Thanks to a few intrepid researchers out there this has been brought to my attention and a little necessary investigation was performed to come out with this gem of an outcome.

Since early this year a group calling itself the Maryland Bigfoot Research Organization has been touting having a state of the art facility and a highly educated doctor backing them, Dr. Jose Garcia, MD. who claims to work at John Hopkins University and only emerged with his own Google+ account three weeks ago. This ringer is being run on Google+ social network and they have a YouTube account as well which they are using to hijack content.

On November 24th, 2015 the “Doctor” made a huge claim:


Big claim

Wild claim found on the “Doc’s” Google+ page.

I am afraid that people might have the inclination to send evidence there.

Word of caution: DON’T!

How is this a hoax you ask???


“Dr. Garcia’s” profile.

        impressive2 impressive

Impressive credentials for an MD wouldn’t ya say?


Except our sources that dropped this story in our lap, called John Hopkins and they know of no doctor there by Jose Garcia.

The Doctor’s profile pick is actually that of an actual MD and professor at John Hopkins, Dr. Ben Ho Park:


Dr. Ben Ho Park



Now we know that the person that started the Maryland Research Organization page many months was also opened by someone claiming to be Dr. Jose Garcia as well.

Here are some of the items debunked on both pages:


On the left is the fine “Doctor” posting about remains…

Garcia PostKitch Hill

Actually from Kite Hill in Yellowstone.




Here’s one from the Maryland Bigfoot Research Organization Site…

 Maryland Bigfoot3   gallery hip

On left is their post..on right is where the photograph came from, a gallery site called listed under HIV Pathology.



Here’s another one from the Maryland site:

        lab  Washington University

On left is the MBRO post and on right is a blog article on a DNA testing lab in St. Louis.



I am also put off by the gross plagiarism of Dr. Henner Fahrenbach’s and the omission of even John Green’s quote in Dr. Fahrenbach’s work.

henner ripoff Henner2

Simple cut and paste job with the only thing missing is the credits to who REALLY wrote it and who was quoted.

Original Source:

So given the claims and the ease of debunking these claims, not seen since the likes of LNP, this is a hoax of the obvious proportion.  So my next question is who did it?


Just who is behind the MBRO & Doc Garcia?

What we do know is the Google+ accounts are an obvious hoax. The pages are run by a man by the name of James May, from Middle River, Maryland who is a partner in a sign company and is a current or former DJ who used the stage name “Jose Garcia.” He also has a Facebook account under that name as well. Thanks to “Jose” using his business address, we linked everything together very neatly.

First I database searched the address he posts on the Maryland Bigfoot page, and there is listed a James May. In the YouTube comments, “the doctor” throws an email address out there for someone to contact him. We do a search of the web with the email address, and we find the business name with the name James May posted as a partner. There were other relevant database backups as well.



YouTube Comment left by the hoaxer.



A Google search also turned up the email address linked to both Google+ pages.

business web

 Eventually we got the company profile listing James May as a partner.

Of course our database search recovered this address when we searched James May’s name. (The address is publicly listed on the Google+ Page which is why it is listed here.): 

James Jay May

Database on the address of Mr. May comes up as the address publicly posted on the MBRO Google+ page.


                   DJ Too    dj twitter account 

An internet search using the business name corresponds. With the Garcia profile on Facebook it led us to the Twitter page which is also supported with the database search results.





Not so coincidentally, the Jose “Jim” Garcia page which led us Twitter account has this photo on it! Asian man doing lab tests.


Apparently he’s a Doctor who also owns a DJ business!


Bottom line folks, don’t send him anything… He’s a HOAXER!!!

Till Next Time,