Once again another review of “Shooting Bigfoot” hits the presses, this piece on from the DenofGeek.com, and once again high praise for the filmmaker, but a disappointment not having resolution to the final segment.



On Dallas Gilbert and Wayne Burton,

“Dallas and Wayne are two old men it is almost impossible not to feel sorry for. Dallas has been retired since an injury at work…Dallas’ wife is aware of her husband’s reputation (here the observation that he should ‘get a life’ is particularly tragic), and notes the deteriorating effect his behavior has had on their marriage.

The undercurrent of their situation is deeply sad, one of a small, recession-hit deep South town. The editing initially seems cruel, but Wayne is seen at one point giving money to a homeless woman he has known for years, highlighting the benign nature of the pair.”

On Tom Biscardi who gets the brunt of the review,

“The same cannot be said for Tom Biscardi, a man who has been making documentaries about Bigfoot for years. He’s a monstrous rampage of a man, making Alan Partridge and David Brent look restrained…It is possibly that Biscardi is a sociopath. His reactions to events certainly suggest so, and he certainly has absolutely no idea how he comes across on camera.”


And Finally on Dyer,

“Finally, we meet Rick Dyer. He and an accomplice were involved in a recent hoax that incriminated Biscardi, so we’re advised not to trust him…

A young man who appears several times soon becomes deeply creepy, and it is implied that he and Dyer might be involved in trying to freak Matthews out. Ultimately, the denouement is weirder and more provocative than I had initially anticipated.”

On the film itself,

“Shooting Bigfoot might not feel entirely trustworthy, but it is entertaining. Whether or not it is honest is another aspect that’s up for debate, and raises questions about documentaries in general. Are we really expecting our presenters to be entirely truthful, when fabrication can enable them to get a better response from their subjects? Are their subjects the people they are interviewing, or the people who are watching?”

Read more: http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/shooting-bigfoot/26098/shooting-bigfoot-review#ixzz2WsQKa9gr


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