By now most in the Bigfoot community have heard about the passing of author, researcher and true gentleman John Green. It was truly a privilege to have him on Squatchdetective Radio in January of 2007, some nine years ago. How time has flown.

I could go into the books he wrote or his accomplishments in the Bigfoot research field…but it seems quite redundant to me as every other blog on Bigfoot research has reiterated a lot of the same. So let me take a slightly different tack.


John Green (1927-2016)

What we don’t usually attribute to a researcher, let alone one we consider one of the forefather’s of modern day Sasquatch research, is that there is a life outside of the research realm. Many of these things did not come to light to many until they read his obituary.

John was a loving husband, a father to 5, a grand-father to 13 and a great-grandfather to 12. John was also a mayor, councilman, and volunteered for the Boy Scouts the Fire Department, the Search and Rescue Team and belonged to the Lions Club, known for its charity work and in 2000 was recognized as the British Columbia Senior of the Year aside from his accolades within the Bigfoot research community.

So when we think of John Green, let us not just remember him for the great books and magnificent foundation on which to base our research upon, but remember him a community leader who cared about people, history, being responsible for preserving a building as a historical site and as a family man.

Let us also celebrate the man who went about his accomplishments without bravado, braggadocio, or much ado, a temperament which is a rarity in today’s field. Always a gentleman he was. A man many of wish all we could aspire to walk a similar path.

To John… I am and always will be humbled by your work and the manner in which you conducted it. Safe journeys, and now you probably know all there is about the creature you so fervently pursued in your youth, and kept the search alive in many newcomers over the years myself included.

Till Next Time,