Since Musky likes to spread lies, and claim I am lying, (though I provide PROOF I am not in my posts with traceable links) let’s look at the real “Musky Allen” aka Allen Forest Issleb.




2-1-2006 (big file)


IA Rept

These are just some of the major run in’s with the law Issleb has had. All by the way, public record… 

Go here and type his name in:

This is what you should get:

issleb - panel


This picture look familiar? I will let people ponder this High School Yearbook photo:


Now if Musky want’s to keep up his internet harassment including a site which has posted a death threat, maybe I will find and see if he has a P.O. and report such harassment.

After all the felon has already been convicted once of telephonic harassment, among other things.

Till next Time,