Since some have been asking what I originally posted about the identity of “Jack Barnes,” having removed it for the exchange of them to cease banning members of their page with differing opinions of the Dyer/Issleb hoax.

This is what was posted, nothing more, nothing less…

Since they do not want to give you any sort of accountability, I will.

The owner of Facebook Find Bigfoot is not Jack D. Barnes, a pseudonym, but in reality Minnesota businessman Jonathan Foss.



Jon Foss (Source: LinkedIn)


Sources state he runs a swim school in Minnesota. He has a couple of medical patents which I confirmed when first learning of his identity. He once called me and explained who he was, what he’s about, and his caller ID came back to Foss, and subsequently I confirmed what he stated his background was via the U.S. Patent office.

Several others in the community know of his real identity, but if you are going to blatantly support tall tales in the community, on a constant and consistent basis,  I see no real reason to withhold who the owner of FB/FB is for accountability purposes.


It was taken down in response to this exchange:


Maximus COnversation


Apparently that “civility” has worn out, as Barnes has taken the Dyer/Issleb school of damage control and lie about the truth surrounding the post.

Till Next Time,