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How NOT to Hunt

A newcomer to the Bigfoot scene by the name of Steve Isdahl, throws out a Bigfoot Conspiracy theory of huge proportions.


Steve Isdahl

He stated that Dr. Jeff Meldrum and others (probably me too) are being paid by some unknown organization to propagate that a Sasquatch is a primate. Well if there are checks going out for that,where the hell is mine? Mr. Isdahl’s accusations are baseless and “Kinda sounding like a conspiracy nut” theory.

Mr. Isdahl I believed had an encounter that shook him up. However he believes they are not primates. Well by definition the characteristics of a primate is:

The anatomical and behavioral features that distinguish primates from members of other mammalian orders include a lack of strong specialization in structure; prehensile hands and feet, usually with opposable thumbs and great toes; flattened nails instead of claws on the digits; acute vision with some degree of binocular vision; relatively large brain exhibiting a degree of cortical folding; and prolonged postnatal dependency.


Source: http://abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/glossary/primate.html

And here’s another good reason to believe they are primates; our footprints closely resemble the Sasquatch’s, with of course some differences. (lack of arch, mid-tarsal break etc.)

So I suggest Mr. Isdahl come back to reality a bit. I know your sighting shook you up. But please come back to reality. I have had two naked eye sightings, and nothing tells me anything but this:

It IS a primate. It looked like one and it behaved like one.

Now I wish to respect Mr. Isdahl, however it would seem he has gone off the ledge on this one.

But as we have seen in the past the “Woonatics” often will tie conspiracy into their claims (remember a certain DNA paper?).

More to the fact, how many new subscribers has Mr. Isdahl received to his YouTube or people following his website (and seeing his web apps that you have to pay for or have in-app purchases) increased since his Bigfoot sighting?

Coming out and believing Bigfoot or admitting to seeing one is not such a huge hit as it is for the academic. That could label them for years and unhinge any academic advancement ambitions. But for a hunter who is in all appearance propagating his sites with new viewers since a Bigfoot sighting?

Who is REALLY the one trying to cash in here?

So which is it?

Has Isdahl become unhinged or is he trying to cash in?

I know Chris Noel and I have had our differences, but I firmly agree with him on his recent YouTube video highlighting  Mr. Isdahl’s claims. It can be viewed by clinking the link below:

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=QYwvS5PBb34&fbclid=IwAR1no2TsLrDWqD8MtDNL6Z3F4c_FvyEgTxqxJUCawgVHbQsJz-0E-3qjCaI

Where’s your evidence of this conspiracy Mr. Isdahl? Where is it?

Remember #stopthewoonacy

Till Next Time


Hey folks, sorry to take some time off. The year started off quite challenging as my almost six year relationship came to an end. Inevitably a period of self-evaluation ensues.

I also took that time to get myself in better shape and a better mindset. All is good, and I am back with a vengeance!!!


In case some didn’t know a couple of huge things happened this past month. First up is the #StopTheWoonacy.


The Stop the Woonacy movement was inspired by my frustration in both the “Woo” (or what people profess to be the supernatural Sasquatch), the common posting of constant contact with “Sasquatch People,” “Forest Friends,” stick structures, tree bends, “BlobSquatchery,” Hoaxes, and people professing to be on the side of science while making factual statements that are obviously complete horseshit.

The movement, campaign or whatever you would like to call it is not to nullify people who claim to have a single, or even a few supernatural experiences with what may or may not be a Sasquatch, but the people who form cults around them professing to have the secret knowledge or special powers to communicate, draw out, have conversations either in person or in their dreams with a Sasquatch and state that as the gospel. These folks are on Social Media ever day with this non-sense.

Someone has to stand up to it and be the voice of reason and point out the ridiculousness of their actions and stories.

Take for example this gem of the “uncloaked” Bigfoot head in this picture the submitter claims, as the Sasquatch have the “ability” to only partially materialize. (Yeah, I kid you not…this is what was said!)

5 - Pareidellia

It is obvious that what we are seeing here is pareidolia. I too used the same effect to see what I believed was in the picture just above the “Sasquatch’s” head.


7- Pareidellia

It’s Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy!!!

I would also like to point out…why is this picture in black and white??? My guess is the head is actually the same color as the foliage as well. Posting this in a photoshopped format (to remove color) and making the claims the submitter does, seems a bit disingenuous.

The Re-Birth of Squatch-D TV

The real big change was the move from Squatchdetective Radio to Squatch-D TV as we finally have found a platform that serves what we have wanted all along.

Several years back we tried Squatch-D TV with the now defunct Paranormal TV Network lineup. We had to use an outside producer who would broadcast remotely and after several months the network eventually shut down because the president of the company wanted to be a grandmother and passed the channel off to someone who was not at all committed to the network.

On this new platform we have just about complete control. No fancy software, no remote producer and is all web based. Not only do we broadcast on multiple platforms, we are able to “screen share” providing video, pictures, audio, live time looks at websites and Power Point presentations.


0 - Squatch-DTV 0

Multi-streamed over Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Twitch (Maybe more to come) we can now reach over 15K people a week, per episode. The show is streamed Sundays at 9PM Eastern on the following platforms:




Replays can also be found at




The only loss, currently, out of the new system is the inability to take callers which in the past has proved to be problematic, as the call screening with BTR was a it clumsy. The cool thing is that for our Facebook and YouTube viewers, the comments come across as a chat on our control panel. And we have the ability to share those comments and questions live on the air with the click of a button!

Not having to register for a BTR account to talk in the chat (comments) is really one advantage we have gained and the conversations have been marvelous since airing our fifth show last night.

Who is Jan Klement?

This mystery has nipped at me for several years and about a year and half ago, I dug into the mystery of the book, “The Creature". First published in 1976, recounts most likely the first Bigfoot “habituation” culminating in the death and burial of a Bigfoot called “Kong.”


Now buried in the story-line are a couple of far fetched tales of Kong’s escapades that really should make the reader scratch their head.

Now digging into the mystery I did not only find out the location of the cabin noted in the book along with the potential burial site, but clues within the book and the subsequent volume updates, led me directly to exactly who Jan Klement was and the biggest question; Was the story true?

Unfortunately, I won’t post the spoilers here because one should see how we came to those results and walked through the investigation on the latest edition of Squatch-D TV (August 18, 2019: Bigfoot Cold Case).


Click on image to go to show.

Till next time…


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