Well Happy New Year everyone!!! Now let’s get right to it with the news…..


A Wash in Washington…

It would appear our old friend Ricky Dyer is out and about getting ready for his “body” tour. Spotted in Washington State this week seen driving a wrapped SUV and trailer. For those that still believe him, well… BTW I hear Allen Issleb is using yet another alias. But rest assured as reported here first, he IS Allen Issleb.


A couple of pictures that have surfaced on the web.

Don’t forget to say Timber before it falls…

In other news another person with some rather dubious claims, got outed by some folks over on YouTube.

Here’s the video…

A jogger running past a bigfoot??? Hmmm.

Commentary and an observation…

Now I could be wrong…but…

wasn’t this the guy who had a Bigfoot shaking a tree which the Bigfoot turned out to be his son???

Isn’t this the guy LNP follows and vice versa?

Isn’t this the same guy who threated me using an alias while in the throes with LNP over HER hoaxing?


Beware  of people showing up all of a sudden and have the magical ability to video a Bigfoot several times a year let alone several times a decade.

Just the other day we were discussing a Sasquatch being nocturnal. Well this is where it becomes a bit confusing to me… in a reply to the above video, TG has stated he does research in some well human traveled areas.

Makes no sense what a Sassy would be doing in the daytime near civilization, when it’s generally nap time.

How come TG is getting videos of these night dwellers, all in the day?

Is he that good?

Then why just a blur or blobsquatch all the time?

Where are the keys to the Hall of Shame?

So many questions I have today.



We’re happy to announce that on the eighth birthday of Squatchdetective.com (1/1/14) we gave the entire site a new makeover.

We’ve included an easier style of contacting us and site navigation


Contact buttons for Social Media, Email now above the nav buttons.

Another exciting announcement is that Thursday, January 16th, 2014, 8PM EST we return to the airwaves of BlogTalk Radio once again for another season of Squatchdetective Radio, with our good friend Chris Bennett returning as co-host.



We’re very pleased and honored to have as our first guest of the new season the one, the only, Guy Edwards from the Bigfoot Lunch Club and contributor to Cryptomundo.

407181_2849934175059_894092452_nBLC Logo

We’ll be talking Bigfoot with Guy Edwards on 1/16/14

They’ll be a lot more coming soon so stay tuned and glasses up to a prosperous and healthy New Year!!!

Till Next Time,