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As our old pal Allen F. Issleb aka “Musky Allen” continues to stand by his story of seeing a “real”  bigfoot ala “Hank,” despite the dummy looking nothing like Issleb’s description, we came across a comment on Robert Lindsay’s Blog, which was deleted some forty minutes later, after Robert felt it was defamatory against Issleb.

Here’s the comment,

So yesterday we read that Team Tracker members are starting to doubt Rick, and 24 hours later there’s a new post with all this new information that just had to get out today? I’m sorry, this excessive amount of content in such a short time suggests serious damage control from Team Tracker, and much of what is there points to Musky, who is as good as Dyer at spinning yarns. (And the more I read, the more it looks like these Facebook guys really are in on it.)

How did these two sociopaths get together anyway? You know it wasn’t in group therapy. Robert, did you know the Illinois attorney general sued “Musky” Allen Issleb for scamming homeowners? That’s just a coincidence and not a window into his character and ability to present false scenarios? The top judicial officer in my state hasn’t sued me for anything lately. Has yours come after you?”

                                                                                                    Deleted comment on RL’s Blog

As far as FBFB is concerned, we must remember that RL’s sources have been extremely off their mark concerning Dyer. In fact I will speak with reps of FBFB today to see if there will corroborate RL’s claim that FBFB is now sponsoring Dummy boy.

Back to Issleb…In truth the Illinois Attorney General did in fact sue ole Musky for allegedly bilking $13K out of customers from his company, AFI Construction based out of Island Lake, Illinois. of course we know Musky had some brushes with the law back in 1997.




“…Last year, the Illinois Attorney General’s Office received more than 2,200 complaints from consumers caught in home repair scams. In fact, home repair fraud is the most common complaint among Illinois consumers. Because of the growing number of problems, Attorney General Jim Ryan announced Thursday that his office is filing lawsuits against 14 companies that allegedly did shoddy repair work or took money and did not work at all…Among those companies was…

…AFI Construction of Island Lake and owner Allen Issleb. Prosecutors claim the company bilked consumer out of $13,000 by doing shoddy work or no work at all. AFI also failed to inform consumers about their three-day right to cancel a contract…”

Source: http://www.nwitimes.com/uncategorized/attorney-general-hammers-home-repairs-scams/article_66fa68c3-38e6-5525-99b0-d53d7028a9d3.html

Remember Musky Allen IS Allen Issleb, not Redman or anything else.

Email:  A.Issleb@XXXXX.com

Again…here’s a High School Year Book picture…you tell me…


“The two Isslebs”

A Similar but sadder note…

Well I always promised “The good, the bad and the ugly.” But always the truth… well here it goes…

One of my long time idols Peter Byrne has had a run in with the law at age 88, in what authorities had claimed a 20 year long theft of benefits from SSI and Medicaid.



Peter Byrne

88 Year-Old Author Sentenced For Fraud


December 05, 2013

PORTLAND, Ore. – A former resident of Pacific City was sentenced in federal court on December 3, 2013, for stealing more than $78,000 from the Social Security Administration (SSA), the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS), and Medicaid.  Peter C. Byrne, 88, was sentenced to a three year term of probation and required to pay full restitution by the end of the week. Byrne pleaded guilty in August and admitted that between 1992 and 2012 he concealed from SSA and DHS his travels outside the United States and his compensation, while receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and food stamps.  Byrne had previously deposited $25,000 with the court for restitution and indicated he was prepared to pay the full balance by the end of the day.

According to documents filed by the government and Byrne’s admissions, Byrne began receiving SSI, a need-based benefit, in 1990 and was required to report to SSA certain travel outside the United States as well as his income and compensation.  Between 1992 and 2012, Byrne traveled outside the U.S. for more than 30 days at least 15 times, on some occasions remaining outside the U.S. for more than four months.  Between 2009 and 2012, Byrne also maintained bank accounts with Barclays of England and Wells Fargo where he held more than $85,000 at one time, and failed to disclose these bank accounts to SSA and DHS.  When Byrne was questioned by SSA and investigators in 2012, he failed to disclose all of his travels and assets.  When SSA asked to see his passport, Byrne advised that he had accidentally destroyed his passport by running it through the washing machine.

Investigators subsequently served a search warrant at Byrne’s residence and located financial and travel records, and his Will.  Byrne urged that the Will be kept confidential because he feared the Social Security Administration would come after his estate for benefits he unlawfully received.  Agents also located a copy of a letter from Byrne to Safari Press directing that any future royalties for his published books be sent to his girlfriend.  Byrne had previously been questioned by investigators whether he was receiving royalties for the books he had written on topics such as his search for Bigfoot and game-hunting in Nepal.  Byrne denied receiving royalties.

Prosecutors also noted that in the 1990s, Byrne had two previous overpayments of SSI because of unreported travel and assets.  Those prior overpayments had been handled administratively by SSA.

The Honorable Garr M. King stated that Byrne’s actions had been intentional and criminal, but agreed with the parties’ recommended sentence of probation primarily because of Byrne’s age.

The case was investigated by the Social Security Administration Office of Inspector General, Office of Investigations, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Oregon Department of Human Services, and the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office, and was prosecuted by Special Assistant United States Attorney Helen L. Cooper, as part of a partnership venture between the Social Security Administration Office of General Counsel and the United States Attorney’s Office in Portland.

Source: http://www.justice.gov/usao/or/news/2013/20131205_byrne.html

Thanks to Pam Farley for the heads up.

What this does to this man’s integrity? Well only time will speak of such.

The DOJ’s report is pretty condemning, but considering the amount and the time span, it amounts to about $325 a month in benefits that he was getting that he wasn’t supposed to.

But also consider he coughed up $78K in a week to pay restitution. 

I think I need a few days to process this one before it makes any sense.


Till Next Time,


Being steeped in reality is what we all need to be sometimes. Sometimes we need to listen to the “old timers,” and put ego aside, self included.

In other cases we need to stop becoming “dreamers.”

Sometimes we even stop being fair, or nice and become investigators. Verify.

Sierra Kills and Dr. Brian Sykes

This week we’ve had some major developments in Bigfoot body cases, the first via Dr. Brian Sykes, NatGeo Channel concerning the alleged Sierra Kills shooter Justin Smeja.


Justin Smeja…DNA all bear.  

Turns out everything is bear or nothing…the steak (which we knew from other DNA tests) and of course now the bloody boot which turned up no useable DNA. Hence no Squatch.

All we have is a video via a FLIR device by veteran researcher Bart Cutino that may or may not substantiate Sasquatch activity in the area the kill had allegedly occurred.

Still I must say that at least in those cases physical evidence was turned over to scientists for analysis, giving me the leeway to at least stay on the fence and have some hope.

But, as a friend said to me the other day, “Hope is for suckers.” Show me something concrete.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the Sierra Kills now becomes that of Bigfoot Legend and Lore and much debate for the future generations of those who want to mix it up and fight over the topic, the same as the Ketchum Study, the PG Film, The Massacre Debate and so on and so forth.

MiB’s and Rick Dyer… AGAIN! 

It should come as no surprise that a person so angered over the Sierra Kill has been one Rick Dyer.

See many folks think that the major motivation was money. Wrong, not at first. It is no coincidence that He really started making the rounds again right after the announcement of the Sierra Kill. He publicly called Smeja a hoaxer, but claimed himself to be truthful.


Rick Dyer…”MiB’s took my Bigfoot…AGAIN!”

I mean how can you be the “Best Bigfoot Tracker in the World,” if someone else brought one down or in before you?

Let’s not forget, just how angry Dyer was with the old Team Tazer. He bought all the domain names he could with the name Team Tazer.

Then he tries to call out his enemies, when one or more (me) calls him out and actually goes to Los Angeles, he tries in vain to hurt me by attempting me to spend hundreds of dollars on a cab ride, which he claimed he would pay. Luckily it did not work out that way. Click here to read about the LA trip.



(From Left to Right) Plane Tic to LAX, LAX and the “No Show Party!” with Bugs Mitchell.

Then doesn’t show. Claims a great victory, leaving many of his followers stunned and saying, “What the ^&#*@?” The next day all but a small handful of his followers are left. In following weeks, more jump ship.

Little obsessed? You bet!!!

The Ketchum Study build up was at it’s peak as well. That became a bust for most over the course of the last year, as it has not been accepted by science.

Now that the Sierra Kill DNA is bear, and the Syke’s Study has made no significant Bigfoot breakthrough, it does not surprise me, in the least, that Dyer has bowed out and has been leading up to this since coincidentally with the announcement of the NatGeo show that would reveal the samples authenticity or not.


(Left) HotDocs in Toronto in April..decent turnout. (Right: Courtesy of Joe Mastroianni) the NY showing in November and post the calling Dyer’s bluff in LA in August… theater very empty.


MiB’s took his Bigfoot. Zero for originality, as he used that excuse in 2011 already. Sounds like someone is “selling their cabbages twice,” as my father used to say.

However, I don’t think for one second, this is the last of seeing Rick Dyer.

Unless the Feds get him this time.

Dyer’s website as of this morning has this message. Gone are the memberships, he was once selling.


Message on Dyer’s web site this morning, blog has been silent since Nov. 17th, 2013

But if there is someone claiming to bring one in or has bagged one, be certain Dyer will be there with another “Hank.”

If Dyer has any more supporters, then they need a severe reality check, as most did in August after I and some others called Dyer’s bluff in California. That sent a full house

The Aftermath

Why can’t some of us let this go…

well there is something teachable in everything here.

1. The No-Brainer: Some people are just liars…

                      hotairdownloaddownload (1)

(Left to Right) Famous Fibbers: Tom Biscardi (I saw it, I touched it, I smelled it), Allen (Musky Allen) Issleb (It was partially embalmed), Ricky Dyer (I am the best Bigfoot Tracker in the world), Linda Newton-Perry (If the photo of “Big Clyde” is a fake I will shut down Bigfoot Ballyhoo.)

Especially when they have a track record of it, making grandiose claims not attempting to support it with any evidence. Or the evidence upon closer inspection is doctored or misrepresented.

All, in my opinion seem to suffer some sort of defect, making up lies about people to further their cause or make them sound like the victim.

There is a commonality about all of them.

2. The Unfortunate Part: Some people are naïve, even if they are super intelligent. And sometimes play into the hoaxer’s plan.


Some of the more notable willing victims, Vermont researcher Chris Noel, and the Facebook FindBigfoot Team, who still had trouble coming to grips with the truth even after L.A.

Doesn’t make them evil, just makes them unreliable if they don’t change their methodology and trains of thought. I hope for their sake they do. I don’t like seeing anyone fail that had only good intentions and their mistake was believing in Dyer.

We are only human.

Unfortunately one of those human qualities is pride and ego.

Facebook FindBigfoot did make the statement of getting out of the game if this turned sour. And it did. So it is hard to say what the future holds for them. If they back out on it, will the world hold them to their feet to the fire like I did Linda Newton-Perry two years ago?

Difference there is Perry wasn’t a victim, she was the source of all the hoaxes on her site. FB/FB were approached by Dyer and believed him. The Issleb involvement cemented  their belief. So can we forgive them? I think so, but only if their work going forward is a little more objective.

They need to learn to listen to those who are in the know.

Example: I wrote a book on this Dyer guy as well as a few of his co-conspirators from 2008 since I was at ground zero…and they ignored everything I said for a majority of the time about the truth of this man… they were his victims.

And as true to life, some victims start off by being willing victims.

Too important of a lesson should be learned here by the the majority of the researchers that were naïve to believe in Dyer’s lies, were that they were only in research post Body Hoax 2008.

They wanted to give Dyer a pass on his previous actions. For some reason they forgot all his other lies between then and now, like another body, oh and the how the MiB’s got that one too.

But for the Naïve: Don’t want to believe me? Proceed at your own risk.

In Summary

We can let go of the parties responsible and ignore them.

But we should never forget them.

To forget them, we would end up forgetting the lesson.

And we as a race, do that all too often.

So it actually looks like we might start off 2014 with new business instead of all this unresolved stuff like Ketchum, Sykes, Smeja, Dyer, Smith… etc.

Till Next Time,


Since Musky likes to spread lies, and claim I am lying, (though I provide PROOF I am not in my posts with traceable links) let’s look at the real “Musky Allen” aka Allen Forest Issleb.




2-1-2006 (big file)


IA Rept

These are just some of the major run in’s with the law Issleb has had. All by the way, public record… 

Go here and type his name in:

This is what you should get:

issleb - panel


This picture look familiar? I will let people ponder this High School Yearbook photo:


Now if Musky want’s to keep up his internet harassment including a site which has posted a death threat, maybe I will find and see if he has a P.O. and report such harassment.

After all the felon has already been convicted once of telephonic harassment, among other things.

Till next Time,


The Real Moral Compass

In my last post I spoke of what was thought to be a respected researcher, Chris Noel, who asked me to lie.

According to a statement to him I lack a moral compass, or possess any investigative or logical skills.

Statement from Christopher Noel:
"Steve Kulls has publicly released private information about my close friend, and about me. This behavior shows his true colors. Anything he says to try to discredit the truth of Rich Dyer’s claims about events in San Antonio should now be seen in the context of a complete lack of a moral compass. It has already been clear that Kulls does not possess any investigative or logical skills, but only a deep need for attention. And now we can add yet another layer of information about his character: He has zero regard for privacy or human dignity."- Source: Dyer’s blog.


Mr. Noel shows exactly how tilted his moral compass is.

See I follow the Five Tenets of Bigfoot Research I created in 2011 to avoid such dilemmas as Mr. Noel has placed himself in.

Read Tenet Number 5.  It’s been there for at least two years.

Sadly his response was that of pointing fingers, and name calling rather than even explaining why he would ask someone to lie.

And what private information have I released about you Mr. Noel? That you asked me to lie?

Expose the Charlatans.

Now Mr. Noel acts like I have done something dubious when really he needs to look in the mirror.

When I exposed FB/FB I was following Tenet Number 5, Expose the Charlatans,  which is directly correlated to Tenet Number 4. Responsibility to Educate.

Mr. Noel asked me to lie, and he expects me to keep secret his true ill mannered, and ill tempered nature which is apparent by the exchange. I came to him peacefully, even humbly to come to an understanding. Had he had been nice about it, perhaps I would have removed the post in question.


Moral Compass?

Mr. Noel should read Tenet number 3. (Always tell the truth)

Instead, he not only makes it a condition, to take it down the post, but to lie about it as one of those conditions.

Moral compass indeed!

And then he expects me not to say something about it. Never mind explaining his misguided attempts at establishing my moral compass, what about his own?

And then he lies, by saying I invaded his privacy, why? Because not only have I just caught you in a lie by stating such, but by establishing, it’s okay for people to lie publicly?

As for Noel he has gone from respected researcher to acting like a kindred spirit of the rest of the hoaxers, by name calling without fact, and asking people to lie, or in other words hoax.

His friend, the owner of FB/FB he has defended, has not even asked me as much, in such a dubious manner.

Investigation and Logic

Has it been clear that I do not possess any investigative or logical skills as Mr. Noel states.

I was able to track down the Real Musky Allen, and his friend whom he destroys his own credibility to defend.

To find the lies and name the names behind either the propagation of this hoax or compliance with it, the refusal to listen to any logic or dissenting opinion.

Logic? I’m not the one getting in bed with folks who claim, EVERY FILM is a real Bigfoot, or who calls a known repeat hoaxer such as Dyer, the “Researcher of the Year!”

Getting Personal?

If anyone noticed, in that post Mr. Noel wants me to remove, did a I tag the owner of FB/FB’s name so his name turns up on the Google/Search Engine world? No.

Did I post everything about him that I know, including personal stuff?  No.

There was a conscience effort to minimize some of the outing. But a losing side fails to see any light.

Even with what lies, and personal or otherwise have been told about me, I chose to take the high road. Believe me if I wanted to get personal, I could.

But merely stating facts and truth, always sends the hoaxer camps into more lies and personal attacks, sadly such as Mr. Noel has now bent to and show who he really is.

Mr. Noel does not understand, if I wanted to get personal, I would.

Mr. Dyer and I stated we would not get personal, however, I remained to the facts, but they have been so damaging to Dyer’s hoax, that he claims I have violated that.

No Mr. Dyer is just mad that I have the goods on him. So he spins it that it’s personal.

But if continued, to be lied about and attacked, by Issleb,  I just may. And that would be very embarrassing for Mr. Dyer, and his compatriots, especially Mr. Dyer.

I will give props to FB/FB for staying out of the fray as far as trying to attack me. Yes I exposed who’s behind FB/FB, and as if things remain civil, I see no need in repeating the name over and over again.

Unfortunately they dug themselves in deeper in a very conveniently timed award to Rick Dyer, in an attempt to legitimize him.  

Remember this quote from 2010?


“You win the argument of facts and logic, when your opponent resorts to name calling.”  – Steve Kulls, 2010 (in response to Biscardi’s attacks on him.

My suggestion to all, is if you have a body, PROVE IT! All we’ve seen are tall tales, gullible people, and facts, which very conveniently have some huge holes in them. 

Put up or shut up…quit the grandstandin’ and braggin’

That would be the ultimate damage control, now a special desperate radio show now wouldn’t it?

Till Next Time,


This just in from a Facebook user who belonged to the group, Facebook/Find Bigfoot.

For the last three years we’ve seen some really BAD investigations (or lack there of as it is just looking at video)  on some films, claiming “EVERYTHING IS A BIGFOOT,” from Facebook Find Bigfoot. 

They been hoaxed intentionally by children, and they taken films which have been long debunked as being a misidentification or otherwise (a hoax) and spun it like it’s a Sasquatch for all to read.

Well now they have stepped over the line, by propagating a hoax by failing to put in use any sort of critical thinking or investigation and censoring differing opinions.

Yes they have let some dissenting opinions on their page about it, but refuse to let factual information stand. And they seem sensitive to criticism, and the fact they are the number one source of the promotion of Dyer/Issleb claims.



Apparently this user, well known to me on Facebook, has been banned from the forum and his posts removed for offering some critical thinking and real investigation…



Apparently, FB/FB is now falling in line with censoring factual information contradictory to their agenda whilst propagating the hoax.

In my eyes, that is adding to their complicity in this hoax by them. If they have an argument to the information presented, then present it. But they choose not to, because they have none.

By such actions they have just chosen a side, and placed a stake in the Dyer/Issleb duo.

And let’s not forget, they are the one who called Allan (sometimes Wayne) “Musky Allen” Issleb, the “most respected skeptic.”


Update 2/13/13

After being asked respectfully from a representative of FB/FB I have decided to remove the identity of the FB/FB founder. I have placed one condition on this, and have done this first as an act of good faith…

FBFB Reply


I will be one of the first to call on for FB/FB to shut down when this turns out to be a hoax. And when it does, perhaps ole Musky and Dyer may have actually done us a favor.

I can understand gullibility, I can understand naivety, but what I cannot stand is arrogance.

My next guess is that Issleb will produce some “documents” in an attempt to prove he was with this wild claim he was Rene Dahinden’s apprentice. (I know that sounds a little Star Wars!) In turn FB/FB will offer this up as “proof", Issleb is telling the truth.

We know better and so do the readers of this blog.  

And so soon when this blows up on them FB/FB will be entered in the Squatchdetective Hall of Fame with others so cherished as Biscardi, Standing and Newton-Perry. The Hall will be getting a revamp very soon. (March-April) and will have new entries for the new folks to get their footing for footing.

Till Next Time,


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