If you’re thinking of clinging on to this hoax any longer…

While doing my usual net sweep this morning, trying to dig up more about the film, “Of Monsters and Men,” the working title for “Shooting Bigfoot,” I found an interesting result on page 13.




Apparently the British Film Institute, (BFI) awarded Minnow Films approximately $500,000 towards the film Dyer is claiming he shot a Bigfoot in. (In addition to the Tribeca Award.)

The website keeps track of the progress of all the films, entitled “disposition.” Some of the films are clearly marked in “development” or in “production.”

Of course then there is the “Completion” disposition as well.

Low and behold, there is Minnow Films, “Of Monsters and Men,” (the working title):


Completion Date

Screen capture of the BFI website indicating the date “Shooting Bigfoot” was completed.

There it is folks, completed May 23rd, 2012, long before the alleged San Antonio killing of a Sasquatch on September 6th, 2012.

Of course we wouldn’t post this without the source either:


The list is in somewhat of an alphabetical order by title.

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