02.13

Bugs and I enjoying a cocktail at the Holiday Inn Lounge, and the California Experience…In & Out, (give me a Double-double with cheese and onions!)

We decided to actually celebrate. Dyer had proven himself that he has nothing and many of his believers, or should I say former believers thought he actually had a baby. I never did, but then again I wrote a book on the man.

He started hoax, and called me out, fully expecting me to whelch. Then an ill conceived plan to strand me, which didn’t quite work out.

On another note, many thought FB/FB was involved in the hoax. But as I have stated that Dyer in 2008 was trying to target someone for a fall. In this round he targeted FB/FB, with a man named Allen Issleb who told another skeptic previously, he “wanted to destroy FB/FB.”

Well I believe they have vindicated themselves in this matter. They saw the light, but we all have made misteps along the way, and personally I wouldn’t want to give Dyer the satisfaction of doing anything he set out to do, let alone destroy FB/FB because of his sociopathic tendencies.

Another failure of Dyer is the fact he is a sociopath. In pulling this stunt, he proved to the world that he has nothing, AGAIN, but brought together friends, now good friends, from across the nation, who in turn had a great evening discussing Sasquatch research and making plans to reconnect in the future in research.

Yeah, he really pulled a fast one.

Now is the time to forgive FB/FB, I’m sure they are much the wiser, and trust me when I say they ARE genuinely nice folks, not just because they were the driving factor in getting me out there to call Dyer’s bluff. Remember this is Dyer’s fault more than anyone. More over it is time to forget the name Rick Dyer, Frank Cali, Musky Allen Issleb and his minions, what he has left anyway, and move on to research and more pertinent issues.

As a side note, tonight I will be on Monster X Radio 7PM EST. Guess what topic?


Till Next Time,



Well Happy August everyone. Glad to say the weather has finally broke and for the most part looks like mild weather for at least a couple of weeks.

Field Team Update

We’re prepping for at least 3-4 missions between now and the end of October, as well as some other investigation follow ups we’re working on. We’re excited about the new team, what these fine folks bring to the table and not only do we have the DVR cameras, trail cameras and audio equipment, we’ve added a FLIR imager to the mix, as well as some experimental new detection equipment being developed as we speak.

Many have asked me what our major priority is to have on missions such as, “prove Sasquatch exists,” “find evidence.” To that I have stated our only priority is to “Have fun, the rest will come in time.” Putting priorities and grandiose mission statements on any collection of people, who are volunteering their time, and efforts only serves as counter-productive.

If people do what they love to do and have fun doing it, the results will naturally occur.

Radio Show Update

I have announced that Squatchdetective Radio will be on hiatus until October, as all three hosts are heavily involved this year in their own research projects as well as personal matters that demand attention. Squatchdetective Radio will return, and by then we will have plenty to talk about and I already look forward to it. But all good things in time.

This is also in conjunction with the new center, studio I will be developing and completing in October. The new center will also give us video-casting capability, which we are really excited about.

From around the web… 

A couple of interesting notes that popped up on my radar, was one tool trying to state my silence on the Bigfoot Body drama, which has digressed to now a live one too, is the assumption that “I know something…” and that in my silence I now believe the person responsible for these stories.

In reality, I’ve chosen not to engage it for the interim. Reason being is we’ve shown enough evidence on this blog, that the claims are exactly those claims. One would reason if someone would have such claims, they would have evidence. We haven’t seen that evidence, just rhetoric. So until the rhetoric and wild claims stop, and evidence is produced, there is nothing to report, and leads me to say to the folks continuing to believe in the “fairy tale,” “I told ya so.”

The fact they are grasping to great leaps of assumptions, proves to me at least the straws they grasp at to so desperately prove their blind faith is correct.

Next is the anti-conference rhetoric of one particular anonymous blog. Listen we all have gripes. Sometimes you just have to put your “Big Boy Pants” on and suck it up.

Making a buck legitimately, surely trumps making a buck illegimately by telling investors you’re putting up museums for the last seven years, bilking them for almost seven figures and producing nothing but excuses why said museums are not moving forward, or charging for web access to “important” information based on outright lies and inconclusive and phony pictures.

Nor am I all about charging for people for just taking a hike with me in the woods. That’s my honor to have them along. I would sincerely suggest, if you don’t like the trinkets, pass the table and highlight the true crooks. 

Live and let live, if someone is getting something in return, a “trinket” per se, or even a good time at least in their own mind, there is no harm. The scam artists that take your money and give you nothing, well that’s the real problem.

I understand the argument of people getting into the field for profit alone. But those folks are easy to spot, and are usually bypassed by the majority. They are also usually the loudest in “how great they are,” and will actually use those words.

On a personal note, since I participate in a conference or two, taking a shot at me, for such participation would be hypocritical, if you are not throwing everyone that has spoke at conferences before including those on the west coast as well.

Fact is I haven’t taken a stipend for a lecture since 2011, which paid for my gas and meals and one I did in 2012 offered me a gift card which was invested into my research. In 2013 the most I got was a room, so please spare me from the profiteer motive as to the reason I am weighing in.

I do conferences because one… I love it, and two… I like meeting people with genuine interest in the subject. It inspires me to “keep on truckin’.”

Fact is making cash legitimately from research visa vie books, and lectures,  especially after 14 years of conducting such research, really all it is doing is paying me back what I’ve spent over the years and it will take many, many years for it to reimburse me.  I’d actually suggest more researchers should do it.

Besides capitalism is based on taking a passion and turning it into a career. And it is only successfully done provided you provide something people want, and it is legitimate. Jobs, Zuckerberg, Gates, Geffen even Dr. Dre, have taken it to that level and have become successful. Yes they have folks that hate them, but not because they’ve chosen to create things people want. More to the truth, it’s because of the success they’ve reached.

Remember folks, there are folks that complain about anything, everything they can, especially when it makes good fodder for a blog or they may feel some slight against whom they are speaking to. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a right to express how they feel, but should be taken with a grain of salt and looked at as only one perspective.

I think that would be a fair request. This is not to start a war of words with anyone behind any blog. This is how I view it from my perspective. My suggestion is look at both and make your own choice.

In my older age, I am no longer going tit for tat with people on this blog. Every week is a step forward.

Fact is I am honored and humbled by the people who have come to see me speak, write in and tell me they enjoyed some of the TV documentaries I’ve been on, and those who have purchased my books, visit me in New York, listen to my show and read this blog, even if they don’t agree with me on everything. There are ways to respectfully disagree without venom and vitriol. 

Till Next Time,


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