Hey Gang as we know Robert Lindsay wrote on his blog, “Beyond Highbrow,” a series of statements that his “sources” including “cross referenced” ones, have stated.

Well as I have said it in the past, his sources are either repeating what Dyer or Dyer’s minions have been saying to them and telling Lindsay. Frankly I think they’re all just playing him.

Lindsay had this to say about Facebook FindBigfoot just a couple of days ago,

“First of all, a public service announcement. All you people out there who won’t listen to me are just wrong. You should listen to me. Blow me off at your peril. You have no idea who I know or what I know. Most of the stuff I believe is true is true, and most of the stuff I believe is false is false. I am pretty good at figuring out truth from lies.

Dyer skeptics will soon be eating a lot of crow. Make sure to make that pie huge!

Certainty that Hank is real and not a hoax? Now 100%…

…And Facebook/Find Bigfoot are indeed the new investors. I just verified this from a 2nd source so of course I was right again. They stayed for 2 weeks in Las Vegas and brought a whole slew of MD’s and scientists to verify Hank. One MD even brought some equipment with him but he was not able to use it.”

Source:  http://robertlindsay.wordpress.com/2014/02/02/bigfoot-news-february-2-2014/                                                   

                                                                                                               Robert Lindsay 02/02/14



We’re pretty good here to at deciphering BIGFOOT from BULLSHIT too. Matter of fact when I broke into this field THAT was my calling card. I don’t steer people wrong, nor do I state things as fact unless I have cross referenced my sources or have gone to the subject matter directly. In this case I went to the subject matter directly.

I got off the phone this evening with “Jack Barnes” and he stated to me, in no uncertain terms, NONE of what Lindsay was written was true about trips. MD’s and funding Rick Dyer and said, “We’re just kind of laying low.”

So there was no two week Las Vegas stay, no MD’s and no scientists that verified “Stanky Hanky.”

My friendly message to Robert Lindsay

No Robert, they weren’t lying. Matter of fact it would only validate their earlier stance and what you are saying if they told me that you were correct. They have no reason to lie. But they didn’t. Your sources LIED.

They would be playing this up, because long ago, they believed Dyer was speaking the truth. They’re not. Matter of fact just the opposite, Jack laughed at what was written.

If this is from your sources then none of what you have written can be trusted WHATSOEVER!

  • So Robert, lets go for confirming sources, “Round Two.”
  • Name the museum and lets see if she confirms what your “sources” have told you.

Sorry man, Vegas odds aren’t so good for you now being 100%.

Follow the money…

Lindsay also stated on the same blog,

Rick gets no money until after the tour. Rick turned down a large sum of money so he could go on tour with the thing. At the end of the 13 months, Rick will receive a large sum of money, millions. This is why Rick needed funding for the tour. FB/FB guys are helping with the tour. Rick turned down the money because he was afraid that the investor would not do the tour. Rick really wants everyone to see this body. Well, that is a good sentiment there for Rick.”


Is that why Rick is selling his RV, trailer and still selling cars on Craigslist as we sit here tonight?


FordPT cruiser

Shot heard ‘round the world…I think not!

Oh and, by the way, there is one thing we CAN confirm. This didn’t come from Robert Lindsay or his sources, this actually came from Frank Cali, former Team Tracker Veep.


I have confirmed with “Jack Barnes,” when the FBFB founders traveled to Nevada for their meeting with Dyer last year, they did purchase the gun Dyer had used in the movie, or at least Dyer claimed the gun was the one he used in the movie.

Till Next Time