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I had the wonderful opportunity to get out to Vermont just prior to Christmas to visit some old sighting locations and stomp around the Green Mountain National Forest with our good friend and Vermont affiliate Frank Siecienski, before they close up the roads.

Over the next month I will be adding the write ups to these sighting reports to and wanted to share a few other pictures of interest.

The amazing thing about Vermont is that there was snow cover, prior to all the storms this past week that hit the Northeast. Can’t imagine what it looks like now… I will shortly, trust me on that one.



The gorgeous view from the Green Mountain National Forest.



Home to bear, moose, wolves and coyotes.

Nothing like trying to sneak a cheap peek around to see if there’s any Sasquatch tracks around, unfortunately their weren’t but, did manage to see this bad boy of a wolf print.


That’s one BIG paw print!

The day’s trip continued to the Chittenden Dam, and Reservoir, where nearby there was a multiple witness sighting in the mid-90’s.



The Chittenden Dam (above) and the boat launch to the reservoir (below).


The sighting took place in the parking lot about the Reservoir at the Mountain Top Inn and Resort.



The trip definitely ended 2012 on a high note for me regardless of all the wild stuff going on.

The bottom line is, when it’s field time, it’s the time, us in the Bigfoot Community, should feel the most at ease and at peace. Doing what we do best; looking for evidence and admiring the beautiful planet that’s been laid before us.

For all of us here working behind the scenes at, and Squatchdetective Radio, we’d like to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year!!! God Bless!

Till Next Year!!!



Well 2012 turned out to be quite an interesting year.

The Ketchum Study

Throughout 2012 we’ve had a year long speculation about the Ketchum Study. News of it being submitted to peer review, then rejected. Official spokesperson from the Ketchum camp says they didn’t even look at the report, and it was returned.

They claimed to have made revisions, but how could they have known what revisions to make, if their claim of the paper not being looked at was true?


In late August we began hearing about the Sykes Study, a study done by world renowned Geneticist Brian Sykes. His interest in the Yeti spurning a desire to examine Sasquatch DNA samples.

Reports state he is in the report writing stage leading to speculation that he may have found something. Why write a paper for peer review if the samples were a bust, but you never know, he could be writing it to just confirm his results. 

The passing of Richard Stubstad, ended any insider look into the mechanics of the study, and despite his leaks, Ketchum felt it only necessary to go public when Igor Burtsev decided to state the same things that Stubstad had been stating for the last two years.

Issuing a statement about results before peer review is a scientific community taboo, and could derail publication. But maybe not, in Russia.

Could it be a rush to beat Sykes?


The Sierra Kills Saga

The Sierra Kills story also has captured the imagination of the Bigfoot Research community since 2010 and came to a head in 2012. DNA samples of biological materials collected near the site were sent to Ketchum and later to another independent DNA lab.


Justin and Bart2

Smeja (left) with researcher Bart Cutino.

(Is it me or does Justin have the Larry the Cable Guy motif going on?? )


The samples turned out to be bear with human contamination, however there is more direct DNA evidence, by the way of a pair of boots which contain blood evidence which have direct contact with the Sierra Kill site, which the original samples could not be linked directly to.


The Collision Between Ketchum and the Sierra Kills

The Bear / Human result by the independent lab result is apparently about to collide with the Ketchum study with the recent determination that the infamous “steak” collected near the site was actually bear/human.

Insiders state that the Ketchum study may have been confirming this as having the Sasquatch DNA, becoming the centerpiece of the Ketchum Study, which throws up some questions about the entire Ketchum study.

Smeja, two days ago wrote a cryptic post with some more to follow within the next few days. Here’s some highlights:

“…I am relieved that now you all know the truth about the sample recovered in the Sierras on November 10th 2010. I was giving false confidence in that sample just like the rest of you. To be totally honest I’ve been kind of excited about this release knowing the truth can’t hurt.

I can assure you with only my word this changes nothing about what happened on the eighth day of October in 2010.

For now I’ll spare you the lengthy details. I will have plenty to say in the next few days when I do a release of my own.

Forgive me if I don’t go on the defensive or worry about damage control. Truthfully I don’t feel like I’m the one who owes you all an explanation for the results released today.

People in this circle have said things in private and done things behind closed doors that they will have to be held accountable for very soon…”

                                                                                  Justin Smeja 12/26/12

I’m sure they’ll be more to come on this.

Implied Facepalm…




Of course we have the “Traylor Chuck Diaries,” claiming to have a body yet for a third or fourth time, (I’ve lost count) but before MiB’s can sweep in to scoop up the body, a tent video was released using a phony identity, creating  a phony Facebook account, website and YouTube page and was exposed to be what it is, coming from a known and repeat hoaxer.

Now he’s claiming yet again to have a body. Sad thing is… some people are actually buying it. Including Facebook FindBigfoot, after, “authenticating” the tent video.


  RickyDyer732559_thumbBFT3CaptureFBFB Hoaxed

Dyer in his latest mug shot (left), clip from the Tent Video, and one of the kids who hoaxed Facebook FindBigfoot (right).

Authenticating a video to FB/FB is merely looking at it. No investigation, not boots on the ground. Their “expertise”, or perhaps arrogance in having the ability to determine a real Sasquatch from a fake one, by merely comparing it to common Sasquatch characteristics is perhaps why they were hoaxed a couple of times this year, in one particular instance being busted by pre-teens!!!

Now by standing by Traylor Chuck, perhaps will be their final epic fail!

Last and certainly not least…

The final big blip on the radar just came up yesterday, when Ed Smith, former of the O-6 Group, which had been reorganized without him, and renamed themselves the Quantra Group,  got an message erroneously sent to him that, “Daisy was in the box,” their code-speak for a Sasquatch had been captured.

At first Ed was cautious about what he stated, and was wanting to confirm what was going on.

As of this morning Ed writes,

“So here is what I know:  "Daisy" has been moved to a examination area about 12 miles from the capture site at 3:17 this morning after being properly sedated. 

The capture site and examination area are on private property leased and or owned in order to conduct research and operations of this type.

This was confirmed by a source in the Quantra Group…

If release is chosen then a press release should be forth coming after the examination is competed,  if the specimen is sent to the repository then a press and information release would happen with in 30 to 90 days that’s by the operations plan… 

For  clarity,  the Original six was never part of the MABRC and the Original six ceased operations completely.  Quantra was formed with elements of the O-6, new members, ownership and management.  I’m posting this due to inaccurate reporting by some Internet news shows.”

                                                                               Ed Smith 12/28/12


So it looks like 2012 is ending with an interesting twist and the first few months of 2013 look to be some of the most interesting times in a long while the Bigfoot Community has seen in decades.

Of course, usually I’d say that this would be the last blog until next year, but at the rate things are going I can’t say that it will be.

But in case it is, I would like to wish everyone, love and a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Of course… “Keep on Squatchin’!!!”

Till Next Time,


Well the news broke today shows that the “Bigfoot Steak” sample’s analysis broke down to be mainly Black Bear with some human blood contamination.


The Bigfoot Lunch Club covered the story, plus some audio excerpt of Melba Ketchum on Coast 2 Coast AM discussing it.

Click here to read.


On a positive note…

I will say this, the Sierra Evidence Initiative showed integrity.

Here’s their statement and evidence release:

They promised transparency, damned be what ever the evidence may be.

They’ve done that! Great job to them for following through, no matter how disappointing the results may be to them.

Hat’s off and a big ovation for the truth!!!

It isn’t over just yet…

There is another to be tested, so it isn’t exactly over yet. Remember the sample tested was a sample recovered a couple of months after the incident. There was no direct correlation that this was from a Sasquatch, other than found near the site of the incident. 

There also exists a pair of boots purportedly with potential Sasquatch blood, which has direct contact with the incident site. So that could be the final DNA chance for Smeja’s story to be scientifically validated.

And there’s evidence off to Oxford for the Sykes’ Study.

Remember too folks, this doesn’t mean Smeja’s story is false or a lie, it just means that no DNA evidence has validated it.

Meaning if there isn’t it becomes yet another classic in the way of the Ostman Case, Jacko and Fred Beck.

Well it’s late in the fourth quarter for the evidentiary proof in this matter, now we wait and see if there is a “Hail Mary” yet to come to save the day. 

Till Next Time,


We were on that old arrest, but found out that it was posted back in 2011 on the Bigfoot Lunch Club.

We do know on a legal forum this is what Dyer posted prior to his arrest when he was most likely being questioned:


Now he just states his account was hacked. Strange his ex-wife is of Mexican descent. But we don’t know the outcome of the charges, only Dyer’s words, which lately we cannot take at face value.

But on to something that hasn’t been reported… something a little more recent…


Dyer Arrest


All I can say is wow… details to follow as I analyze the docket. Looks like a plea bargain may have been made , by Dyer’s Public Defender. What we do know is on 5/19/12 the court ruled probable cause for an arraignment which was to commence on June 14th, 2012 but was closed due to Dyers Public Defender filing Notice of Appearance Pleadings.

It did take another 3 and a half weeks to alter the No Contact Order to No Violation Contact.

(1) the parties wish to resume contact,

(2) the alleged victim seeks to lift the order freely and voluntarily,

(3) the alleged victim is not afraid of the defendant,

(4) the alleged victim does not fear or anticipate future violence,

(5) the nature of the contact the parties wish to have

The nature of the modification, I could really care less. What we do know is the incident occurred at Dyer’s residence where he was advertising a company named Quality Roofing in Deltona, Florida. (The listed owner was Michael Knight…now see if you can make the connection that I make to this.)

Now what I see here is a man who since 2008 has had several moves, companies under different names, accusations causing his arrest in several places, causing him seemingly after the fact to move on.

  • 2008 – Georgia hoax, questioned by police, alleged threat of lawsuit.
  • Moves to Texas.
  • January 2011 – Arrested accused of EBay Fraud in Texas.
  • Moves to Oklahoma.
  • October 2011 – Arrested in Arkansas for Grand Theft Auto. (Charges later dismissed. Confirmed with court.)
  • Moves to Florida.
  • February 17th, 2012 – RV burns up on the interstate. Claims to be on 36 State Bigfoot Tour.
  • May 19th, 2012 – Arrested in Deltona, FL. Domestic Violence on a Pregnant Person. (Charges appear to have been plead out.
  • Moves to Nevada.

Back to selling electronics, and in some Craigslist ads names the items from  Washington, UT, in some NV. Is now selling furniture and electronics and last known auto sold in NV, got a less than positive review by the buyer on EBAY, which, I know is Caveat Emptor.

He also created this site:


Of course the item for sale prominently displayed is a two month old Galaxy Samsung III (Remember that Tent Video?)

In Late October 2012 he was placing ads in different sites on the web,



Now this is my last post on Mr. Dyer’s claims. No more press for him. His story is filled with holes, excuses like the cheese of Switzerland. I’m not buying it, and I’d be the first to say if it sounds legit, but it does not. 

This is a carbon copy of 2008 sans Biscardi and some new packaging. Funny thing is Rick did teach me a lesson here. But I someday will reveal that lesson, after this episode has passed.

When I met Dyer in 2009, and got the evidence to show Biscardi’s complicity, I had hopes Dyer would turn his life into something positive. But then in May of 2009 he told me again he had a body. I asked him two questions, and from his answers I could tell it was a lie.

See I had studied what questions to ask and how his particular responses to them would tell me the truth of the matter.  In 2010, he admitted he lied to me. Because he felt I was ignoring him, he began his “Steve is involved” storyline again.  That’s why I hadn’t talked to him in over a year, because he lied. That’s why I ignored him. That’s why I didn’t friend him on social networks.

We talked and he apologized. 

Then after a while, another body and the MiB’s. Then it happened again, we talked and he apologized.

But what I see here, in my opinion, is a man spiraling out of control. He does love his kids, I will tell you that, but someday all of this, will become a disservice to them.

Folks I was a professional investigator for 18 years. I moved on to do more positive things with my career and truthfully, being a Private Investigator is not recession proof. But when assigned a case this is what we do. We look and analyze, and look some more.

Sometimes when you look for that smoking gun too hard, you forget to look at the overall picture. And I was known as a Pit Bull when it comes to cases. But as I sit and look at the overall picture, I realize I don’t need to solve this one. I know professionally, what he has, and hasn’t got.

I have no jury or judge to convince, no beyond reasonable doubt.

If this does not open some people’s eyes to what is going on here, well they just have to learn by experience which sometimes is the best teacher of them all.

Me… I’ve got research to do.

Now onto Bigfoot.

(Thanks to Sasquatch Scoop for contributing elements to this blog!) 

Till Next Time…


“Insider Source”

Well I’ve been sitting back reading the latest hyperbole about the alleged new Bigfoot on Ice. Call it “Bigfoot on Ice: The Sequel.”

Seems like the two major sources, have been citing an “insider source.”

But the first chink in the “Inside Source’s” armor has arrived.

Now, I can’t say where their source is getting their info from, allegedly one states the insider is getting their info from Minnow Films themselves. Is the “Insider Source” bad itself or is it the “Insider Source’s” source?

Well the reporters using this source need to check that one out.

Here’s a clip from a post using this insider, and their proof of what the believe to verify this source…


CC Post

Note: Offset color panel not an option for 2012 model…however it was for 2003 model.

From Dyer’s Craigslist ad from late September 2012.



The ad was later deleted, and apparently he wanted to keep this 9 year old vehicle. (Soon to be ten)


Book Value (Source Kelly Blue Book):


A far cry from $70,000 right?


In fact a 2012 Loaded 4WD with Tow kit and Navigation MSRP is $67,635 according to Kelly Blue Book.


Here’s the Navigator in one of Dyer’s other car ads…



So it appears the “Insider Source” has some problems.

And if one card in the house of cards doesn’t pass the sniff test…


Till Next Time,


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