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“The Reboot”

Something else is needed other than a reboot

Several have come forth with a theory that Bigfoot research needs a reboot, but in reality what it needs is a boot in the ass, maybe even out the door.

In this convoluted world we have a lot of different view points that Bigfoot is flesh and blood or something else. I have been content to let that argument lay by itself.

But when enough people hear these things without being placed in check, it becomes the new “normal.” 

Without evidence… well I have a hard  time of that.

Now people can argue the semantics of the evidence of Bigfoot as a whole, but there is evidence, just none that is accepted by the scientific community.

But just who the hell is the scientific community anyway?

Are they not just people with fancy schooling and opinions anyway?

Are they “super-human” not fallible to the common things that the average layman are?


Here’s just a few hoaxes in  the last 100 years or so pulled on the scientific community, well…by the scientific community for some sort of gain or game.

Piltdown Man

The whole thing started in 1912 when Charles Dawson claimed to find some interesting bones in a gravel pit.

A paleontologist at the British Museum assembled the bones and believed that they represented the "missing link" between humans and apes.

40 years later scientists proved that the Piltdown man was a deliberate attempt at paleontological fraud.


In 1999 National Geographic described this creature as the "missing link" between dinosaurs and birds.

Yeah, not so much.

Turns out this "fossil" found in China was actually a forgery constructed from rearranged pieces of real fossils from different species.

Disappearing Blonde Gene

Every generation or so, an alarm is sounded over the belief that natural blonds will soon go the way of the dodo.

The most hoax happened in 2002 when news organizations from the BBC to CNN quoted what they believed to be a World Health Organization report that blonds would disappear within 200 years, because blondness was caused by a recessive gene that was dying out.

Turns out the WHO had never done such a study.

The Nacirema Tribe

The Nacirema were supposedly a tribe of people living in North America, as described by Horace Miner in his anthropological paper, published in 1956.

The tribe Miner described had many odd rituals including "scraping and lacerating the surface of the face with a sharp instrument" and another ritual that "consists of inserting a small bundle of hog hairs into the mouth, along with certain magical powders, and then moving the bundle in a highly formalized series of gestures."

It was actually a satire of everyday American life. "Nacirema" is "American" spelled backward.

The Rum Island Hoax

Heslop Harrison, an established academic and Fellow of the Royal Society, was in 1948 accused by John Raven, a University of Cambridge classics tutor, of making false claims to have discovered certain plant species on the Isle of Rum on the west coast of Scotland. Whether or not such grasses were on Rum is pivotal to a theory that the islands escaped the last ice age.

*Various sources.

Motive theories by the scientist aside, already we’ve seen one Bigfoot DNA study, being prepared for history to be included in this type of citation, if not for the scientist involved sloshing over belief versus fact… out of eleven “Bigfoot conspiracy theories,” this on was at the top.


Texas veterinarian Melba S. Ketchum claimed last November to have proved via sasquatch DNA sample that the legendary apes are partially human. She even went so far as to insist that the Government recognize them as “an indigenous people and immediately protect their human and Constitutional rights."

Source: http://mentalfloss.com/article/48870/11-crazy-bigfoot-conspiracy-theories

Take away that last sentence, it doesn’t sound all that crazy does it? But add it, and we wonder why Bigfoot research gets laughed at.

You know we see a couple of our much respected scientists, much admired by followers of this field for years, now laying support to a hoaxer. One just glancing but the other much more in depth. We’ve seen this before as outlined here before, (Kranz and Cook in support of some of Ivan Marx’s works.)

But today one scientist chose to ignore in place of what “he saw” and a “visceral reaction,” rather than what can be proved or the empirical evidence before his eyes. Or the ugly proven backstory about the man he now sits on the bench next to. So just diminish or claim ignorance to the back story.

When you do a show with someone, you do some homework. At least due diligence dictates such for a person in such a position.

Maybe it’s a case of being polite to a person he is co-hosting a radio show with. Maybe he doesn’t want to see it, because he’s been vested with him in a popular television show. I just don’t know. The TV show is one thing, but continuing to co-host a radio show, implies acceptance no matter what is said after the fact.

What I say about the skeptic scientists, touting opinion rather than fact is applicable here.

What is standards for them is standards for us too. Opinions without evidence, regardless of what ever title comes before or after your name is, unless you are not human, it is just OPINION.

I laugh at some people (a guy by the name Terry comes to mind)  trying to make a name for themselves with claims people are faking the stuff debunking Standing’s garbage.

Fact is the photo came from Standing himself further proving the huckster he is. And we’ve outlined all the steps people can take on their own here to duplicate our results. So ignore the truth Terry. Hence the term ignorant.

The fact remains, that Standing made entirely up the area Sylvanic, and was planning a Blair Witch (Released in 1999) type movie. But some Bigfoot researchers took this online game (Blair Witch too had a website touting the authenticity of their movie as well). Hmm …

“The Blair Witch Project is thought to be the first widely released movie marketed primarily by internet. The movie’s official website featured fake police reports and "newsreel-style" interviews. Due to this, some people initially thought it was an actual documentary about the ‘missing’ teenagers. These augmented the movie’s found footage style to spark debates across the internet over whether the movie was a real-life documentary or a work of fiction.”

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Blair_Witch_Project

Included was a movie in Blair Witch style, featuring what is thought to be Standing’s sister, doing the voice and filming, and was known as Sylvanic Film 1, which has disappeared from any Standing owned site, for good reason.

But people like this Terry, that make such unsupported claims, with unwarranted malice, not only have no place in the spectrum of investigation, or research, but are ignorant. I call them the source of a lot of our troubles in the Bigfoot community. But now even respected folks are beginning to emulate that type of behavior.

It is so sad that some people want to have evidence of the existence of Bigfoot so badly, that they would rather live in fantasy land, and accept the non-scientific and live in their own bubble and say what it ever it takes to stay in that bubble. (And unfortunately no matter what you talk about, politics, religion, sports, it is the extreme ends of these, that folks fall into this trap.)

Didn’t we just see that in the last couple of years with an uneducated buffoon.

See that’s the difference hoaxers don’t get. When you are a buffoon, and have bad PR such as “Jake and the Fat Man,” scientists do not find you palatable.

When you are nice, soft spoken, and caring such as a Marx and Standing…there’s your ingredient.

Standing can state very intelligently and eloquently that Sasquatch bury their dead. But archaeologically, bones that are buried are more likely to be preserved and thus found. So there is Standing sounding scientific, why no bones are found, yet in complete adverse to science.

Remember a con game is an abbreviation for “confidence game.”

That’s why at first people were taken by “Jake and the Fat Man” at first.

“They were so nice and congenial,” was a comment when a group of Crypto-folks went to visit “Jake” in Texas.

You don’t get people to believe in you by being an asshole.

Back to the scientists…

Fact is these fine folks (and I do mean that sincerely) in science have been trained in science.

 What they haven’t been trained in is public relations.

When they go out on the cuff, and don’t do their due diligence, and later are proved wrong or their theory sounds kind of out there, even for Bigfoot research, they embarrass us all.

Some who have been proven wrong or have no evidence to back their claims, have taken on the new program of…Ignore it, deny it, chose to diminish it with the least amount of noise.

Well something is wrong… and I am no longer quiet, nor am I choosing to ignore it.

“Scientists are not Gods, Prophets, Presidents, nor Kings. They are human beings, subject to all the fallacies a human is capable of being vulnerable to.”

                                                        -Steve  Kulls, June 2014


Airing laundry…a traitor in my midst

Sadly, that’s not the only problem. See I have problems with people being two faced. If people keep close eye on what I do, there has been a person replaced a while ago.

And folks know, that I have dealt with this kind of thing before, but I need to get this off my chest so please grant me the liberty of doing such.

First by destroying a 25 year friendship with someone, by feeding both sides bullshit. Stirring the pot. Took me a while to figure out my friend’s anger, and why a knee jerk reaction angered him more. I realized how this jackass I let in, operates. And I feel the guilt of such.

I miss my best friend, but I think thanks to this ass feeding BS to both sides, it is probably irreparably destroyed.

Then later this Jackass insinuates, that I stole a logo design off of him I had designed for a paranormal group I co-founded. Mind you this is over a single symbol in the design. And the design and color of the symbol are much different them his.

I asked numerous people if they could see any similarities…bupkis. Apparently he felt he has a monopoly on this symbol which we found at least five other groups across the country using.

But he wanted to hear none of it, because it wasn’t about the design, it was the anger of starting our own paranormal group, instead of being a branch of his.

I hear he’s coming over 200 miles to go back into the areas, I showed him.

The group I had coexisted with prior to that, despite our philosophical differences, earned the use of that area.

The old team

As far as the other team, I can co-exist with them, although I think they have a hard time dealing with being dumped and sometimes a quirky remark, very much unnecessary is thrown out there.

They got a little unnerved when I co-founded a paranormal group, but prior to my departure, they did create a Bigfoot organization, which was a direct conflict of what I was told a couple of years earlier their intentions were.

Moreover I saw information there that was in direct conflict with my own theories and were more to the fringe. It was becoming time to move on regardless of any other drama.

As for the Paranormal group it wasn’t a competition thing, it was a continuance of doing something I love to do, as well as supporting my significant other.

Were they riding coattails? Although they have much different philosophies than I now, I believe some out of spite, I considered it them earning their right of passage.

The old team put in blood, sweat and tears consistently for several years. We had many good times, laughs, excitement and a lot of good results.

I was called a mentor on many different occasions by them pertaining to the Crypto-field.

Much to as I indebted to them for cutting my teeth in the paranormal world.

There are other reasons as well, but those are not for public consumption, because it had nothing to do with the evidence they were putting forth, their integrity in evidentiary matters, up until I left, is without question. 

(Up until I left is said, because I cannot vouch for their evidence today as I am not associated with them so I cannot verify. Such is not meant as a derogatory remark.)

I have let bygones be bygones.

Back to the traitor in my midst…

Three months of being in my research area didn’t give him that right to steal it, or corrupt it.

But he does not care. He was riding coattails. He wanted to be noticed. He wanted to be in control. Fortunately, he blanked himself out of any good favor. Expecting me to cave on his latest whim.

Nonetheless I still tried to remain his friend.

But the final straw was when I hear insinuations, because I went on my own for thirty-five minutes during the day time in a public park. I’ve been going there on my own for thirteen years. I think I’ve earned that.

He thinks people don’t talk especially when he’s talking behind my back about me. Then he wonders why I unfriended him. Really? Naïve young man. 

I have three words for him…

Now I won’t name names, because the people in the know, already know about all of this, for some time. Funny thing is he perceives these people as being ignorant but they all know what he’s about.

And mark my words… he’s gonna be calling people telling them I got this all wrong.


So if you’ve been wondering why I have been so quiet, it’s been all just holding in for quite some time.

This isn’t for condolences, nor was it for advice. Sometimes I can be wise beyond my years.


This is the airing of my feelings and should certain people cross this blog once in a while like I think they do…they now see where exactly I stand.

Time for my ‘’Reboot.”


Till Next Time,


Here begins  lesson #1:

Don’t act like it’s new if its old.

Today I read a blog about an old time photo that said, “we knew nothing on it..until now.”



My file containing the prose written on the back of the photo from 2010.


In 2006, in this article on Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman writes about the picture and references it to Janet and Colin Bord’s Bigfoot Casebook (originally written in 1982 there is an updated version), a must read for any newbie.

It’s on page 27. Although it does not include the picture of the back plate it states,

The photograph shows an unidentified animal shot by trappers in Lillooet, BC in the early 20th century.

                                                          – Bigfoot Casebook, Janet & Colin Bord, Page 27. 

Craig Woolheater also wrote this article on Cryptomundo in November 2006, a virtual repeat of todays blog I read except Cryptomundo included the photo of the writing.



But I will give you NEW…

The first line of Craig’s 2006 post was this…

“This photo was sent to Tom Biscardi by Lyle Billett of Victoria Canada. I found the photo on his website and wanted to share it, as I have never seen it before and imagined that many, or most, have not either.”

                                                                                       – Craig Woolheater, Cryptomundo, 2006

According to the Bords pic was taken in the early 20th Century, The Biscardi copy says 1894. Why wouldn’t the Bords just say the “late nineteenth century?”

I would say lets track down Lyle Billett and ask but unfortunately, Lyle passed away in January of this year, and to be exact he lived in Nanaimo, British Columbia.


Analysis… The writing doesn’t appear in the Bord’s book. Could the handwriting have been added later? It should be considered since the only handwriting photo came from Tom Biscardi’s site. Could it be Billett’s notes? Well I guess its one mystery that went to the grave.

How’s that for, “Something we didn’t now..until now?”

 I guess someone rehashing does have it’s benefits.

Lesson # 2

When we first, fail to learn by history, we are doomed to repeat it.

This whole Todd Standing thing has me a bit perplexed. Are we bound to continually repeat things already proven?

See in 2006 when I set the Hall of Shame up and through 2010 when Todd came out with puppet-face, no one disputed it was all BS.

He disappears for a bit after the “Puppet-face,” only to reemerge, reinventing himself in 2011 with a similarly angle picture who I call “Blinky.”

We ignored him like some suggested we do to Dyer. Here’s  the result:

Dyer self implodes, admits at least body on tour is a fake while Standing goes on shows with Canadian compatriot, Les Stroud.

How did ignoring him work?

Let’s put aside his evidence for a minute. Standings theories on Sasquatch, although some are a bit non-conformist, they are based on some science and research. Standing sounds intelligent, presents himself as knowledgeable and is for all intensive purposes, seemingly a very nice person. All in of itself good.

But you put in the evidence that he has come up with, which is all over the top, and all bets are now off. Put emotion aside people.

Now people who weren’t around for the first couple of rounds with this guy, are new and defending him by waving the no proof banner, which is bunk. But some is good and some new stuff is still being deciphered and some I will debunk here today.

But blind faith backing in light of the evidence…hmm…

Didn’t we just go through this with a guy by the name Dyer? Have we not learned a thing?

Now all of a sudden we have some people, who haven’t outright endorsed his work, sit on a stage with Standing, and people come out of the wood work to defend him.

I guess we haven’t learned.  

Of course, some will say, they don’t trust him, may have more things to look at or will need more time to tell.


“I am not accepting Todd at his word.” –Dr. Jeff Meldrum

  A fair approach I feel. Like I stated yesterday, it appears Dr. Jeff will hold court in the near future over the Toddster’s evidence, but my court was held 8 years ago with the disappeared Sylvanic Video #1 and my court has been long adjourned. Once a hoaxer… always a hoaxer.

That’s why you go to the history books first. Or the people who sit next to them now may be in for a rough ride.

He had 8 years to defend himself and in the beginning, as with most hoaxers, he got caught outright making his very first video (featuring his sister as the main character) disappear. We forget that?

It’s the blind faith followers that always are the most vocal and generally get the most emotional over the situation. When you ask them to debunk evidence submitted, you get no fact but just opinion, and blanket statements that you have no evidence.

People try to say…well if Les Stroud is behind him…

Let’s look at a known hoaxer…

          marxivan_marx 1977 hoax

One of the original hoaxers, Ivan Marx (left) and one of many of his Bigfoots on right. 


Is it any coincidence that Morgan Matthews started his Bigfoot documentary with a hoaxer’s comments?

But in the 80’s Pulitzer Prize nominated, Yale educated, Castleton State College Anthropologist Dr. Warren L. Cook believed in the veracity of the Marx films.  These remarks came in 1984, long after Marx had been exposed as a hoaxer by Peter Byrne in 1971 and disappeared only to have reemerged and reinvented himself. (Again a familiar theme with hoaxers.)



Dr. Cook said of Marx…

“Demonstrably, Ivan Marx of Burney, Shasta County, is a very accomplished nature photographer, skilled woodsman, and animal tracker. By inquiring of Indian and Eskimo informants, and studying Sasquatch habit patterns. Marx would appear to have learned how-to be at the right spot at the right time, camera at the ready.

Ivan feels disoriented in the bowels of a skyscraper and is happiest in the wilderness. He frets until back with his “sweetie”, as he calls his devoted wife, Peggy, who often accompanies him in the wilds. Zealous to preserve their modest, unfettered life style, Ivan and Peggy have invested a major portion of their lives coming up with the Bigfoot photos for which he is well known — some say notorious — among hominologists.

But precisely because year after year, he comes forth with such pictures, they are scorned by some or the other well known Bigfoot enthusiasts. He has equivalent distaste for them as ”great white hunter” types with a sour grapes” attitude toward him because they lack the skills and patience to get anywhere near a sasquatch except by chance.

Marx’s footage sometimes does not conform to the expected image and the specimens in his photos vary in color, size, volume, body fat and length or hair. When he first showed me his color photos, I carped at the domed appearance of the creatures’ skulls (a feature that has subsequently been corroborated by other eyewitnesses with whom I have spoken) and it got back to me that Marx had remarked to a mutual friend. ”I can’t photograph the creature the way them jollies think he ought to look, but only the way he is.”

My concern from the beginning was to establish whether Marx is telling the truth or faking the photos, words and deeds. Anyone who knows him will report that he is one of the greatest story tellers going — a contemporary Will Rogers.

Because my own professional reputation was at stake, since I first met Ivan and at the risk of losing his confidence I have ceaselessly sought to probe for inconsistencies, approaching the same point from different angles, months and years apart.

Doubtless conscious of this, it probably discomfits him but he has always been patient and never failed to give answers that seemed honest and frank. Initially, he and Peggy were unaware of being protagonists in a historical process, and that. It was important to document their photos chronologically and provide details of the content in which they were taken. This had never been done. Plain, unassuming folk, to them it was simply life experienced, year to year.

Until a sasquatch is examined, in the flesh, and the Marx photos are validated or refuted, I cannot be certain my judgment is correct, but I am of the opinion that Ivan and Peggy, while reticent in their personal lives, are steadfastly honest and it would be out of character for them to jeopardize their goal of documenting sasquatch by tainting genuine photos just to produce more.”

                                                                                 — Dr. Warren L. Cook, 1984


marx bbossburg

Rene Dahinden (left), Don Byington (center) and Ivan Marx (right) holding the “Cripple Foot”

Ivan Marx was the one indeed to find the “Bossburg Cripple Foot” track… The castings used by Dr. Grover Krantz were found by Marx.

Joe Rhodes found the first set of tracks on Nov. 24, 1967 and Dahinden did call Marx about the report. However we must remember, at the time, Marx lived in Bossburg.


A young Dr. Krantz in a 70’s documentary showing Marx’s “Bossburg Cripple Foot.”

However, the track, was found with Rene Dahinden and a local man by the name of Jim Hopkins sitting in the car while Marx checked for prints…

Several inches of snow had covered the ground that morning when Rene and Ivan Marx and a young local man named Jim Hopkins set out in Marx’s car to check an area along the banks of the Roosevelt River…Marx was away from the car only seconds before coming back: “Bigfoot Tracks!” he shouted. … the right foot was badly deformed.”

                                    – “Sasquatch” by Don Hunter with Rene Dahinden (1975) Pages: 153-154.


Only seconds. And Marx was driving… it was only months later when Marx tried to sell Byrne a video of a creature, supposedly the one with the bad foot, limping around.


It don’t matter who endorses you… what matters is the EVIDENCE and the story behind it.


Lesson #3

Always recheck your work, especially when it’s not yours.

I on the other hand always try to look from answers up, down, left, right.

Some suggested that I guess a Todd detractor had made the changing images up. Standing stated that someone had sent him that photo. He didn’t describe who, but I do know Todd later circulated it, albeit without description leading many to believe that the picture was the original.

In fairness and telling it like it is, I could not find any original reference to that picture with any claim on it, like I had originally thought and had read by some. 

But what I have found out  WHO created the picture and when.

The picture was created, by a user on a forum here, on or around April 17th, 2013. I coincidently found it a year to the day it was posted.



Putney, a believer in the Muppet-face wrote this…

I have spent a few weeks cleaning up one of the stills from his Video4 in photoshop. I removed all the branches and restored all the facial features of the elusive tree-peakers. (sic)”

                                                                        – Alexander Putney, April 17th, 2013

However a post up at Dave Rodriguez’s (aka Pragmatic Theorist) blog, unveils something more infallible than Sweaty Yeti’s gif. It’s pretty condemning.



One of Dave’s more interesting and condemning work ups.


Lesson #4

What is past is prologue.

We predicted this months ago… Dyer self destructing.

Dyer again finds himself kicked out of a state with all his toys for sale. Rosa his girlfriend, (where in Dyer’s fantasy world she was his wife “Lily Dyer.”) gone… and Dyer taking refuge in or around Griffin, Georgia.

He’s been keeping low… but thanks to Randy Filopovic’s blog, we know exactly what Dyer’s is up to… trying to recover from his latest sociopathic meltdown.


Crap for sale… Location: Griffin, Georgia.

Lesson #5

They don’t go away… they never will.

Of course we’ve mentioned Carmine, Dyer and Standing, but what’s a good time without Linda Newton-Perry, who even after beating the sh** out of her here with her Team ESP BS… she continues just this last week, on April 12th, to post this…


Linda still spouting the same lies.

SSDD as they say or in LNP’s case SSDY, Y being for year. She’s not only a hoaxer and story teller, she’s BAD at it.

Nuff said, but we don’t want innocents giving her real stuff, because she is a front. That’s why every once in a while we need to nudge and spin the shark by it’s tail.


Lesson #6

When all of this seems like a bunch of hooey… thank the good Lord, it’s spring. Because now I have a lot less time to sit and read stuff from Standing, Dyer Fig-Newton, and the Snapple dude, and get my ass out into the field for some investigation and research.



Home sweet home.

Till Next Time,


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