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Musky Allen on Dyer’s radio show last night said he has an audio tape of a conversation between me and Jack Barnes, where I threatened him.

And Dyer’s attempt at making up a lie that I posted information about FB/FB pertaining to an address and a picture of the owner’s house.

Musky has claimed he has the proof. And has been threatening for the better part of a month, that he’s going to post it. Well no need to now Issleb. 

First, I’d like to address this. The posting of an address, although it may be found on the we, let alone the posting of a picture of a house for the sake of just posting it for revenge or “one-up-man-ship” is unacceptable. If the truth is on your side, which it is, let’s act with some decorum and act above Dyer’s and Issleb’s antics.

Second, for those who believe FB/FB is in league with Dyer/Issleb, I can now say with confidence that they are not, and unfortunately as I’ve stated before on this blog, I believe are the real target of Dyer/Issleb. I hope Dyer’s and Issleb’s inconsistencies and outright lies are cause for them to reevaluate their stance.

In a communication today with Jack Barnes, I have received this…

FBFB conversation

Well another Dyer/Issleb untruth exposed. Tick-Tock

Show me the “monkey” Freezer Boy!

Till Next Time,


Why is Ricky Dyer trying to put me on the defensive? Doesn’t work too well now does it?

So this is to Rick,

Fact is, Rick, the only rule on Squatchdetective Radio is you lie…you get tossed.

Here’s my facts face against your lies:

Unlike your show, we have decorum, if you are going to yell and retort to lies and name calling…bye bye jackass.

You survived under a minute…guess ya lost. At least the last person that lied, lasted 43 minutes. But consider the source, would I expect any less?

You have no proof Ricky. Couldn’t provide any answer to my question; “prove it!”

Your response, just shout and name call.

Mr. Issleb can claim to have an audio tape of me. Well I know he does not, because that conversation with Jack never happened like that, period.

And by this, we will now see if FB/FB is in league with Dyer/Issleb like suggested by a few. I still have hope they are not.

(See the corner the two liars have back themselves into with this claim?)


“Birds of a feather…”

But by this I can now say with 100% confidence that Issleb is a hoaxer and a liar and teamed with Dyer.

So now that Issleb has proved what an internet troll he is by skulking around the Bigfoot community for the better part of ten months, claiming to be a “know it all skeptic,” we see him for what he really is; a hoaxer and a person who has to buy bus tokens to get from here to there and ranks up there with the lies of one of the worst we’ve ever seen, “Traylor Chuck!”

Yep corvettes look nice don’t they? Just don’t get caught driving Allen….again!

Freezer boy says my PI license got revoked…<buzzer> Wrong it expired, I did not renew it.

But you know who’s license did?

IA Rept


What a co-inky dink: Dyer and Issleb have the same birthday!

Don’t worry I know it’s this month and boy I will have a surprise for ya both!

So we have two jackasses, caught in lies, with no proof and  making up more lies. They lie to take the view off of them, for a very few it works, but most know the real truth of why they do this. 

And BTW Rick, who’s the coward? Couldn’t come onto the show by yourself? Have to play to your crowd and force me to call your show? That’s fine, if they believe you, to the point where they troll for you, they’re in far worse shape than you are and probably do not belong in the Bigfoot community. So after this hoax is played out, you’ve done us a community service. 

Big Boy, you’re the one with the big claims and need to prove something, I’ve proven my facts on you and even so much as outted someone actually trying to lie about you. We are about facts not cheap talk.

I’ve got nothing to prove. You made the accusations and big claims. I put my facts with documentation here. All we hear is your mouth with nothing to back it up.

The more I get you to cuss and swear at me, the harder I laugh!!! The physical violence thing last night, freaking hysterical. Guess you really don’t know me.

So let’s stay on task,

Where’s the monkey?

  • Let’s talk about, your original statement: That Minnow took the body. Wow, must have been some court wrangling to get that back. I mean your words not mine. If there was court involvement, where can I find the records? I mean if they took the body originally, one wouldn’t give it up so easily.
  • Let’s talk about the partial embalming. You know that doesn’t exist don’t you.
  • Just how did ya get the monkey back from Minnow? 
  • What happened to the Tribeca Film Festival?  Seem to be back peddling yet again.
  • Let’s see any official connection to Minnow. All we’ve seen is a connection to Biscardi with Minnow. Nothing about ole, RD.
  • Let’s talk about Allen “Musky Allen” Issleb. Dahinden’s apprentice. <Buzzer> Wrong again, another tall tale.
  • Let’s talk about your Escalade affair. Minnow gave you an Escalade? Let’s see the documents. You have a scanner don’t you? Then let’s see your capital gains tax worksheet!
  • How come all your EBay purchases are of film equipment seen in the pictures you put on your site, implying that a film crew was with you?
  • Let’s talk about the real identity of “DJ Brashears” AKA Eric Dyer, your cousin from Florida. Hmm…seems to be a used car salesman too. (Hey don’t blame me for outing him, YOU dragged him into it.) His identifying picture looks a lot like some of yours I’ve seen on the web lately.

DJ Compilation

A young, thinner, clean cut Eric Dyer, (center), several years before his DJ Brashears shoot with Freezer Boy, (left & right).

Truth is: you have nothing. Truth is you are retorting to the same antagonistic taunting and lies that you’ve used in 2008. You are selling you’re cabbages twice. Remember you lied about Coleman when he wasn’t buying your crap. Keep stooping to those lows.

Which is why you use psychological transference to try to lie about people who condemn you, to lessen the moral implications in your mind to what you’re doing.

Let’s not forget you giving the site to Cryptomundo…yet another lie along with the 2008 body, the 2009 body, the Men in Black, the hunting permission from Canada. Ahh…there’s just so many, I’m losing count.

Oh how about your Bigfoot Tracker vehicles stating, as seen on Discovery, History and A&E? What programs have you’ve been on there? I haven’t seen your mug their channels, not even in the press-a-palooza of 2008.

And let’s not forget this gem where Dyer admits that this is all a hoax. Probably at a moment where he was thinking of giving up in a moment of rational thought.


Courtesy: Team Tazer Bigfoot

Truth is this time around you are downright pissed most are not buying it. And they’re not.

Why? Well first of all 2008.

Second of all, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Third, you suck at hoaxing almost as bad as Linda Newton-Perry.

The only reason you got so far in 2008, was because no one knew you and you had Biscardi riding shotgun with ya, that is until I didn’t cave for Biscardi’s NDA bullsh*t, and blew the whistle on you and later on Biscardi when I got the physical proof, the real DNA analysis not the altered one he sent me (and thanks to you and that freezer receipt), of his complicity!

You think I don’t know the Minnow connection wasn’t a well thought out concoction by you? Your jealousy of Biscardi, and the fact that a film crew would go with him for a documentary and not you in the face of you taking the major part of the fall in 2008, just couldn’t be so much coincidence.

Isn’t it funny how we didn’t hear of Minnow Films until late October. In fact on the phone you told me it was an entirely other film company. That was the same conversation that you asked me is Bigfoot was real. Why would you ask me that Rick if you had a body? Was that you’re way of telling me this was a hoax subtly.

bw post

We have no way of confirming this is true or not, but at least the Facebook user put their name to it, (Which we’ve kept confidential since we don’t need them to be attacked.)

This is why I think you have what I have stated before. Because there are moments you seem to have clarity. But it is usually short lived due in part to a strong belief you are always being persecuted. In the case of this body claim, sorry, you are.  

And don’t think that you’re signage on your vehicle to include those channels mentioned above isn’t jealousy over legitimate researchers that actually are on those shows.

I’ll admit, the tent video was at least somewhat compelling, but because you had done it under a pseudonym, ya blew it! When you added a body to the mix, you jumped the shark!

So you and your buddy, keep on sounding like manure salesmen with mouthfuls of samples. The world is beginning to laugh at you now, thanks to your amateurish slips and lies. 

So Mr. Dyer, it’s time you come clean about everything. Apologize for the lies your speaking about me. You are making it personal.

You made a promise to me, not making this personal, in return for something I pointed out to you. You’ve broken that promise. 

Remember your birthday is just around the corner!!!

Till Next Time,

A very cajoling


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