This came to me over the wire yesterday that prompted a look at. If you want to see a full collage of Bigfoot costumes doing things in the forest, this appears to be the place to go.

Sadly, a Northeast version of Bigfoot Ballyhoo, with a little more creativeness, albeit, easy to spot the hoaxes. It’s called Beacon Bigfoot, “A blog dedicated to Bigfoot sightings in the Hudson Valley.”

Well not so fast.

photo (1)

Allegedly the blog owner, “Randal Hart.”


Here’s one great example of a YouTube video posted by the “owner” of the site, (I say “owner” because I doubt this is their real identity.)

Youtube Beacon BF

It clearly states her husband took the video. The video being posted on May 7th, 2013, however the day before, on May 6th, 2013 a picture with a frame separate from any of the frames in the video was posted on the Beacon Bigfoot blog.


In both frames, you can see the damaged tree on the left. (The one with the chunk of bark missing.) Again, the frame on the picture cannot be found in the video.

On May 30th, we again see the film revived with this description on the blog.


Now in the video, a YouTube commenter stated they could see shoes or boots on the feet of the creature. We cannot agree any more…

Beacon Hoax 1

Beacon Hoax 2

These two frames clearly show the subject of the film wearing some sort of foot wear.

Of course other submissions to the site are equally as bad, with of course one video YouTube accounts and the like, all taken of course in the Beacon, NY area.

This is a no brainer, a hoaxer with a costume or costumes, a little bit of Photoshop flair in some of them, to make us believe that they are running a sensational site.

bb47deer see female bigfoot

            bb51  Capture

A collage of Bigfoot images found on the site, all very much looking like masks, including a replica of a Planet of the Apes type face.


Another sad thing is they put an email address on the site, trying to elicit legitimate photos. Stop by and tell them what you think of the site.


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