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Here’s a  thought for researchers and one too often we don’t think about.

What if you come across an actual “nest” or properly coined a bedding area of a Sasquatch?

What is you come across blood or a stool sample?

Aside from following good forensic collection techniques and scene isolation and investigation, some of which can be found here at the Squatchdetective University investigation page, one must consider the biohazard impact of what sample that can be left behind, especially if fresh evidence is collected.




Many years ago as a I was working my way becoming a medic, one of the many elective courses that were offered was an infection control course, which of course opened our eyes to the dangers of having open wounds, or mucous membranes being exposed to material which could infect our bodies, in some cases having severe and or long term effects.

We must remember, that especially in the animal kingdom and within the order of primates, certain evolutionary adaptations have occurred that may leave one genus immune to a virus or bacteria which leaves another vulnerable to.

Even across the same types of genus, living in different locations certain environmental resistances to biohazards can by happenstance, take for example the toll smallpox had in the early Americas on the native peoples.

The introduction of new viruses, bacteria and diseases unbeknownst to common medical practice can occur as well. Not only did we bring small pox to the Americas, but conversely Syphilis, was brought to Europe due to exposure from the Americas. Also note that Yellow Fever, was once indigenous to Africa, travelled to America thanks to the heinous slave trade.

Exposure to germs at a young age, as many Europeans living in dense cities at the time, had exposure to rodent germs, which in the Americas, did not. Much like the way they are trying to combat allergens, by introducing foods like peanuts, in small doses in toddlers and small children to build natural tolerances.

There are certain primate diseases though may not be common to Homo Sapiens (modern humans) but also within the order itself. There are also strains of disease that old world primates, versus new world primates may have a resistance to and vice versa.

Getting back to our Sasquatch issue, leads to many hypothetical situations. First and foremost, communicable disease is not just limited to a specific order set like primates. They can jump orders. The rat, (Order Rodentia) certainly was responsible for transmitting smallpox and bubonic plague throughout Europe causing the dreaded pandemics of such. Of course, one of the biggest order jumpers we hear about is rabies.

Now we can speculate all day long, what disease can be communicated on either side, but it is just that; speculation.

So here’s some simple things to carry in the field, to be mindful of the slight possibility of such contaminants.

Carry a small biohazard kit. It doesn’t take up much space or room on your person, and there is no need for a high tech respirator, especially since an airborne pathogen is unlikely unless you come face to face with Ol’ Hairy.




But protecting the mucous membranes of your mouth, and nose is important, so a simple mask will do.

The beauty of this kit is not only will it most likely keep you from becoming contaminated by biohazard, but it will keep you from cross contaminating potential DNA evidence. So it works two fold here.

Finally you also want to keep on hand some post collection products, such as hand sanitizer, and eye wash, which should be part of your field first aid kit.


                             sanitizereye wash


The biggest thing is, both before and after of inspection and collection of any biological or DNA evidence, wash up both before and after to stop the contamination either way. 




Not only is this for our own safety, but it also keeps our evidence safe. And please note…DO NOT KEEP DNA evidence in plastic baggies.

Plastic bags retain humidity and can quickly degrade the viability of the evidence. Biological evidence should be kept in paper bags!!

Let’s keep safe out there this Spring, Summer and Autumn!!!


Till Next Time,


One of the toughest tasks to overcome in the cryptid world is ignorance. Now there is also a fringe of this element that goes on in the paranormal world that is applicable as well. (The folks that are holier than thou thinking paranormal investigation is the “devil’s work.”)

So first let me say this disclaimer, Folks who have followed me for years know what I am about. In 2009 when we released Squatchdetective.com 2.0, we issued what I called the Five Tenets of Bigfoot Research. It was OUR mission statement.


First let me explain the Five Tenets.

Tenet 1: Keep an open mind.

By keeping an open mind it allows you to see what others may miss.

In living that, we should live that everywhere all the time. A closed mind not only makes blind to what may be going on around us, but also stymies us from life fulfillment. If I did not have an open mind, I would have never gotten into this field. It does not mean you cannot have preconceived notions, just that you should be flexible to change and challenge your own thoughts and thought processes.


Tenet 2: Remain objective

An open mind does not mean compromising reality.

Just because we have an open mind does not mean proven logic and science are thrown out the window. They still apply. An open mind with no barriers is fantasy. Objectivity is the perimeter that we must keep at all times. The beauty is, that works both ways.Objectivity and Open Mindedness are not antagonists, they work hand in hand in solving problems.

Tenet 3: Always tell the truth

Honesty is the best policy, never be afraid to report results that are negative towards your quest.

Here is the hitch-pin of what we do. What would we be if we weren’t honest not only with the public, but with ourselves? A person is only born with one integrity. Should it be compromised, you might as well hang up your trail cams. When I got into this field, I thought it was going to be ALL debunked. Little did I know. If you make a mistake, admit it. Don’t try to cover it up, or blame others. Nobody is perfect. To err is human. Embrace it. If you are in it for the glory, a sociopath, a hoaxer, or so self absorbed, throw this Tenet out the window.

Tenet 4: Responsibility to educate

Educating the public about the phenomena is a responsibility not an option.

We must do this. Not to advance our cause, or convince people what we believe in, they should believe in. But rather they understand the platform in which we come from is not one from silly thought, fantasy nor open mindedness without the barriers of objectivity, but rather from experience, science and solid investigative work. It is also a must to negate all the falsities and misconceptions that are said of the phenomena that casts a bad light on us as a collective.


Tenet 5: Expose the charlatans

Part of education is exposing the harbingers that bring junk science and misnomers to the world of Bigfoot research.

This is part of our job as well. We must stand for the truth, and when falsities and the truth are not vigorously defended, it is submission to the lies, hoaxers and misconceptions that are told of the phenomena. By saying nothing, you are standing for nothing.


Dealing with ignorance

Now first let me speak of something. When I posted the last blog, someone whom I had once known got on there and said I am fixated with the subject of  the last blog. We all should be. Why? Because he is still trying to get money from people, in his latest reinvention, for reasons as he explained in the past. More of the same. I didn’t fixate on him, the mainstream media did.  It wasn’t like I was looking to write another article on him, but to ignore what was said in the media would be a violation of Tenet 5.

Second, this person,  placed it on my fan page. I am sorry but that is just plain rude. He said something about me baiting him on Squatchdetective Radio over something not even related to the matter, which shows the man’s pettiness and why he has been blocked for years on my personal page. I guess asking tough questions is “baiting.”

This man, whom once called me and asked my opinion of the prior. I told him my opinions and shared some facts just after writing or in the process of writing my book on the topic: “ Fifty Large.”

His response? To get angry with me, and work with him anyway. Well, if he didn’t like what I was going to say, or value it, then why ask other than to run back to the prior and stir up trouble. Needless to say months later he called me and told me he had been burned by him. Sorry not even a crocodile tear; you were warned.



Mind you he joined with this Hall of Shamer,  after the 2008 hoax the prior was involved in, and after he had announced his retirement from making films on cryptids, because of hoaxers, liars, etc.

So who does he turn to? Who does he think he really fooling?

What he wanted was a film award, and admitted  that to me, during the fateful day’s discussion. That’s why after announcing his “retirement” he went to the first inductee. The shot at getting the prestigious Pocono Mountain Film Festival Award. Hence…glory.

Today, by the looks of it, he still hasn’t retired, after making the rude and “lies by omission,”  comments under the guise of nicety, on my fan page. My social platforms are MY social platforms so since he has announced his retirement, many years ago, I felt obliged to retire him from his obsession with what I write.

Typical of this man’s tender ego, despite me not even naming him, I expect an email, or blog comment for approval blasting me for not being, “nice” as he put it. This guy has a habit of trying to get lawyers to shut people up about anything negative. Sound familiar?


Look towards the bottom of the page for the story, Legal Beagle:  https://squatchdetective.wordpress.com/2015/06/19/is-it-me-or-is-this-year-a-bit-quiet/

Let’s see if reverse psychology works on this guy. 

Well when people deceive, have deceived, and having seen it firsthand, funny how facts aren’t “nice.” Sometimes, as I am with this guy, I am tired of being nice. I won’t even go into his junk science film.

But ignoring the habitual hoaxers is a mistake. It allows them to build steam, and invalidates Tenet 4. That’s why we do it. And if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I understand. They’ll be other blogs on other days.

I am not writing this blog for glory or popularity and definitely not money. I write this because it is how I feel and fulfillment of Tenet 4.

Mind you I do appreciate all the kind words over the years of me giving you my thoughts and calling them like I see them.

This blog is “Thoughts from the Squatchdetective,” so I get not everyone appreciates every thing I write. But what I do know is that some appreciate all, some appreciate some, and probably some appreciate none.

Squatchdetective Radio Update:


Hey folks apologies to all, but Beyond Borders Paranormal Radio Network, has experienced severe technical difficulties resulting in the suspension of all network shows until a better delivery platform can be arranged. We thought originally this would be a shorter hiatus than it has been, but everyone hold tight, we’ll be back soon enough.  — Steve & Chris


Till Next Time,


I started using the original video for analysis rather than using the picture circulated on the internet. Strangely the pareidolia aspect of it comes into perspective.




Very clearly now you see a leaf which at  this angle is visible. The shadowing at another angle gives it the effect of looking like a face.


Till Next Time,


Over the last month I have been exploring new research areas for my team since it would seem what I have labeled as “Research Area #1” seems a bit played out, as activity seems to be dwindling off and not what it was.

One interesting note on #1 is that on September 11th, while the meat of the field team, led by Assistant Director, Bruce Barraclough,  went to investigate lower areas, back at the base camp, Case Manager Stacey Horton and myself, had a rather large rock come crashing through the trees and land about 25 feet in front of us. (Mind you whatever had thrown it was throwing it uphill).

     Rock 1Rock 2

Rock thrown at me and Stacey Horton, 22:40 hours, 11- September – 2013.


I recovered the baseball sized rock. The interesting thing is that this type of stone is actually found some distance away. (1/2 mile) but is not indigenous to that particular area.

On September 25th, 2013 the team, explored a new area, well scouted by myself over the years. The area has a history of Sasquatch encounters going back to the late fifties.

As we entered the area, we discovered a sheep herd at some distance and it is quite an impressive sight to see hundreds of glowing eyes looking at you in the dark, albeit a bit unnerving at first.


  (Left) Over 100 sets of eyes staring at us, (Right) What it  looked like on the “Therm.”

We continued on to the lookout point which I had set as my “high water mark,” and began to scan the opposite shore across the river which was before us, with the thermal imager.

The opposite shore was barren of life it appeared, when suddenly a large splash, as if something rather large had been thrown into the water to my eight o’clock, which was on the same side of the river as the team.

I began to scan the side of the shore we were on, with the thermal imager and low and behold a solitary biped standing on the shoreline. It began to move towards us and then into the wood line disappearing.

I also scanned with the naked eye as well, to insure we weren’t looking at a late night fisherman, (despite the ruggedness to travel down to that area) and there was nothing but darkness, ( an IR scan also showed no IR lights, aka night vision was being used as well) so if it was a human they were using a naked eye to navigate the darkness.


Team member Ted Varamogianis and I bolted from our lookout and staked out the road we had just traveled up in hopes we might catch it crossing over to the more desolate and evergreen side of the road, but with no luck.


Road Ted and I dashed down to hopefully spy another glimpse.

It had either crossed over before we had gotten their, perhaps at another point, or could have hidden in the area some forty feet below us.

The next day, I traveled back to the location and took some comparison photos and look for signs of any trace evidence.

First was to pinpoint the location.



Unfortunately the terrain was not conducive to leaving track finds and the shore line was constantly under assault from boat wakes that cause water in some places to travel up to 3 feet over the shoreline.

One positive note, there was no sign what so ever of any human contamination. Leading me to suspect we had a successful mission.


The vantage point from which we were watching the solitary figure.


Site of where the solitary figure was hanging about and seen leaving.

  Area Area2

Area immediately behind where the figure was. (Picture on left is facing in from shoreline, while picture on right is taken from the road some forty feet above.)


And last but not least, our woolen friends.


Our team for 9/25/13 – Deneen, Steve, Stacey, Squatch-D, Ted, and Jim.

I’d like to thank all of our team whom made it to the last two expeditions and outings, and a big thanks to Bruce Barraclough for his hard work.

Well gang updates and more investigations yet to come.

“Keep on Squatchin’”

Till Next Time


Well Happy August everyone. Glad to say the weather has finally broke and for the most part looks like mild weather for at least a couple of weeks.

Field Team Update

We’re prepping for at least 3-4 missions between now and the end of October, as well as some other investigation follow ups we’re working on. We’re excited about the new team, what these fine folks bring to the table and not only do we have the DVR cameras, trail cameras and audio equipment, we’ve added a FLIR imager to the mix, as well as some experimental new detection equipment being developed as we speak.

Many have asked me what our major priority is to have on missions such as, “prove Sasquatch exists,” “find evidence.” To that I have stated our only priority is to “Have fun, the rest will come in time.” Putting priorities and grandiose mission statements on any collection of people, who are volunteering their time, and efforts only serves as counter-productive.

If people do what they love to do and have fun doing it, the results will naturally occur.

Radio Show Update

I have announced that Squatchdetective Radio will be on hiatus until October, as all three hosts are heavily involved this year in their own research projects as well as personal matters that demand attention. Squatchdetective Radio will return, and by then we will have plenty to talk about and I already look forward to it. But all good things in time.

This is also in conjunction with the new center, studio I will be developing and completing in October. The new center will also give us video-casting capability, which we are really excited about.

From around the web… 

A couple of interesting notes that popped up on my radar, was one tool trying to state my silence on the Bigfoot Body drama, which has digressed to now a live one too, is the assumption that “I know something…” and that in my silence I now believe the person responsible for these stories.

In reality, I’ve chosen not to engage it for the interim. Reason being is we’ve shown enough evidence on this blog, that the claims are exactly those claims. One would reason if someone would have such claims, they would have evidence. We haven’t seen that evidence, just rhetoric. So until the rhetoric and wild claims stop, and evidence is produced, there is nothing to report, and leads me to say to the folks continuing to believe in the “fairy tale,” “I told ya so.”

The fact they are grasping to great leaps of assumptions, proves to me at least the straws they grasp at to so desperately prove their blind faith is correct.

Next is the anti-conference rhetoric of one particular anonymous blog. Listen we all have gripes. Sometimes you just have to put your “Big Boy Pants” on and suck it up.

Making a buck legitimately, surely trumps making a buck illegimately by telling investors you’re putting up museums for the last seven years, bilking them for almost seven figures and producing nothing but excuses why said museums are not moving forward, or charging for web access to “important” information based on outright lies and inconclusive and phony pictures.

Nor am I all about charging for people for just taking a hike with me in the woods. That’s my honor to have them along. I would sincerely suggest, if you don’t like the trinkets, pass the table and highlight the true crooks. 

Live and let live, if someone is getting something in return, a “trinket” per se, or even a good time at least in their own mind, there is no harm. The scam artists that take your money and give you nothing, well that’s the real problem.

I understand the argument of people getting into the field for profit alone. But those folks are easy to spot, and are usually bypassed by the majority. They are also usually the loudest in “how great they are,” and will actually use those words.

On a personal note, since I participate in a conference or two, taking a shot at me, for such participation would be hypocritical, if you are not throwing everyone that has spoke at conferences before including those on the west coast as well.

Fact is I haven’t taken a stipend for a lecture since 2011, which paid for my gas and meals and one I did in 2012 offered me a gift card which was invested into my research. In 2013 the most I got was a room, so please spare me from the profiteer motive as to the reason I am weighing in.

I do conferences because one… I love it, and two… I like meeting people with genuine interest in the subject. It inspires me to “keep on truckin’.”

Fact is making cash legitimately from research visa vie books, and lectures,  especially after 14 years of conducting such research, really all it is doing is paying me back what I’ve spent over the years and it will take many, many years for it to reimburse me.  I’d actually suggest more researchers should do it.

Besides capitalism is based on taking a passion and turning it into a career. And it is only successfully done provided you provide something people want, and it is legitimate. Jobs, Zuckerberg, Gates, Geffen even Dr. Dre, have taken it to that level and have become successful. Yes they have folks that hate them, but not because they’ve chosen to create things people want. More to the truth, it’s because of the success they’ve reached.

Remember folks, there are folks that complain about anything, everything they can, especially when it makes good fodder for a blog or they may feel some slight against whom they are speaking to. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a right to express how they feel, but should be taken with a grain of salt and looked at as only one perspective.

I think that would be a fair request. This is not to start a war of words with anyone behind any blog. This is how I view it from my perspective. My suggestion is look at both and make your own choice.

In my older age, I am no longer going tit for tat with people on this blog. Every week is a step forward.

Fact is I am honored and humbled by the people who have come to see me speak, write in and tell me they enjoyed some of the TV documentaries I’ve been on, and those who have purchased my books, visit me in New York, listen to my show and read this blog, even if they don’t agree with me on everything. There are ways to respectfully disagree without venom and vitriol. 

Till Next Time,


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