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Hey gang, a quick update from a weekend reconnoiter by One of our team leaders, Ted V.



SQD Field Team Leader Ted V. (left) with Assistant Director Steve Kannes (right)

(Credit: Stacey Horton / Squatchdetective.com)


Over the weekend Ted traveled to Research Area 1 when he met up with researchers from the Northeast Anomalous Research group when they noticed two trucks with yellow “Bigfoot Crossing” signs on them. (All my Team vehicles are unmarked.)

As they scouted the area they came across these obviously hoaxed tracks:



Obvious fake prints found in Research Area 1

(Credit: Ted V. / Squatchdetective Field Team)


In the 2013 we noticed a sharp downturn in activity, with the exception of a rock throwing incident which occurred in the fall of the same year. Last year we only took one trip there in the Spring and due to the inactivity, we considered the area “spent,” at least for that year.

Sad thing is, hoaxers of this amateurish sort do not understand that after doing this for 16 years this is kind of the thing that we spot from a distance and call it.

It’s either, “Wow a great print,” (a rarity especially given the substrate of New York State forests) or “see the arch, that’s a human foot,” or “that’s a stamper!” In this case… it’s a stamper.

So the prints the hoaxer made will not get posted as evidence, or as an exciting find, but rather a pathetic individual’s attempt at creating some noise and as a tool for teaching.

Any researchers out there, feel free to use these photos to show folks what phony tracks look like. How we notice the uniformity of the print, the squaring and finally the lack of any toe splay whatsoever.

They thought they would get us, but instead the joke is on them.

Research Area 1 had been my primary area since 2000, when an encounter was reported to me. It had yielded some great results over the years and some interesting encounters.

Since we know there is at least one hoaxer in this area, we have no choice but to move on and move on happily knowing we have many more productive areas to explore.

But you never know..we may just hide some cameras to get a snapshot of our hoaxer too!

A great thank you to Ted and N.E.A.R. for making this discovery.


Till Next Time…


Research continuing….

Hi gang just a quick update on some of the Field Team’s forays. Much to the pushing of Assistant Director Bruce Barraclough, we have expanded to doing multi-area expeditions. Not only have the concurrent expeditions been conducted at different sites but in different states as well.

They have been yielding some interesting results and in December we should have a full recap of all our investigations and expeditions.


(Left) Steve Kulls and Field Ops Team Leader Steve Kannes looking at maps, (Right) Steve Kulls with Assistant Director Bruce Barraclough and Team Member John C. going over concurrent research area on map.

We can say that Bruce on his last night out in Area 1 had a track find, which we are still evaluating at this writing. Area 2 on it’s second trip out had some anomalies which we are still discussing as a group. Our next outing we are planning on exploring the other, equally as active other side of Area 2.


Our November mission will focus on yet a new area to us, Area 3. Over the winter months we will be investigating sighting reports and perhaps opening yet more research areas particularly privately owned sites.

Again I couldn’t do what I do without my awesome team. Thank you to those great people.

Till Next Time,


Over the last month I have been exploring new research areas for my team since it would seem what I have labeled as “Research Area #1” seems a bit played out, as activity seems to be dwindling off and not what it was.

One interesting note on #1 is that on September 11th, while the meat of the field team, led by Assistant Director, Bruce Barraclough,  went to investigate lower areas, back at the base camp, Case Manager Stacey Horton and myself, had a rather large rock come crashing through the trees and land about 25 feet in front of us. (Mind you whatever had thrown it was throwing it uphill).

     Rock 1Rock 2

Rock thrown at me and Stacey Horton, 22:40 hours, 11- September – 2013.


I recovered the baseball sized rock. The interesting thing is that this type of stone is actually found some distance away. (1/2 mile) but is not indigenous to that particular area.

On September 25th, 2013 the team, explored a new area, well scouted by myself over the years. The area has a history of Sasquatch encounters going back to the late fifties.

As we entered the area, we discovered a sheep herd at some distance and it is quite an impressive sight to see hundreds of glowing eyes looking at you in the dark, albeit a bit unnerving at first.


  (Left) Over 100 sets of eyes staring at us, (Right) What it  looked like on the “Therm.”

We continued on to the lookout point which I had set as my “high water mark,” and began to scan the opposite shore across the river which was before us, with the thermal imager.

The opposite shore was barren of life it appeared, when suddenly a large splash, as if something rather large had been thrown into the water to my eight o’clock, which was on the same side of the river as the team.

I began to scan the side of the shore we were on, with the thermal imager and low and behold a solitary biped standing on the shoreline. It began to move towards us and then into the wood line disappearing.

I also scanned with the naked eye as well, to insure we weren’t looking at a late night fisherman, (despite the ruggedness to travel down to that area) and there was nothing but darkness, ( an IR scan also showed no IR lights, aka night vision was being used as well) so if it was a human they were using a naked eye to navigate the darkness.


Team member Ted Varamogianis and I bolted from our lookout and staked out the road we had just traveled up in hopes we might catch it crossing over to the more desolate and evergreen side of the road, but with no luck.


Road Ted and I dashed down to hopefully spy another glimpse.

It had either crossed over before we had gotten their, perhaps at another point, or could have hidden in the area some forty feet below us.

The next day, I traveled back to the location and took some comparison photos and look for signs of any trace evidence.

First was to pinpoint the location.



Unfortunately the terrain was not conducive to leaving track finds and the shore line was constantly under assault from boat wakes that cause water in some places to travel up to 3 feet over the shoreline.

One positive note, there was no sign what so ever of any human contamination. Leading me to suspect we had a successful mission.


The vantage point from which we were watching the solitary figure.


Site of where the solitary figure was hanging about and seen leaving.

  Area Area2

Area immediately behind where the figure was. (Picture on left is facing in from shoreline, while picture on right is taken from the road some forty feet above.)


And last but not least, our woolen friends.


Our team for 9/25/13 – Deneen, Steve, Stacey, Squatch-D, Ted, and Jim.

I’d like to thank all of our team whom made it to the last two expeditions and outings, and a big thanks to Bruce Barraclough for his hard work.

Well gang updates and more investigations yet to come.

“Keep on Squatchin’”

Till Next Time


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