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Quick hoax snag…..

Okay folks, having a busy day here today, but I had time to check Facebook today to see this picture making its rounds on the internet, allegedly from a cell phone.


The picture immediately struck a chord with me as it looked awfully familiar. Here’s a close up of the head:




Remember these pictures?

sonomasuit2 sonomasuit1 Sonoma2



That’s right, the second set of pictures was from the Sonoma, aka Penn & Teller Hoax back in late 2005.

It appears the same costume brand is in play again!

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Trail Cam work… some ideas

One of my pet peeves in research is the proverbial, “lone picture,” fuzzy, piece of something, trail cam picture that is being reported a Sasquatch.

I’ve seen my share over the last few years. In one particular instance,

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there were two sides going at it, one for and one against and frankly there wasn’t anything definitive you could say it was. Just a fuzzy, “something.”

So a couple of pointers when setting up trail cameras.

  1. Make sure your time and date are correct.
  2. If posting in a public land area, make sure you have a system to lock down your camera(s).
  3. Make sure you have a clean memory card and fresh batteries.
  4. Settings…settings…settings! Always shoot in burst, and with a minimal delay. Sometimes less is more, but with trail cams more is more!
  5. If you have more than one camera, cover one another. Remember quality, not quantity, when it comes to camera coverage.

Recently, I lent my Stealth Cam, out to my neighbor and friend, Andrew, who was setting up for deer season, in southern Rensselaer County, NY.

Stealth camera video, led to over 278 frames being captured for this video.

Even though, I wasn’t looking to capture a series of pictures of a Sasquatch, I used this opportunity to try some different settings, and actually using some advice given to me, by Dr. James Maccabee, some months ago, while he was analyzing the Vermont Trail Cam Pic.

The pictures were amazing, and the results bountiful. Here are some shots in no particular order:




    That being said, just imagine if another camera or two were deployed covering the area, the views of what was going on when the camera was being bumped would have been caught.

    Luckily, having the burst set, we were lucky enough to see the culprit responsible for the camera bumps, our friend Teddy!

    While Squatching season is dwindling down, it’s still time to refine methods, improvise tactics, and check and refit gear.

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    An amazing Squatching season!

    This year was a landmark year for myself, not only starting the year off with a Loch Ness investigation, but luckily, having a team to go out and experiment with some of the research theories and behavioral studies, I’ve been slowly disseminating.

    IMAG0076 IMAG0079

     Assembling equipment in the Adirondacks, September 14th, 2011. (Left Pic – Prepping the trail camera / Right Pic – Checking the H2 recording levels)


    This year was Phase 1 of a three part testing process. This phase was developed for three main purposes.

    1. That the behavior studies can accurately pinpoint a Sasquatch Territory.
    2. Obtaining audio evidence.
    3. Reactive behaviors.

    In the coming days we’ll be breaking down some of the results of Phase I.


    One of the pieces of audio evidence caught on expedition 9/14/11.

    Above is just a little teaser of some of the audio caught. Thanks to the hard work of my team from Tri-City NY Paranormal, we still have more audio evidence to review and analyze. On each mission we set up at least six different recorders, which recorded over eight hours of audio on each.

    Stay tuned for more details.

    Till Next Time,


    So many times, we all get caught up in emotions and drama. The last few months of me blogging, have been mostly about that.

    Well it’s time to switch gears, it’s time to talk about what got me into the research field…Bigfoot!

    Now there’s been a lot of conjecture about DNA and such. To that, I say, well if and when the report comes out, it comes out. The same goes for the Erickson Project.

    For me it is business as usual. I refuse to add to the gossip lines anymore. I refuse to rise to the bait of the bad guys. We all know whom I despise. The thing is, I don’t need to give them any undue attention. The certainly don’t deserve it.

    SteveandzoomGrowl Spectogram

    Yes I will still gather intelligence, and call a hoax a hoax, when it should surface. Never fear the Hall of Shame, will still be there. I dropped the old blog, not of any accord but my own. I would not, nor will not bow down to bullies, no matter what shape or form they come in.

    For me this is where it starts and all ends. Analysis, research and investigation. I am at the point in my life, where continuing to rattle on about sycophants and people whom talk big, just aren’t worth my precious time any longer.

    So look forward to seeing some interesting articles and perhaps some debate on our hairy friends of the forests!

    Till Next Time,


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