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Hey Gang as we know Robert Lindsay wrote on his blog, “Beyond Highbrow,” a series of statements that his “sources” including “cross referenced” ones, have stated.

Well as I have said it in the past, his sources are either repeating what Dyer or Dyer’s minions have been saying to them and telling Lindsay. Frankly I think they’re all just playing him.

Lindsay had this to say about Facebook FindBigfoot just a couple of days ago,

“First of all, a public service announcement. All you people out there who won’t listen to me are just wrong. You should listen to me. Blow me off at your peril. You have no idea who I know or what I know. Most of the stuff I believe is true is true, and most of the stuff I believe is false is false. I am pretty good at figuring out truth from lies.

Dyer skeptics will soon be eating a lot of crow. Make sure to make that pie huge!

Certainty that Hank is real and not a hoax? Now 100%…

…And Facebook/Find Bigfoot are indeed the new investors. I just verified this from a 2nd source so of course I was right again. They stayed for 2 weeks in Las Vegas and brought a whole slew of MD’s and scientists to verify Hank. One MD even brought some equipment with him but he was not able to use it.”

Source:  http://robertlindsay.wordpress.com/2014/02/02/bigfoot-news-february-2-2014/                                                   

                                                                                                               Robert Lindsay 02/02/14



We’re pretty good here to at deciphering BIGFOOT from BULLSHIT too. Matter of fact when I broke into this field THAT was my calling card. I don’t steer people wrong, nor do I state things as fact unless I have cross referenced my sources or have gone to the subject matter directly. In this case I went to the subject matter directly.

I got off the phone this evening with “Jack Barnes” and he stated to me, in no uncertain terms, NONE of what Lindsay was written was true about trips. MD’s and funding Rick Dyer and said, “We’re just kind of laying low.”

So there was no two week Las Vegas stay, no MD’s and no scientists that verified “Stanky Hanky.”

My friendly message to Robert Lindsay

No Robert, they weren’t lying. Matter of fact it would only validate their earlier stance and what you are saying if they told me that you were correct. They have no reason to lie. But they didn’t. Your sources LIED.

They would be playing this up, because long ago, they believed Dyer was speaking the truth. They’re not. Matter of fact just the opposite, Jack laughed at what was written.

If this is from your sources then none of what you have written can be trusted WHATSOEVER!

  • So Robert, lets go for confirming sources, “Round Two.”
  • Name the museum and lets see if she confirms what your “sources” have told you.

Sorry man, Vegas odds aren’t so good for you now being 100%.

Follow the money…

Lindsay also stated on the same blog,

Rick gets no money until after the tour. Rick turned down a large sum of money so he could go on tour with the thing. At the end of the 13 months, Rick will receive a large sum of money, millions. This is why Rick needed funding for the tour. FB/FB guys are helping with the tour. Rick turned down the money because he was afraid that the investor would not do the tour. Rick really wants everyone to see this body. Well, that is a good sentiment there for Rick.”


Is that why Rick is selling his RV, trailer and still selling cars on Craigslist as we sit here tonight?


FordPT cruiser

Shot heard ‘round the world…I think not!

Oh and, by the way, there is one thing we CAN confirm. This didn’t come from Robert Lindsay or his sources, this actually came from Frank Cali, former Team Tracker Veep.


I have confirmed with “Jack Barnes,” when the FBFB founders traveled to Nevada for their meeting with Dyer last year, they did purchase the gun Dyer had used in the movie, or at least Dyer claimed the gun was the one he used in the movie.

Till Next Time


Being steeped in reality is what we all need to be sometimes. Sometimes we need to listen to the “old timers,” and put ego aside, self included.

In other cases we need to stop becoming “dreamers.”

Sometimes we even stop being fair, or nice and become investigators. Verify.

Sierra Kills and Dr. Brian Sykes

This week we’ve had some major developments in Bigfoot body cases, the first via Dr. Brian Sykes, NatGeo Channel concerning the alleged Sierra Kills shooter Justin Smeja.


Justin Smeja…DNA all bear.  

Turns out everything is bear or nothing…the steak (which we knew from other DNA tests) and of course now the bloody boot which turned up no useable DNA. Hence no Squatch.

All we have is a video via a FLIR device by veteran researcher Bart Cutino that may or may not substantiate Sasquatch activity in the area the kill had allegedly occurred.

Still I must say that at least in those cases physical evidence was turned over to scientists for analysis, giving me the leeway to at least stay on the fence and have some hope.

But, as a friend said to me the other day, “Hope is for suckers.” Show me something concrete.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the Sierra Kills now becomes that of Bigfoot Legend and Lore and much debate for the future generations of those who want to mix it up and fight over the topic, the same as the Ketchum Study, the PG Film, The Massacre Debate and so on and so forth.

MiB’s and Rick Dyer… AGAIN! 

It should come as no surprise that a person so angered over the Sierra Kill has been one Rick Dyer.

See many folks think that the major motivation was money. Wrong, not at first. It is no coincidence that He really started making the rounds again right after the announcement of the Sierra Kill. He publicly called Smeja a hoaxer, but claimed himself to be truthful.


Rick Dyer…”MiB’s took my Bigfoot…AGAIN!”

I mean how can you be the “Best Bigfoot Tracker in the World,” if someone else brought one down or in before you?

Let’s not forget, just how angry Dyer was with the old Team Tazer. He bought all the domain names he could with the name Team Tazer.

Then he tries to call out his enemies, when one or more (me) calls him out and actually goes to Los Angeles, he tries in vain to hurt me by attempting me to spend hundreds of dollars on a cab ride, which he claimed he would pay. Luckily it did not work out that way. Click here to read about the LA trip.



(From Left to Right) Plane Tic to LAX, LAX and the “No Show Party!” with Bugs Mitchell.

Then doesn’t show. Claims a great victory, leaving many of his followers stunned and saying, “What the ^&#*@?” The next day all but a small handful of his followers are left. In following weeks, more jump ship.

Little obsessed? You bet!!!

The Ketchum Study build up was at it’s peak as well. That became a bust for most over the course of the last year, as it has not been accepted by science.

Now that the Sierra Kill DNA is bear, and the Syke’s Study has made no significant Bigfoot breakthrough, it does not surprise me, in the least, that Dyer has bowed out and has been leading up to this since coincidentally with the announcement of the NatGeo show that would reveal the samples authenticity or not.


(Left) HotDocs in Toronto in April..decent turnout. (Right: Courtesy of Joe Mastroianni) the NY showing in November and post the calling Dyer’s bluff in LA in August… theater very empty.


MiB’s took his Bigfoot. Zero for originality, as he used that excuse in 2011 already. Sounds like someone is “selling their cabbages twice,” as my father used to say.

However, I don’t think for one second, this is the last of seeing Rick Dyer.

Unless the Feds get him this time.

Dyer’s website as of this morning has this message. Gone are the memberships, he was once selling.


Message on Dyer’s web site this morning, blog has been silent since Nov. 17th, 2013

But if there is someone claiming to bring one in or has bagged one, be certain Dyer will be there with another “Hank.”

If Dyer has any more supporters, then they need a severe reality check, as most did in August after I and some others called Dyer’s bluff in California. That sent a full house

The Aftermath

Why can’t some of us let this go…

well there is something teachable in everything here.

1. The No-Brainer: Some people are just liars…

                      hotairdownloaddownload (1)

(Left to Right) Famous Fibbers: Tom Biscardi (I saw it, I touched it, I smelled it), Allen (Musky Allen) Issleb (It was partially embalmed), Ricky Dyer (I am the best Bigfoot Tracker in the world), Linda Newton-Perry (If the photo of “Big Clyde” is a fake I will shut down Bigfoot Ballyhoo.)

Especially when they have a track record of it, making grandiose claims not attempting to support it with any evidence. Or the evidence upon closer inspection is doctored or misrepresented.

All, in my opinion seem to suffer some sort of defect, making up lies about people to further their cause or make them sound like the victim.

There is a commonality about all of them.

2. The Unfortunate Part: Some people are naïve, even if they are super intelligent. And sometimes play into the hoaxer’s plan.


Some of the more notable willing victims, Vermont researcher Chris Noel, and the Facebook FindBigfoot Team, who still had trouble coming to grips with the truth even after L.A.

Doesn’t make them evil, just makes them unreliable if they don’t change their methodology and trains of thought. I hope for their sake they do. I don’t like seeing anyone fail that had only good intentions and their mistake was believing in Dyer.

We are only human.

Unfortunately one of those human qualities is pride and ego.

Facebook FindBigfoot did make the statement of getting out of the game if this turned sour. And it did. So it is hard to say what the future holds for them. If they back out on it, will the world hold them to their feet to the fire like I did Linda Newton-Perry two years ago?

Difference there is Perry wasn’t a victim, she was the source of all the hoaxes on her site. FB/FB were approached by Dyer and believed him. The Issleb involvement cemented  their belief. So can we forgive them? I think so, but only if their work going forward is a little more objective.

They need to learn to listen to those who are in the know.

Example: I wrote a book on this Dyer guy as well as a few of his co-conspirators from 2008 since I was at ground zero…and they ignored everything I said for a majority of the time about the truth of this man… they were his victims.

And as true to life, some victims start off by being willing victims.

Too important of a lesson should be learned here by the the majority of the researchers that were naïve to believe in Dyer’s lies, were that they were only in research post Body Hoax 2008.

They wanted to give Dyer a pass on his previous actions. For some reason they forgot all his other lies between then and now, like another body, oh and the how the MiB’s got that one too.

But for the Naïve: Don’t want to believe me? Proceed at your own risk.

In Summary

We can let go of the parties responsible and ignore them.

But we should never forget them.

To forget them, we would end up forgetting the lesson.

And we as a race, do that all too often.

So it actually looks like we might start off 2014 with new business instead of all this unresolved stuff like Ketchum, Sykes, Smeja, Dyer, Smith… etc.

Till Next Time,


Many months ago, a BFRO expedition organizer was jammed up for a bit at a National Park. Seems the Feds were fed up with people charging other people to walk through, camp and hike at their park.

Squatchdetective.com has learned that Rick Dyer will be doing the same:



Advertisement that was on Gold Member’s page prior to site crash of 5/13/13. 





So in case Mr. Dyer wants to avoid incursion with Federal wildlife officials, he might want to choose an alternate location. As an FYI, insiders have told us that the Bigfoot Tracker Ohio expedition originally scheduled for April 26,27,28 which was later moved to May 17, 18, 19 has been cancelled basically due to lack of interest.

So what does one get on a supposed Team Tracker Expedition, (remember we exposed on this blog earlier this year, most pictures of previous expeditions by BF Tracker.com to be stock imagery).

Well, obviously it is supposed to be an Expedition of a Lifetime…



This really should say it all, as really, Dyer’s obsession with being a superstar and being 100 percent correct, one hundred percent of the time is starting to implode the Team Tracker group and to his “customers” (victims).


Dyer crumbling1


And in case everyone is wondering here is Mr. Dyers event schedule line up:



See the Video # 2 release? What have we been saying since late last year when our investigation revealed Dyer buying movie making equipment?

And how can you guarantee when the “Body Tour” will be??? Doesn’t mainstream science need to verify this? How can you set a date on a tour?

And let me get this straight… (CHRIS NOEL…HERE”S EVIDENCE FOR YA!)

  1. Dyer says Minnow was in possession of the body hence the Navigator . No explanation as to how it came back to him. Apparently gets a pass from FBFB and sympathizers on that one.
  2. Makes statements that universities and scientists are looking at it, yet is non-specific as to who it may be. No announcements except by Dyer on this point.
  3. If the film that is released on Aug. 14th, 2013 is of a body on a slab…wait a minute…isn’t the universities examining it now? Or will “Musky” Allen Issleb be part of that film? Or is this just “additional footage” that Dyer will claim that allegedly was shot in September last year.
  4. Did anyone see the copyright date on the end of “Shooting Sasquatch?” Hmm..pretty interesting, if it says 2011 won’t it? (Films put their copyrights on films when they are completed btw, not when they are begun.)
  5. How about all the pre movie inconsistencies, the FBFB authentication film, the fact the tent picture was on BF Tracker since August, Dyer not billing the movie, first at the correct venue, and then saying it would be vindication for him.


Posted on BF Tracker before the release of “Shooting Sasquatch” at Hot Docs

Remember dear readers, while some think little details are trivial, they are far from it. Far too many criminals and bad guys are caught with a small trivial detail which leads them to eventuality. 

Now for some interesting trivia…

Mr. Dyer says I’m obsessed with him… but look closely how he has over the last couple of years try to look like me, going to the shaven head, and even the same facial hair patterns. Pretty creepy.  No, not obsessed, otherwise I’d be thinking about his hoax and him all day long. I just don’t like hoaxers that’s all.

But on the other hand, look at Mr. Dyer. Making up stories about people, adding more lies to excuse the lies he made up in the first place.

Now Mr. Noel contends there is no evidence of a hoax. That this is all hater’s gloating over the disappointment of FBFB and “Shooting Sasquatch.”

In all honesty, I’ve tried very hard to get them to see the light after the movie in one last attempt.

But you see folks, I find it very difficult, when a person as respected as Mr. Noel, and to some extent FBFB, to just look the other way at contradictory evidence.

What we see are at the very least, people becoming accomplices after the fact. If they had some argument against the evidence against Dyer’s claims, but they don’t.

Instead they make excuses, that these are from people that are mad, taking things out of context and nitpicking. They make blanket statements like, “we know more than you know.” They have become Dyer apologists.

I call bullshit to all of it. They’re accomplices after the fact. Not saying they know anything, they may very well believe he has a body, but their malfeasance makes them responsible.


Stunned by the lack of what Dyer would said would be in the film, FBFB in conference. Later they would become excuse makers for Dyer, on how it was Matthews fault.

Yes they may be gullible naïve, and not in on it at the beginning, but ignoring evidence with logical argument with evidence, which so far other than 2 seconds of film in a documentary that makes fun of the community, there has been no proof for their argument.

The minute Dyer had a claim, or when it was revealed the “Tent Video",” was revealed here by us, to be Dyer, their “Bullshit Detectors” should have been on high alert.

Instead of questioning inconsistencies, they accepted excuse after excuse. And instead of putting the brakes on then, they took Dyer’s word as Gospel.

Folks FBFB and Chris Noel (at least on this case) are not acting like researchers or investigators. That is appearance.

They walked in, as FBFB does with ALL of its videos, “How can we prove this real?”

Real investigators walk in with the attitude, “How can I reasonably debunk this.” Only then will it lead you to the proper conclusions to extraordinary claims.

The Body Cases… What Gives?

Frankly it does not matter in the spectrum of who I like and whom I dislike. I like Dyer, although his latest stunt and lies, have brought that to unlike, but not hate. He in his sociopathic mind thinks its funny. Although not so much anymore I think.

Here’s five body cases to throw at you:

1. Frank Kerlow – 1960’s claimed to have a BF body (HOAX)

2. “Bugs” Hale – 1980’s and 90’s, claimed to have buried Sassy. (HOAX)

3. Dyer-Whitton-Biscardi – 2008 “Bigfoot on Ice.” (HOAX)

4. Justin Smeja – 2010, claimed to have shot 2, killed one juvenile. (UNDER INVESTIGATION)

5. Rick Dyer 2012 – Yeah… (UNDER INVESTIGATION)

The first three have all been proven to be hoaxes. In all three cases there was no physical evidence that could be traced to the incident. In case number three the single lone sample, was possum contaminated by human.

What does that tell us today about the two unsolved cases:

How Smeja differs. Not that I am saying his account is truthful, but I am having a difficult time not being directly involved in the case, so my sense here is purely analytical.

Like #3 he has submitted samples to a lab that has come back as contaminated, however items were not claimed to have been cut off body, as with case # 3. Smeja also took and passed a lie detector test. A bold move, although not entirely conclusive.

Since I know two investigators on the case… I will leave that to them to get to the truth. I am not the “end all, be all.” Never claimed to have been. The Smeja case is in very competent hands.

Dyer’s case, No physical evidence provided, except one person who has claimed to see the body. In direct similarity to Case #1 listed. Kerlow originally had an accomplice, who played a minor role in a verification method. Like the Bugs case, Dyer is the only one talking.

Don’t you think, the assistant producer, who no longer works for Minnow would be talking? Matthews? No all you get is round abouts? Why? It helps the film along and keeps them out of trouble, (at least that’s what they perceive it as.)

Fact is that Dyer’s case despite some of the hype, is not to the level of 2008’s hype. If you look on it, on the surface, out of the list above, the 3 known hoaxes (cases 1-3) this one does not differ from them nor in any way rise to any unusual circumstance.

Till next time,


This just in from a Facebook user who belonged to the group, Facebook/Find Bigfoot.

For the last three years we’ve seen some really BAD investigations (or lack there of as it is just looking at video)  on some films, claiming “EVERYTHING IS A BIGFOOT,” from Facebook Find Bigfoot. 

They been hoaxed intentionally by children, and they taken films which have been long debunked as being a misidentification or otherwise (a hoax) and spun it like it’s a Sasquatch for all to read.

Well now they have stepped over the line, by propagating a hoax by failing to put in use any sort of critical thinking or investigation and censoring differing opinions.

Yes they have let some dissenting opinions on their page about it, but refuse to let factual information stand. And they seem sensitive to criticism, and the fact they are the number one source of the promotion of Dyer/Issleb claims.



Apparently this user, well known to me on Facebook, has been banned from the forum and his posts removed for offering some critical thinking and real investigation…



Apparently, FB/FB is now falling in line with censoring factual information contradictory to their agenda whilst propagating the hoax.

In my eyes, that is adding to their complicity in this hoax by them. If they have an argument to the information presented, then present it. But they choose not to, because they have none.

By such actions they have just chosen a side, and placed a stake in the Dyer/Issleb duo.

And let’s not forget, they are the one who called Allan (sometimes Wayne) “Musky Allen” Issleb, the “most respected skeptic.”


Update 2/13/13

After being asked respectfully from a representative of FB/FB I have decided to remove the identity of the FB/FB founder. I have placed one condition on this, and have done this first as an act of good faith…

FBFB Reply


I will be one of the first to call on for FB/FB to shut down when this turns out to be a hoax. And when it does, perhaps ole Musky and Dyer may have actually done us a favor.

I can understand gullibility, I can understand naivety, but what I cannot stand is arrogance.

My next guess is that Issleb will produce some “documents” in an attempt to prove he was with this wild claim he was Rene Dahinden’s apprentice. (I know that sounds a little Star Wars!) In turn FB/FB will offer this up as “proof", Issleb is telling the truth.

We know better and so do the readers of this blog.  

And so soon when this blows up on them FB/FB will be entered in the Squatchdetective Hall of Fame with others so cherished as Biscardi, Standing and Newton-Perry. The Hall will be getting a revamp very soon. (March-April) and will have new entries for the new folks to get their footing for footing.

Till Next Time,


The last few days, since the turn of events in the Musky Allen – Rick Dyer saga over yet again another claim of a dead Bigfoot has taken a series of turns which make things appear, that life is truly stranger than fiction.



(Left) Issleb, with (Right) Dyer.


Musky Allen who’ve we determined to be Allen Issleb of Wisconsin, issued a statement, making allegations of attempting to get Dr. Jeff Meldrum involved. (The Facebook posts are courtesy of Researcher Brad Vincent…excellent job!!!)



As  it turns out this appears much like comments from the body propagator, and it is completely false. You see folks I know, Dr. Meldrum’s appearance stipend and it is not so grandiose as claimed.  Matter of fact it isn’t even close.

A “partial embalming".” Can someone please explain that to me?

The circulatory system is a complete system, please explain how you only let some of the blood out and put part of the formaldehyde in?  How does that work?

Something stinks and it isn’t a Sasquatch body!

There was also a comment made by Issleb that he flew home to Chicago. Again our sources, and by his own admission, he resides in Wisconsin.


Steve and Dr. M

Dr. Meldrum and I at the East Coast Bigfoot Conference in late 2011.


Dr. Meldrum elaborates…



Now… lets take a look at another Pro-Bigfoot group that has come forth over the last couple of years; Facebook FindBigfoot. The Facebook group run by Jack D. Barnes. Guess what? That’s not his real name either. It’s a pseudonym.




In September, they were propagating the Stacy Brown footage, much to the dismay of Stacy, as he had asked to keep it under wraps.

The release of the footage they stated they had promised us was in actuality the Dyer Tent video, as you can read my previous blog entry here.

The fact of FB/FB’s strange behavior around these events are leading me to suspect what some in the community are already saying, that they too may be involved.

I may suspect it, but the evidence isn’t quite in yet on that one, and maybe just in their amateurish nature, they have committed to a course, and their ego’s demand they stay upon it.

Now in similar fashion, as we’ve seen with other hoaxers, including Dyer himself, FB/FB has made a statement that many are construing as if Dyer does not have a body, FB/FB will shut down.

But that is NOT what was said, what was said was…


FBFB Promise

(Courtesy of The Bigfoot Evidence Blog)


What they said if there is no further evidence. Not evidence to support Dyer’s claims. It’s a little vague if you ask me, and as we have seen in the past with folks like Linda Newton-Perry and her promise to shut down her site, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, don’t expect it to happen.

I’d like them to follow through in their promise, however I don’t expect it, and there would be a litany of excuses as to why the promise was not made good on. 

Also there is a big contradiction in the testimony of Dyer and the testimony of Issleb on what was seen versus what had occurred. The whole shooting doesn’t appear to add up to me and sounds a bit far fetched.

For example, Dyer claims after he shot the creature in the back, it runs and he gives chase. A camera man gets in front of the creature and he shoots it in the back of the head, and the exit wound exits via the mouth.

Well isn’t that kind of stupid taking a direct shot of something with a camera man caught in the crossfire?

And if the shot exited through the mouth, why wouldn’t the camera man been hit?

Issleb’s testimony, is again not scientifically correct, (which should be for such a “well respected skeptic”) and contradicts some of the things Dyer states had occurred.

An exit wound through the mouth would have been catastrophic and noticeable, mouth closed upon examination or not. There would have been a fair amount of swelling and disfigurement.

Thanks to Bruce Barraclough, we have the links to the interviews.

The interviews can be heard here:

Dyer’s Account:



Issleb’s Account:



Thanks to Matt Knapp and also Larry Wentz for pointing out BigfootTrackerLLC.com, and thanks to all the other contributors, the list is getting way to big to list them all now!!!




Whether this is a real spoof site or not, they identify Musky Allen, using his real first name, which many did not know, REALLY was.

The interesting thing is site spoof or not, identifies Musky, (Issleb), and uses his real first name. Some researchers thought that Tim Mitchell was really Musky Allen, but that is incorrect.

Mitchell appears to be someone as Cindy “Pinkfoot” Shafer is, caught in the belief and entrenched that Dyer’s claims are real.

Even to the point that Shafer has been saying she cannot be friends with people if they are friends of mine. (Is this High School?)

I wouldn’t read much into the site, it does appear to be a spoof and someone’s disgust and anger over this strange diversion to real Bigfoot research.

But as to the people making the big claims, it would seem that the house of cards is crumbling. This often occurs when things are just, made up. Players reveal themselves, and more inconsistencies arise as more players get involved, as well as more outlandish claims.


Till Next Time


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