Well I must say I am glad this year is coming to a close. First, it seems as if this was the year of Bigfoot Hoaxes and disappointments.

From the beginning of the year with the Ed Smith / Daisy in the Box Bigfoot, to Rick Dyer’s continuing baloney, to continued stuff from LNP and Bigfoot Baloneyhoo. Sasquatch Ontario and Timbergiant (LNP’s mutual fan) had some interesting tidbits, I would be a little dubious of. Enough stuff, to make one say I need a well deserved break from some wee deranged material out there.

This year wasn’t good for me on a personal level. First the passing of my brother unexpectedly this year, but am ending the year with my Mother critically injured from a “fall” in a nursing home. The fall is under investigation because we’re talking multiple fractures including facial, spinal and internal injuries. She’s also very far from being out of the woods just yet as well.

What I have also seen this year is people going onto other people’s Facebook accounts to debate them. Excuse me, my Facebook page is MY house. My group page is also my house. Unless I mention you by name it’s disrespectful.

If you want to disagree do it privately so we may have discourse and conversation, or even under comments in this blog. otherwise it could be considered grandstanding to do it on a social network.

But if not, I will be obliged to get the last word in, because it is MY house. And I also tend not to pop off randomly without some backup.

One great example is the Bigfoot nocturnal argument. It was started by the Finding Bigfoot executive producer trying to sound like an expert by saying that because a video of a Sasquatch is in the day it counts against it.


Well it doesn’t. In fact here’s a nocturnal herbivore I caught roaming about in Vermont right around noon-time…


The North American Porcupine, I assure you he’s not in a costume.

So using that as a benchmark, well is completely what we expect from a layperson. (Remember how I’ve always stated, an expert is relative to whom your audience is.)

In this case the guy was trying to pass himself as an expert, and I understand to make his show sound authoritative, solely based on others research. That’s something we don’t do here. And he stated because the a particular film was filmed in the day, it counts against it. We disagree.

The film in question was taken in Nassau. New York, just about 20 minutes from where I live. Some of his other reasons I felt were valid. It was very coincidental that they were filming.

More to the fact why wasn’t there any follow up video? Remember a film is only as good as the story and evidence behind it, and here there was none.

But there are only miles from one of the biggest Bigfoot flaps in New York to occur. In the middle to late seventies, Whitehall, New York was hot.

But in the middle eighties, a small community in Northern Columbia County, (which borders the Southern Rensselaer County town of Nassau there was the “Kinderhook Creature,” which is still talked about today.There were also numerous sightings in surrounding communities as well in that time period and still continue on an infrequent basis today.

If we recall the PG Film, that too was taken during the day. As was the Chapman’s experience in Ruby Creek, British Columbia Canada.

Nocturnal creatures showing up in the daytime, happens.

That being said… Sasquatch is a nocturnal animal, because… it has a biological feature that has been consistently reported of having glowing eyes, or eye-shine, which is consistent with a Tapetum Lucidum, the biological component of nocturnal creatures’ eye which allows them to see with “night vision.” In fact there are about a dozen nocturnal primates with Tapetum Lucidums.


                                                                 The Sportive Lemur

What drives me crazy is people that throw bad facts around as well, like saying the majority of Sasquatch sightings have been in the day. In my experience they have been mostly in the dusk / night hours.

Yes there have been some major ones in the daylight hours. Consider where they occur though;  usually deep in the forest, where the nocturnal ones probably are trying to get a bit of rest from their evening activities. 

But good ole’ Mom Nature doesn’t give tapetums to everyone ya know. Plus I’ve seen the hairy ones at night. They definitely have tapetums.

Big Announcements….

The new Squatchdetective.com will be up and running tomorrow at 12PM EST… drop by and check out the new look……here’s a sneak preview!



There’s also a rumor about Squatchdetective Radio that will be posted tomorrow… yes we have a return date and the announcement of our first guest of the new season!

Happy New Year peeps and we’ll catch you on the other side of the next 24 in 2014!