In regards to the issue where Tom Biscardi was cited for taking films and photos belonging to other researchers and including them in his fiction (non fiction?) film Pursuit, I have received this communiqué from Bob Daigle the owner of the film that brought this to my attention.

Hello Steve,

I am writing to thank you for alerting me to the intended use of some video that I have copyrighted, and to correct any impression that there was any ill intent on the part of Tom Biscardi in using this video.

I have talked at length to all parties involved, and now realize that I may have not made clear to Jody and Jane what my intended restrictions were when I gave them a copy of my video for their personal use several years ago.

I brought this matter to Tom’s attention, and he proposed a solution which I found to be acceptable, and our agreement has been completed in a prompt and business-like fashion.

When undesired situations arise, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, and this approach has served me well in this case.

The comment in your posting about the location of the video being Ohio rather than North Carolina is correct, and I hope that is portrayed correctly in Tom’s final product.


Bob Daigle  (June 10th, 2013)

So it appears C. Thomas reached into his pocket book and bought off Mr. Daigle’s complaint. Or perhaps he offered him a percentage, who knows.

We’ve given Mr. Biscardi the benefit of the doubt in 2005, only to have another circus act brought to us in 2008. So not so fast.

And what about the Vermont Trail Cam photo being used, or the Georgia Dash Cam being used as “bus footage.”


  Capture15buscam hoax


Once, maybe the benefit of the doubt, but here are three examples of taking other people’s materials.

In other notes of interest

Friday is looking to be an interesting day and we are working on some leads for that impending fiasco. Stay tuned for a blog on Friday morning about this.

Also some other older hoaxed stuff is making it’s rounds on the internet, like this picture of an alleged Bigfoot, which so obvious is a ghillie suit…

1001059_10151634444098608_1724241428_n (1)


And of course the Shawn Bannon 2006 hoax…

images (1)



We’d like to pass our sincerest condolences to our Squatchdetective family member Chris Bennett, who lost his father this past Thursday.

“Chris we all pray for you and your family, and wishing you all the best my brother. Take all the time you need, your seat will be waiting here for you!

Love you man!”

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