Quick Program notes

After taking some much needed time off from the blogosphere and had a lot of inner and outer reflections on our goals and studies here at Squatchdetective.com, some amazingly good things are beginning to happen and we are happily planning away at our 2015 research schedule now that this past winter has finally appeared to release most of its nasty grip upon us.

10270588_10152879239310979_6371615094837960539_n The team last fall planning night time activities

On another great note Squatchdetective Radio will soon be on the air once again as we have found a new home at BuzzSprout.com. Chris Bennett and I are quite excited to get back at it again.



Now..the beef of the day

Someone brought up a good point to me the other day. I have been blessed in my life with a terrific family in so much as they accept what I do, and actually either participate or take interest in what I do between Bigfoot Research and my paranormal thing I do over at ExPERT.

There are many reasons why people get involved in Bigfoot Research, Ufology or Paranormal Investigation. For some it wasn’t ever planned, just a chance encounter which immersed them in their particular topic. Others because of an inane curiosity which needs to be satisfied. Others for a thirst of knowledge. Whatever it is, we have all come together with at least one commonality.

The battle for acceptance of loved ones in what we do.

Where the problems and toils begin for many researchers, is when some in their family becomes judgmental and critical. In my “older age” I have lost much patience for such.

Again I was blessed to have a parent, as my father passed away prior to this long foray into the Cryptid world and Paranormal, that was supportive. My father however also introduced me to this world and had quite an open mind to such mysteries.

My family always told me my father would have been proud to see what I have accomplished thus far. I am very modest, but my family dotes a bit much that I have been on TV, written books and does something very exciting.

To me its just having fun, a passion, friendships and some level of excitement. I have always stated that if you turn a passion into a career, then that is a life fulfillment. Although it is not a full time career, it still dominates a lot of what I do in my spare time. I am blessed to have a girlfriend right along side of me in my endeavors.

If what you do brings you joy (in multiple senses), and brings joy to some others (which is what we generally try to do here and especially in the paranormal field by helping folks), then that, is a special life of fulfillment.

Unfortunately some families that fail to see their own shortcomings because of a close minded, or “all knowing” approach, or throwing the “God Card,” as I call it. And criticize and even at times mock their loved one. That is a failure on their part not only in their own lives’ fulfillment but an injustice to those that they claim to love. Love is unconditional so should acceptance.

I have family with different political viewpoints than I, but I love them and accept their beliefs unconditionally. We may spar over these things, but it is respectful and never, “your ideas are a farce, or stupid.”

At the very least we try to understand the importance and meanings of our beliefs to each as an individual and accept them. 

A quick religious reference

I am a man of faith and and also a man committed to the science and investigation of mysteries. I have prayed upon this for many years and many times, and guess what?

There is no more worthy cause than advancing yourself and at the same time bringing joy to those who want it.

For those throwing what I call the “God Card” out there, is a violation of the Ten Commandments. Only The Lord sits in judgment.

When a person sits in judgment using God as the purpose of that judgment, then they have used the Lord’s name in vain. Remember the word vain is a derivative of the word vanity.


Back on track now

It is even worse when your significant other may not support your endeavors. That is toxicity at its finest. People would argue with me there, saying I would give up a wife, girlfriend, spouse over being a researcher or paranormal investigator?

The answer is: YES.

Because no one has the right to change anyone’s path to fulfillment, unless of course there is some imminent danger. But if my significant other wants to open up a haberdashery (look it up if you don’t know it LOL) and it does not effect me personally… then who am I to say? 

Remember the intolerance of one attempt at life fulfillment may bleed into another. That is not a relationship, that is an attempt at control.

Which is what really the family members try to do to put you down because of you beliefs and or ambitions.


Be true to yourself, stick to your ideals, but still be fair and open-minded, and most of all never compromise your integrity.


Till Next Time,