Musky Allen on Dyer’s radio show last night said he has an audio tape of a conversation between me and Jack Barnes, where I threatened him.

And Dyer’s attempt at making up a lie that I posted information about FB/FB pertaining to an address and a picture of the owner’s house.

Musky has claimed he has the proof. And has been threatening for the better part of a month, that he’s going to post it. Well no need to now Issleb. 

First, I’d like to address this. The posting of an address, although it may be found on the we, let alone the posting of a picture of a house for the sake of just posting it for revenge or “one-up-man-ship” is unacceptable. If the truth is on your side, which it is, let’s act with some decorum and act above Dyer’s and Issleb’s antics.

Second, for those who believe FB/FB is in league with Dyer/Issleb, I can now say with confidence that they are not, and unfortunately as I’ve stated before on this blog, I believe are the real target of Dyer/Issleb. I hope Dyer’s and Issleb’s inconsistencies and outright lies are cause for them to reevaluate their stance.

In a communication today with Jack Barnes, I have received this…

FBFB conversation

Well another Dyer/Issleb untruth exposed. Tick-Tock

Show me the “monkey” Freezer Boy!

Till Next Time,