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According to the Billings Gazette a study that has been conducted for the last two years in the Grand Teton National Park has shown that grizzly bears stalk hunters almost from the moment they leave their vehicles in hopes of snatching up the hunter’s prey, in this instance elk.


Recent study shows Grizzlies stalk hunters to beat them to retrieve carcasses to their kills.

(Photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

What this shows is a mammal cognitively stalking humans, not for the sake of attacking them, but observation. In the Bigfoot community this is not necessarily news however.

Read about it here…


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**** Update November 24th, 2014****

To clarify.. perceptions based on attendance at Todd’s lecture are based on the photo shown, not on actual attendance. Upon watching the video it would appear that it seemed a bit more crowded.

As far as being many offended, maybe a wrong choice of words, but I have heard several in some small groups boycotting the Summit due to Standing’s appearance. The actual number is unknown.

As far as Standing stating his sister was not a make up artist, which is not a point brought up on this blog yesterday, it was his wife Louise, (for a long time thought to be his sister.) Louise claims only to be a cosmetic make up artist.

The person who pointed this out to me actually taught me a valuable lesson on perceptions. We are not always perfect, but we admit to any mistakes or anything that can be misconstrued. Thank you.

Well there seems to be nothing Earth shattering from Todd Standing’s presentation at the Sasquatch Summit in Washington over this past weekend.

10420256_431204170366926_3776448488771658817_n (1)

Todd Standing takes the lecture at the Sasquatch Summit 2014 (Photo Credit: J.M. Baily w/ permission)

Here’s a lesson for all the newcomers, especially the ones who weren’t around when Todd Standing decided to show up.

See hoaxers are at their weakest when they first begin their hoaxes. Here is an example to that as Todd starts making grand claims in 2005.


It is hard to believe in this day an age that there are many places left in the vast mountain ranges of North America that are left untouched by man. But there is. The name may have changed in the last century but the legend remains the same. Sylvanic, as it is now called by the natives that have know of its legends thousands of years before civilization enveloped this continent, is a well hidden canyon nestled deep within the depths of the rocky mountains. This website explores the mysteries and folklore that surround this enigmatic rivers pass that leads to an ancient valley. A large unbroken chain of mountains encircles this valley and it is said that the sacred pass is guarded by the shadows of the mountain. A group of 4 people went into this valley on a February weekend in 2005 to document as much information about Sylvanic as they could. What they found was shocking…

                                                                             at its inception May 2005.

This area called “Sylvanic” was NEVER known to any local Natives, and the pass was supposed to be a two by two hole in the mountain range. Sounds like stuff of fairy tales. But the it was followed by the long gone Sylvanic Video 1 which can be viewed here.

Todd admits to be in Sylvanic video 1 and his sister was operating the camera.

“As far as the dog he was just acting terrified.  That dog would have died before it went another step into sylvanic, so we just left him behind with our cameraman.

I guess i am the dude so what did i see?  To be honest i was more concerned with my little sister.  She recorded the video footage and she was just standing there while this thing was growling at her.  My first instinct was to grab her and run.  People have asked me why didn’t we continuing recording.  The answer is about 1 second after the video 1 footage stops i grabbed my sister to pull her back away and she dropped the camera.  We ran about 200meters before we stopped.  After about 10 minutes we went back to pick up the camera and that is when we explored behind the trees where we found the cave full of hair.”

                                                                                      Todd Standing, May 7th, 2005


Cave full of hair? Why didn’t he collect some samples??

In the same series of statements, Todd Standing also states he was going to take a Botanist due to there being a possible new plant discovery, a paleontologist, and a biologist. This all dates back to 2005. 


“Sorry conspiracy but i have a full compliment going on this trip with me already.  I will take you next time.  For now i have my cameraman two PHDs ( One a Biologist and the other a paleontologist) my original guide(without his dog), myself and a crazy friend.”

                                                                                   Todd Standing, May 9th, 2005

“The botanist that took pictures of what she thinks is a new species of plant is going back to sylvanic in about 4 weeks( Before me and my group)  so we will she what she comes back with.”

                                                                                   Todd Standing, May 18th, 2005

Several days later, Todd is talking about how much hair evidence he going to attain from the cave.

“But as i have said before that cave was full of hair so this time i will bring a garbage bag and stuff it full of hair.  If you would like maybe i could even send you a piece?”

                                                                                  Todd Standing, May 25th, 2005

How did that work out… I don’t know there was never any follow up. Mrs. Bigfoot must have cleaned the cave perhaps. 

But you see it is very common for a hoaxer to weave a complicated web of lies and stories. Todd has long gotten a pass on the “Dan Hamilton Incident,” he wrote about on Sylvanic nine years ago. Having no evidence to support such claims of the man whom disappeared in the mystical Sylvanic along with a picture he posted of someone gone missing in the 30’s.

But no one knows where this mysterious “Sylvanic” area is, not the aboriginals that several Canadian researchers have inquired, nor the geological surveys.

But if this area was so “evergreen” with Sasquatches, why would Todd take over and area of another researcher?

According to David Rodriguez on his blog  as reported by a Canadian Taxidermist by the name of Ken Walker claims that a Bigfoot researcher first took Standing into his research area that Standing eventually usurped and is the geographical location that Standing used to take Les Stroud, Jeff Meldrum, John Bindernagel and Sonya Zohar.

According to the article Walker was described…

“Ken Walker is a world champion taxidermist from Alberta.  He has his work on display in institutions like the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (Panda), and other museums, he has received a multitude of awards for his work.  Here is another good Article on Ken Walker.  Ken is someone with actual integrity, unlike what has been generated from Standing… Ken is an avid outdoorsman and hunter.  Ken has a very good reputation and he also has a sincere interest in bigfoot.

                                         Dave Rodriguez, “The Sasquatch Voice Blog,” November 22nd, 2014

Over time and scrutiny other strange stuff began surfacing, like the Outstanding Production website,  where Todd uses the alias Todd Rockwell. Why would Todd Standing hide the fact that he was a major part of a production company? There may be a  non-Bigfoot related reason why, however it seems dubious.


Or the departure of filmmaker Kenneth Barr and Idiom films working with Standing.

Due to professional differences I have disassociated myself completely from Todd Standing and The Sylvanic Project as of November 1st, 2007.

There will obviously be speculation on what has lead to my departure and it is something that I will not go into here, my reasons are my own and is due entirely to Mr. Standings behavior and conduct as of recent. I no longer wish any association, no matter how remote, to be construed between Mr. Standing/The Sylvanic Project and myself nor my company.

                                                                        Kenneth Barr / Idiom Films Dec. 10th, 2007


Todd Standing No-Kill?   Not from this statement.

My biggest problem is Tracks, hair, Blood, Feces, Video… Will never be enough evidence. I need a body or a piece of one.

                                            Todd Standing Statement on the Sylvanic Forum  August 13th , 2007


And the film he is showing this week? Does this sound familiar?

  • We have gathered an enormous amount of entirely unique documentation about these animals, which has now been compiled into a 40-minute documentary.
  • We have been touring our documentary around North America in an attempt to educate people about our findings and begin to enhance pubic understanding of the reality of this species.
  • At every showing I discuss in detail how important it is that no one ever attempt to incapacitate, provoke, or kill one of these animals. For their safety as much as these animals.
  • At every showing there is a petition for anyone to sign that will ensure species protection for these animals.
  • At every showing between 80-90 percent of people that attend sign our petition.
  • At every showing all the proceeds go to the local humane society. (This is an animal rights issue and I have always been an animal rights activist)

If you have seen the documentary prior to May 4th/2007, it has been totally redone. Over 90% of the film is new, the Bigfoot Videos 2 and 3 are less compressed and now almost perfect original quality. 

                                                                                                 Todd Standing/ Sylvanic Site 2009


Is it a coincidence the film he was showing this past weekend again only 40 minutes?

Seems like a lot of new was old.

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Yesterday Dr. Jeff Meldrum broke his silence over what may or may not have been a Bigfoot encounter while he was out with the infamous Todd Standing.

The people that follow Standing blindly, “The Standlings,” took this as full vindication of their hero, the “Toddster.”


This is what Dr. Meldrum stated:



The account offered on Todd Standing’s Kickstart (sic) site is accurate in so far as my involvement is concerned. Following the events that occurred last Fall in Alberta, Todd asked me not to discuss my experience extensively until he the chance to finish the production of his documentary. Therefore, I have said very little publicly and openly about it. I will let him share the details with those attending the summit or the airing of his film in Seattle the following Tuesday. I will say that I did witness and interaction, i.e. Sonya talking reassuringly to something large and heavy that was circling our camp under cover of darkness at the end of a burmed (sic) road. It reacted to her approach and eventually broke from the treeline and crossed the gravel road to the opposite treeline. I observed through night vision an upright silhouetted figure, forward-leaning, arm-swinging, moving smoothly. Was it a sasquatch? I am not certain, but under the circumstances and based on the reconstruction conducted the next day, it strikes me as a real possibility that it was.

                                                                                              Dr. Jeff Meldrum 11/19/14


Let’s look very carefully at what Dr. Meldrum stated:

“The account offered on Todd Standing’s Kickstart (sic) site is accurate in so far as my involvement is concerned. Following the events that occurred last Fall in Alberta…”

The statement clearly does not vindicate Standing or prop belief in Standing’s pictures of “Blinky,” and “Puppetface” shown here:–todd-standing.html





People whom say there is “no proof” of Standing being a hoaxer are living in denial as show by the above.


Here’s a quote that rings awfully familiar…

(He) is a very accomplished nature photographer, skilled woodsman, and animal tracker. By … studying Sasquatch habit patterns. (He) would appear to have learned how-to be at the right spot at the right time, camera at the ready…

But precisely because year after year, he comes forth with such pictures, they are scorned by some or the other well known Bigfoot enthusiasts…

…(his) footage sometimes does not conform to the expected image and the specimens in his photos vary in color, size, volume, body fat and length or hair.

Wow sounds like Dr. Meldrum may be talking about Todd Standing, but it isn’t. It’s anthropologist and Pulitzer nominated Dr. Warren L. Cook, talking about investigating Ivan Marx’s claims in the early eighties.

Isn’t it strange how hoaxers fall into the same genres. This could also have been applicable to Dyer as well.

And yes this fits perfectly into “Guy’s Edwards stages of a hoax.”

  • Number 1: The Announcement
  • Number 2: Defensiveness or Attack of Critics
  • Number 3: Postponement of Evidence
  • Number 4: Postponement of Evidence Again
  • Number 5: Claim, you are a Victim of a Hoax

Of course I reiterate, being a professional investigator, there is one initial step missing and that is “the mark.” Every hoax has a mark, be it narrow or broadly scoped. The mark, will lead to generally the motive behind such.

As we have seen, Standing has been at this sort for eight years trying to obtain legitimacy. Which exactly is what folks like Biscardi, Dyer, and Newton-Perry have been trying to do after being caught red handed in hoaxes.

“Blinky” was the real first time Standing was caught “red-handed” but unfortunately the wheels were in motion for other things prior to it becoming mainstream and to my attention.

Let’s dispel another notion…

So people in the community ask, “Could it be possible that Todd Standing hoaxed Dr. Meldrum.”

Well coming from the field, I would say that is possible but most likely improbable.

It’s generally a move that can present complete ruin for a hoaxer, and things could go south very quickly. I think it very unlikely.

And the location they went to, I am sure, could have the possibilities of having Sasquatch activity. I mean how many trysts did we see Biscardi take in a town park? None…you have at least got to go where the creatures may habituate.

So there is always the chance of having an experience. But Meldrum himself states he was not 100% positive:

I observed through night vision an upright silhouetted figure, forward-leaning, arm-swinging, moving smoothly. Was it a sasquatch? I am not certain, but under the circumstances and based on the reconstruction conducted the next day, it strikes me as a real possibility that it was.


What rings as a flag here is, the creature was observed in silhouette form via night-vision. That could open up the possibility a bit more, however, again I feel especially not being there, I cannot say, nor lay judgment. I take Dr. Meldrum’s word for it. I still say it is improbable.

Kickstart my Heart…

Let’s look at Standing’s Kickstarter page, (I will not provide the link here due to it asking for donations to a cause in which I do not believe).

Here are his claims:

    1. Five never before seen Bigfoot videos including the life and death struggle that was necessary to acquire them.
    2. Two PhD’s ( Professor Jeff Meldrum PhD of Idaho State University and wildlife Biologist PhD John Bindernagel) experiencing live interactions with Sasquatch. As well as an eye witness accounting.
    3. An altercation between Todd Standing and
    4. Sasquatch that ends in brutality.
    5. The first step towards final proof of the species with DNA evidence.

Again, Dr. Meldrum states very clearly that the statements made on the Kickstarter page were, “accurate in so far as my involvement is concerned.”

The whole scenario is becoming “Dyer-esque” as Standing on the 25th of November after the “Sasquatch Summit,” a conference being held in Washington the weekend prior, Standing will be putting on a movie presentation followed by yet another attempt to petition the government for species recognition.

Thing is will Standing collect ANY money from Kickstarter? The answer is no.

And I believe he knows that.


As of November 20th, 2014

See 900,000 CAD (Canadian dollars) is a pretty hard amount to raise, even by the end of January. To date he has raised only $420 from 18 backers equaling to an average donation of $23 and change each. That’s a long way to 900K CAD.

But he is playing a smart business man laying it all down prior to the conference and US showing of his film, just in case.

Thing is with that if you do not make your target amount you get zip, nada, nothing. I think Todd knows this and perhaps used the Kickstart campaign to gather a buzz rather that dinero!

Or maybe he is bat-shit crazy and is banking on someone coming forward with big investment dollars. Who knows?

On being a “hater”

Let me make something very clear. I do not hate Todd Standing, nor even dislike him.

He actually over the years has said some pretty intelligent things. (Comparing the actual amount of Gigantopithicus fossils found to reason the lack of Sasquatch fossil record was brilliant and one I agree to).

This sets him apart from the ilk of Biscardi or Dyer. Is he in it for the money?

I don’t think so.

I truly think that Standing’s motives are to get enough attention to pass a protection bill for the creatures. Otherwise the Kickstarter campaign would have been for a more realistic amount.

Unfortunately, I think Standing over the years has used some very unconventional and not so honest ways at “producing” evidence, that on a visceral level, we like the guy. On a “no nonsense” level we have seizures.

Because he truly cares and is compassionate about the topic he has gained at least some trust and belief from the Bigfoot community academia. As we saw the same of that in years earlier in Ivan Marx gaining some trust of the earlier echelons of the community.  

I like Todd but I also believe in the phrase “Caveat Emptor.”

Examiner Article: From the case files, Whitehall, 2006


Whitehall Investigation 1006 001

Did a Sasquatch pull this tree down?

Beginning in the summer of 2006, a short series of sighting reports witnessed by twelve people in four separate encounters, surrounded the village of Whitehall, NY. not quite to the extent of the series of sightings in the same municipality back between 1974-1976 and again in the early 80’s…

Read about it here

Next blog…

More on Squatchdetective Radio and DNA studies, horse hair braiding and other interesting tidbits.


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While doing research for my book, "What Would Sasquatch Do?" it became very apparent that there was a link in many sightings to apple orchards.

In the 70’s in Whitehall, New York many of the sightings were centered on the north side of Route 4, and Abair Road. At the time there was a rather large apple orchard in the area on that north side.


In the mid 2000’s there was another flap of Sasquatch sightings this time on the South side of Route 4, but the apple orchard to the north, was long gone. However there is a large commercial apple orchard on the South side of Route 4 currently a short distance to some of the sighting locations.

In the "Baby Video," (taken outside of Modena, New York in May of 1997) which can be reviewed here, very prominent in the background was an apple orchard, as well as many years later after seeing the land, there were strawberry and blackberry bushes galore.

Also in the "Vermont Trail Cam Photo" (Captured in early September 2010), which also can be viewed here, was captured allegedly grabbing an apple from under an apple tree.

Do these controversial pieces of evidence, coincidentally support the sighting flaps of the last 4 decades?

Even more interesting is the research of Dr. Jane Goodall, (referencing her work in the Mogabe) whom used apples to coax the chimpanzees to socialize with her, noticed something interesting. The chimps often would go to the rotting apple first, Dr. Goodall assuming because they had an alcohol content. The chimps apparently enjoyed their buzz…


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Hi gang,

           Figured its time to brush off the cobwebs and get posting some news stories again.

Article 1  – Forensics

First is some content from Squatchdetective University, as I go over some do’s and don’ts of forensic evidence collection techniques.


Deer kill by Bigfoot? Nope…shot!


Article 2 – Waterford, New York Bigfoot Flap of 1981

Next up is one of my local favorites. Found while looking at John Green’s database, I did a little Squatchdetective work to get the police reports and the details.



Police report of August 8th, 1981


Squatchdetective Radio update.

Just to let you know gang it’s coming up fast….stay tuned for details and announcements.

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