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More weigh in on the hoax…

This one is from the Bigfoot Police YouTube Channel…. GREAT ANALYSIS!!!


Video from the Bigfoot Police

What more can I say, they’re spot on. Thanks!!!

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There have been some attempting obviously at the inspiration and direction of Mr. Dyer, to insult, harass and harangue via comments, though they have been miniscule.




If for one minute they think there posts are getting through, they are wrong.

And when I say Kool-Aid drinkers, it’s okay to believe what he says. It’s another to attack people with hatred, because they have an opposing views. By Kool-Aid Drinkers, I mean the ones who go on the attack at Dyer’s whim. 

They are the ones obsessed by Dyer, and I had an interesting conversation over the last few days with some folks with psychological backgrounds.




See if you talk to Dyer, he’ll ask you if you if you believe in Bigfoot. If you say yes then you run the gambit of joining his ranks in a cult mentality.

I mean let’s look at the facts. Is internet harassment legal? No. But you do it at his bequest. Come on sheeple!

That’s what a cult is, a person or organization that controls your mind, despite the facts and evidence and makes you do things you would not normally do.

A cult leader (normally all sociopaths) use your beliefs and twists them to their advantage.

And every time someone gets the straight dope on him, he gets angry, name calls and makes lies. And makes his sheeple do his dirty work.


Mad as hell

Baby need his blanket??? Dyer mad as hell.


Why am I after Dyer? This is what I do when I have a hoaxer that tries to intimidate people who disagree with him. AND I DON’T BACK DOWN!

Am I obsessed with Rick Dyer? No. But I am obsessed with getting the people of the same ilk, hoaxers, and especially ones that keep coming back like bad gas pains from a night of binge eating chili by a camp fire.

Don’t think that any of your insults, name calling and proof that you are need of serious psychological  intervention, that Dyer has inspired will show up here.

They won’t.

And they all get kicked to the spam box after the first one…so I don’t see them either ever again!



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A question came in today from a Facebook user regarding the response to the FBFB inquiry to Hot Docs.


“Question, who is David Durett and why did he say he received an unsolicited email from the folks at HotDocs – when clearly he did IN FACT email them?

The email from HotDocs starts out by saying, "Many thanks for getting in touch." Clearly that was not true.

Why did Mr. Durett only ask about the last 3 minutes of the film? That is all they addressed, other than Justin Mah had IN FACT seen the movie. I thought this was a movie which had footage of an alleged dead bigfoot? So, why wouldn’t the whole 90 minutes (which isn’t that much for the find of the century) be devoted to this dead undocumented primate? I

f only 3 minutes at the very end is the only mention of this dead bigfoot – either Morgan Matthews needs to find another line of work (cause he is really dropping the ball here) — or it is as we all assume – Dyer has no dead bigfoot.”


FBFB Hot Doc


David Durett is the artist that did the drawing of Issleb’s rendition of the head of the body.


durett website


His artwork (including the “Bigfoot”) can be found here:

On the site underneath the picture it states:

This acrylic painting of a Bigfoot cadaver is based on several interactions with Musky Allen, who related his description of the creature shot by Rick Dyer to David on March 10, 2013 for a forensic rendering in the way a police-artist sketch is created. It includes subsequent revisions following input from Rick Dyer. This image is possibly the first clear, close-up view of a Sasquatch ever presented. For more information on this ongoing story please click here. (Cryptomundo link)

So could Durett be another administrator from FBFB? Another Dyer plant?

The letter definitely wasn’t unsolicited as stated. 

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After getting some information from yet another informant, as always we take it to the next step.

We did some of our own research and reached out to the creator of the mask to hear his thoughts on the comparisons.




The camper video caps have not been altered in any manner.




Please note the following description of the mask:

lubatti 1


The mask comes from Lubatti designs and we corresponded with  the designer himself as to the two comparison pictures above.


“Well, the creature in the photos definitely bears a strong resemblance to our mask. The hairline, profile, and eye sockets of the alleged Bigfoot very closely resemble those on our mask.

It does appear that the mouth-area may have been slightly repainted a lighter flesh tone.

Other than that, someone could very easily have purchased one of our Bigfoot masks from us (or, from one of our previous client’s) and used it to make their own "Bigfoot footage".

This mask has been used in several independent films over the last 5-8 years.”

                                                                     -  Erich Lubatti 3/21/13

Something here also rings a bell folks, but I won’t let myself tell you, I will let Dyer himself tell you…

Rick Dyer talks about painting the face in the 2008 hoax!

On the FBFB Front:

As I stated they are back pedaling. From having no further evidence, (in regards to the body claim) they have dropped back their promise to “HD Video.”

(Told ya so. They are not going pull their site down. Hoaxers never keep promises!)

Minnow came out with a statement today, confirming the participants in the movie, (we knew who already) and stated that it “contains some fairly dramatic scenes filmed in the woods.”

Minnow Statement

Fairly dramatic??? This was their much anticipated statement?

Kind of mild for the “greatest scientific discovery of our time.”

How about FBFB playing off talking with Charlotte Cook, PR for Hot Docs?

FBFB Hot Doc


Well FBFB wants to play that off like something significant. That’s because they asked them most likely about the last three minutes of the film.

Here’s a snippet of my conversation,




Which as we would be with any of the films we’re showing.”

Till Next Time,


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