On June 23rd, 2013 I took myself and a hand full of researchers including a couple of new comers to my research area, to see if there would be any increased/decreased activity on the super moon.


Weather conditions: Moon phase, Full. Occasional thunderstorms to the north. Light rain shower subsiding rather quickly. Hot and humid, in the 90’s during the day, dropping to the 70’s in the evening, high humidity remaining.

Very little in the way of activity at the main campsite, however, a couple researchers broke off and seemed to have had an escort on the road way which actually reversed direction to follow them, not indicative of the known native wildlife. 


June 23rd, 2013…at the main campsite.

Another researcher and I repeated this with a little success, hearing something on either side of the road paralleling us and it appeared  when a vehicle traversed the road, said activity seemed to cease or curb off to where we no longer noticed it. 

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