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Definition of Irony

I understand Mr. Biscardi had a show on his weekly program, Bigfoot Live Radio, that featured a segment on Rick Dyer yesterday by interviewing former Bigfoot Tracker Veep, BJ Brashears.

I figured since I’ve been the

Well needless to say there were audio issues with the program so I never got to hear it.

Tonight I was looking around for the archive version finding humor in this whole thought of Biscardi putting the digs into Dyer, when I discovered that The SFBI Facebook page had a link to a Bigfoot “Hall of Fame.”


Left the day after Biscardi had a Radio show outing Dyer.

Maybe Tom was flattered that his picture was prominently displayed amongst others like Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Derek Randles and Loren Coleman, all great folks in my opinion. But I also noticed Rick Dyer was there. And Todd Standing.

I also noticed it was a Wix page.

So my curiosity went up and ran the Whois on the page on the site.

Guess who owns it???


Guess Who

Dyer’s Personal information has been censored.

Now that’s my definition of irony!!!!


Squatch-D Radio Back!!!!

Chris Bennett and I are so glad to be back on the airwaves at Beyond Borders Paranormal Radio Network. Visit our other sister shows there as well!!!



The show can be heard on Sundays 10PM EST (9CST), and accessed through the Beyond Borders website or by going to SquatchdetectiveRadio.com. The show archive page is also up and functioning where you can listen to the program replay or download it.

Our guest lineup is filling fast and we are booked until June. More guest announcements this week.

We’re also excited to be doing an “Out of the Box” show every third Sunday of the month, featuring a guest on topics other than our hairy friends.

Upcoming stuff…

Tomorrow night I will be going on the Giant’s Bigfoot Radio program for an hour long discussion on Sasquatch and who knows what other topics may come up.

Next Friday I will be on Scarefest Radio, talking about last years Scarefest 8 and this years Scarefest 9, where they’ve already announced one of my favorite actors, Malcolm McDowell, will be appearing.

Of course, on May 6th, 7th and 8th,  I am excited and super stoked to be a participant in the 2016 Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure.

They’ll be a screening of The Beast of Whitehall and special guest from Mountain Monsters, John “Trapper” Tice. (Yes we know folks, its television so chillax. Be fun to meet the guy and have a few laughs). Even Squatch-D can let his hair down once in a while… (okay I know…what hair!)


Looking forward to meeting a bunch of people, and getting boots on the ground in Pennsylvania and do some research.


Till Next Time,


**** Update November 24th, 2014****

To clarify.. perceptions based on attendance at Todd’s lecture are based on the photo shown, not on actual attendance. Upon watching the video it would appear that it seemed a bit more crowded.

As far as being many offended, maybe a wrong choice of words, but I have heard several in some small groups boycotting the Summit due to Standing’s appearance. The actual number is unknown.

As far as Standing stating his sister was not a make up artist, which is not a point brought up on this blog yesterday, it was his wife Louise, (for a long time thought to be his sister.) Louise claims only to be a cosmetic make up artist.

The person who pointed this out to me actually taught me a valuable lesson on perceptions. We are not always perfect, but we admit to any mistakes or anything that can be misconstrued. Thank you.

Well there seems to be nothing Earth shattering from Todd Standing’s presentation at the Sasquatch Summit in Washington over this past weekend.

10420256_431204170366926_3776448488771658817_n (1)

Todd Standing takes the lecture at the Sasquatch Summit 2014 (Photo Credit: J.M. Baily w/ permission)

Here’s a lesson for all the newcomers, especially the ones who weren’t around when Todd Standing decided to show up.

See hoaxers are at their weakest when they first begin their hoaxes. Here is an example to that as Todd starts making grand claims in 2005.


It is hard to believe in this day an age that there are many places left in the vast mountain ranges of North America that are left untouched by man. But there is. The name may have changed in the last century but the legend remains the same. Sylvanic, as it is now called by the natives that have know of its legends thousands of years before civilization enveloped this continent, is a well hidden canyon nestled deep within the depths of the rocky mountains. This website explores the mysteries and folklore that surround this enigmatic rivers pass that leads to an ancient valley. A large unbroken chain of mountains encircles this valley and it is said that the sacred pass is guarded by the shadows of the mountain. A group of 4 people went into this valley on a February weekend in 2005 to document as much information about Sylvanic as they could. What they found was shocking…

                                                                                      Sylvanic.com at its inception May 2005.

This area called “Sylvanic” was NEVER known to any local Natives, and the pass was supposed to be a two by two hole in the mountain range. Sounds like stuff of fairy tales. But the it was followed by the long gone Sylvanic Video 1 which can be viewed here.

Todd admits to be in Sylvanic video 1 and his sister was operating the camera.

“As far as the dog he was just acting terrified.  That dog would have died before it went another step into sylvanic, so we just left him behind with our cameraman.

I guess i am the dude so what did i see?  To be honest i was more concerned with my little sister.  She recorded the video footage and she was just standing there while this thing was growling at her.  My first instinct was to grab her and run.  People have asked me why didn’t we continuing recording.  The answer is about 1 second after the video 1 footage stops i grabbed my sister to pull her back away and she dropped the camera.  We ran about 200meters before we stopped.  After about 10 minutes we went back to pick up the camera and that is when we explored behind the trees where we found the cave full of hair.”

                                                                                      Todd Standing, May 7th, 2005


Cave full of hair? Why didn’t he collect some samples??

In the same series of statements, Todd Standing also states he was going to take a Botanist due to there being a possible new plant discovery, a paleontologist, and a biologist. This all dates back to 2005. 


“Sorry conspiracy but i have a full compliment going on this trip with me already.  I will take you next time.  For now i have my cameraman two PHDs ( One a Biologist and the other a paleontologist) my original guide(without his dog), myself and a crazy friend.”

                                                                                   Todd Standing, May 9th, 2005

“The botanist that took pictures of what she thinks is a new species of plant is going back to sylvanic in about 4 weeks( Before me and my group)  so we will she what she comes back with.”

                                                                                   Todd Standing, May 18th, 2005

Several days later, Todd is talking about how much hair evidence he going to attain from the cave.

“But as i have said before that cave was full of hair so this time i will bring a garbage bag and stuff it full of hair.  If you would like maybe i could even send you a piece?”

                                                                                  Todd Standing, May 25th, 2005

How did that work out… I don’t know there was never any follow up. Mrs. Bigfoot must have cleaned the cave perhaps. 

But you see it is very common for a hoaxer to weave a complicated web of lies and stories. Todd has long gotten a pass on the “Dan Hamilton Incident,” he wrote about on Sylvanic nine years ago. Having no evidence to support such claims of the man whom disappeared in the mystical Sylvanic along with a picture he posted of someone gone missing in the 30’s.

But no one knows where this mysterious “Sylvanic” area is, not the aboriginals that several Canadian researchers have inquired, nor the geological surveys.

But if this area was so “evergreen” with Sasquatches, why would Todd take over and area of another researcher?

According to David Rodriguez on his blog  as reported by a Canadian Taxidermist by the name of Ken Walker claims that a Bigfoot researcher first took Standing into his research area that Standing eventually usurped and is the geographical location that Standing used to take Les Stroud, Jeff Meldrum, John Bindernagel and Sonya Zohar.

According to the article Walker was described…

“Ken Walker is a world champion taxidermist from Alberta.  He has his work on display in institutions like the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (Panda), and other museums, he has received a multitude of awards for his work.  Here is another good Article on Ken Walker.  Ken is someone with actual integrity, unlike what has been generated from Standing… Ken is an avid outdoorsman and hunter.  Ken has a very good reputation and he also has a sincere interest in bigfoot.

                                         Dave Rodriguez, “The Sasquatch Voice Blog,” November 22nd, 2014

Over time and scrutiny other strange stuff began surfacing, like the Outstanding Production website,  where Todd uses the alias Todd Rockwell. Why would Todd Standing hide the fact that he was a major part of a production company? There may be a  non-Bigfoot related reason why, however it seems dubious.


Or the departure of filmmaker Kenneth Barr and Idiom films working with Standing.

Due to professional differences I have disassociated myself completely from Todd Standing and The Sylvanic Project as of November 1st, 2007.

There will obviously be speculation on what has lead to my departure and it is something that I will not go into here, my reasons are my own and is due entirely to Mr. Standings behavior and conduct as of recent. I no longer wish any association, no matter how remote, to be construed between Mr. Standing/The Sylvanic Project and myself nor my company.

                                                                        Kenneth Barr / Idiom Films Dec. 10th, 2007


Todd Standing No-Kill?   Not from this statement.

My biggest problem is Tracks, hair, Blood, Feces, Video… Will never be enough evidence. I need a body or a piece of one.

                                            Todd Standing Statement on the Sylvanic Forum  August 13th , 2007


And the film he is showing this week? Does this sound familiar?

  • We have gathered an enormous amount of entirely unique documentation about these animals, which has now been compiled into a 40-minute documentary.
  • We have been touring our documentary around North America in an attempt to educate people about our findings and begin to enhance pubic understanding of the reality of this species.
  • At every showing I discuss in detail how important it is that no one ever attempt to incapacitate, provoke, or kill one of these animals. For their safety as much as these animals.
  • At every showing there is a petition for anyone to sign that will ensure species protection for these animals.
  • At every showing between 80-90 percent of people that attend sign our petition.
  • At every showing all the proceeds go to the local humane society. (This is an animal rights issue and I have always been an animal rights activist)

If you have seen the documentary prior to May 4th/2007, it has been totally redone. Over 90% of the film is new, the Bigfoot Videos 2 and 3 are less compressed and now almost perfect original quality. 

                                                                                                 Todd Standing/ Sylvanic Site 2009


Is it a coincidence the film he was showing this past weekend again only 40 minutes?

Seems like a lot of new was old.

Till Next Time,


Hi gang… after a much needed rest, I am slowly easing myself into operational mode.

Have to mention this…

First, I think everyone is shocked and saddened at the loss of Robin Williams, not only being 63 but in the manner in which he has passed.

Many folks don’t know this but when I was a teenager, I had a friend who committed suicide hours after basically saying goodbye to all his friends, talking to them one last time. I spoke with him about an hour and a half before he took a .357 to the mouth.  It gave me a prolific manner in which I look at suicide.


Robin Williams 7/21/51 – 8/11/14

Let’s all take a minute to remember those friends we have that struggle with depression, and the devastating toll it takes not only on them but their family members and friends. Let’s reach out to them and make sure they are “ok.”

And if they need help… stage your own intervention. Get them the help. I know in all circumstances this is not possible, but if this message saves one person down the road, it has served its purpose.


On June 24th, I began working again as a private investigator once again, and my area covers five surrounding states. So I am on the road constantly during the week but have access (unless I am in God’s country) to email, internet and social networking.

On July 2nd this year my apartment flooded due to the malfeasance of the property caretakers. So we immediately packed and made an emergency move which worked out for the best.

So now we are into a month of casual unpacking. Soon to be in the field with the Squatchdetective Field Team again, and happy to get the Massachusetts contingent up and running.

We’re finalizing some reports from Vermont, thanks to our man there, Frank Siecienski and help from author Paul Bartholomew.

Squatchdetective Radio will be returning sometime in October as both Chris Bennett and I are looking forward to getting back into the hot topics of the Bigfoot world, and I am toying with a new format as well.

Lot’s of nothing has happened since my “vacation,” but since I’ve been nosing around things have been popping up like crazy.

Strange…2 of our three stories of the day have a derivative of “falcon” in it.

Falcon Project gets funded…



Soon may be flying over a forest near you!!! (Credit: The Falcon Project)

Internet rumor has it that the Falcon Project, run by our friend William Allen Barnes, has gotten $250K in funding for 3 dirigibles.

That’s stupendous! and congratulations are in order if true for their dedication and perseverance of getting the project off the ground, both metaphorically and literally.

There’s our first Falcon….now off to a Falconer!

Standing’s last stand?

As we’ve tried to educate readers here over the last 8 years, Todd Standing was my second inductee into the Hall of Shame. Even the man who “found God,” was number three.

In fact Todd puts the man who “found God” to shame. He hasn’t been just a flash in the pan. He’s been consistent making headlines over the years and actually has been able to garner a little credo, via the Canadian Parliament (who quickly retracted), and “Survivor Man,” and has managed to get Dr. Jeff Meldrum to co-host a radio show with him.

Reason being, is… he’s a better actor than, “I found Jesus,” whose over the top performances and “I dare you attitudes,” amongst other severe sociopathic tendencies has made him easy to read.

Fact is Todd’s delivery and presentation is much more an act of scientific presentation than a Barnum and Bailey act as the previous.

Over the years, such as Todd’s “Puppet Face” where we’ve pointed out the anomalies on the shadowing of the branches, even so much as having a photographic expert come on Squatchdetective Radio to verify as much, the line at the bottom of the septum (nose), as well and let’s not forget “Blinky,” where we completely destroyed the idea that was a video, but part of a composite.

The following was presented to me by Daniel Falconer and Phil Poling. It is a critical examination of the Sylvanic bigfoot videos released by Todd Standing.


After reading such, it backs up many of the things we stated earlier over the years and has some other interesting analysis which rather slaps Standing right in the face, and it should be a cold shower to the “Standlings” aka Todd’s supporters.

Standing and Blinky

Composite shown in the report. (Credit: P. Poling/D. Falconer)

Here’s a direct download for the report.

Speaking engagement in October

Yes back to Chautauqua Lake this year for the weekend of October 24th –26th.

Different format and lineup this year, sans me of course, and we will be bringing Vermont Researcher Frank Siecienski (also who nabbed the Vt. Trail Cam Photo in 2010). Other speakers TBA as soon as I hear confirmation. 

Things are in the works so I will try to get them to you as fast as possible.


Meanwhile event organizer Peter Weimer once again is trying to petition the State and Federal governments to offer protection to the yet to be discovered species as a precaution… that petition can be found here and I encourage all to sign and add their name to the ever growing list of people calling for protection of the species.

A brief sidebar…

For the conference “poo-pooers” out there note, the speakers in this conference are not being paid for their appearance, only certain expenses are being covered.

We do this because we love to talk all things Bigfoot / Sasquatch meet and greet other researchers and most of all hear more encounter reports straight from the witnesses.

If occasionally somebody pays me for a speaker honorarium etc. I put that towards the costs of website, radio show production, my cryptid / paranormal library and most of all equipment.



I hope to see some of you there!!!

Till Next Time…


“The Reboot”

Something else is needed other than a reboot

Several have come forth with a theory that Bigfoot research needs a reboot, but in reality what it needs is a boot in the ass, maybe even out the door.

In this convoluted world we have a lot of different view points that Bigfoot is flesh and blood or something else. I have been content to let that argument lay by itself.

But when enough people hear these things without being placed in check, it becomes the new “normal.” 

Without evidence… well I have a hard  time of that.

Now people can argue the semantics of the evidence of Bigfoot as a whole, but there is evidence, just none that is accepted by the scientific community.

But just who the hell is the scientific community anyway?

Are they not just people with fancy schooling and opinions anyway?

Are they “super-human” not fallible to the common things that the average layman are?


Here’s just a few hoaxes in  the last 100 years or so pulled on the scientific community, well…by the scientific community for some sort of gain or game.

Piltdown Man

The whole thing started in 1912 when Charles Dawson claimed to find some interesting bones in a gravel pit.

A paleontologist at the British Museum assembled the bones and believed that they represented the "missing link" between humans and apes.

40 years later scientists proved that the Piltdown man was a deliberate attempt at paleontological fraud.


In 1999 National Geographic described this creature as the "missing link" between dinosaurs and birds.

Yeah, not so much.

Turns out this "fossil" found in China was actually a forgery constructed from rearranged pieces of real fossils from different species.

Disappearing Blonde Gene

Every generation or so, an alarm is sounded over the belief that natural blonds will soon go the way of the dodo.

The most hoax happened in 2002 when news organizations from the BBC to CNN quoted what they believed to be a World Health Organization report that blonds would disappear within 200 years, because blondness was caused by a recessive gene that was dying out.

Turns out the WHO had never done such a study.

The Nacirema Tribe

The Nacirema were supposedly a tribe of people living in North America, as described by Horace Miner in his anthropological paper, published in 1956.

The tribe Miner described had many odd rituals including "scraping and lacerating the surface of the face with a sharp instrument" and another ritual that "consists of inserting a small bundle of hog hairs into the mouth, along with certain magical powders, and then moving the bundle in a highly formalized series of gestures."

It was actually a satire of everyday American life. "Nacirema" is "American" spelled backward.

The Rum Island Hoax

Heslop Harrison, an established academic and Fellow of the Royal Society, was in 1948 accused by John Raven, a University of Cambridge classics tutor, of making false claims to have discovered certain plant species on the Isle of Rum on the west coast of Scotland. Whether or not such grasses were on Rum is pivotal to a theory that the islands escaped the last ice age.

*Various sources.

Motive theories by the scientist aside, already we’ve seen one Bigfoot DNA study, being prepared for history to be included in this type of citation, if not for the scientist involved sloshing over belief versus fact… out of eleven “Bigfoot conspiracy theories,” this on was at the top.


Texas veterinarian Melba S. Ketchum claimed last November to have proved via sasquatch DNA sample that the legendary apes are partially human. She even went so far as to insist that the Government recognize them as “an indigenous people and immediately protect their human and Constitutional rights."

Source: http://mentalfloss.com/article/48870/11-crazy-bigfoot-conspiracy-theories

Take away that last sentence, it doesn’t sound all that crazy does it? But add it, and we wonder why Bigfoot research gets laughed at.

You know we see a couple of our much respected scientists, much admired by followers of this field for years, now laying support to a hoaxer. One just glancing but the other much more in depth. We’ve seen this before as outlined here before, (Kranz and Cook in support of some of Ivan Marx’s works.)

But today one scientist chose to ignore in place of what “he saw” and a “visceral reaction,” rather than what can be proved or the empirical evidence before his eyes. Or the ugly proven backstory about the man he now sits on the bench next to. So just diminish or claim ignorance to the back story.

When you do a show with someone, you do some homework. At least due diligence dictates such for a person in such a position.

Maybe it’s a case of being polite to a person he is co-hosting a radio show with. Maybe he doesn’t want to see it, because he’s been vested with him in a popular television show. I just don’t know. The TV show is one thing, but continuing to co-host a radio show, implies acceptance no matter what is said after the fact.

What I say about the skeptic scientists, touting opinion rather than fact is applicable here.

What is standards for them is standards for us too. Opinions without evidence, regardless of what ever title comes before or after your name is, unless you are not human, it is just OPINION.

I laugh at some people (a guy by the name Terry comes to mind)  trying to make a name for themselves with claims people are faking the stuff debunking Standing’s garbage.

Fact is the photo came from Standing himself further proving the huckster he is. And we’ve outlined all the steps people can take on their own here to duplicate our results. So ignore the truth Terry. Hence the term ignorant.

The fact remains, that Standing made entirely up the area Sylvanic, and was planning a Blair Witch (Released in 1999) type movie. But some Bigfoot researchers took this online game (Blair Witch too had a website touting the authenticity of their movie as well). Hmm …

“The Blair Witch Project is thought to be the first widely released movie marketed primarily by internet. The movie’s official website featured fake police reports and "newsreel-style" interviews. Due to this, some people initially thought it was an actual documentary about the ‘missing’ teenagers. These augmented the movie’s found footage style to spark debates across the internet over whether the movie was a real-life documentary or a work of fiction.”

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Blair_Witch_Project

Included was a movie in Blair Witch style, featuring what is thought to be Standing’s sister, doing the voice and filming, and was known as Sylvanic Film 1, which has disappeared from any Standing owned site, for good reason.

But people like this Terry, that make such unsupported claims, with unwarranted malice, not only have no place in the spectrum of investigation, or research, but are ignorant. I call them the source of a lot of our troubles in the Bigfoot community. But now even respected folks are beginning to emulate that type of behavior.

It is so sad that some people want to have evidence of the existence of Bigfoot so badly, that they would rather live in fantasy land, and accept the non-scientific and live in their own bubble and say what it ever it takes to stay in that bubble. (And unfortunately no matter what you talk about, politics, religion, sports, it is the extreme ends of these, that folks fall into this trap.)

Didn’t we just see that in the last couple of years with an uneducated buffoon.

See that’s the difference hoaxers don’t get. When you are a buffoon, and have bad PR such as “Jake and the Fat Man,” scientists do not find you palatable.

When you are nice, soft spoken, and caring such as a Marx and Standing…there’s your ingredient.

Standing can state very intelligently and eloquently that Sasquatch bury their dead. But archaeologically, bones that are buried are more likely to be preserved and thus found. So there is Standing sounding scientific, why no bones are found, yet in complete adverse to science.

Remember a con game is an abbreviation for “confidence game.”

That’s why at first people were taken by “Jake and the Fat Man” at first.

“They were so nice and congenial,” was a comment when a group of Crypto-folks went to visit “Jake” in Texas.

You don’t get people to believe in you by being an asshole.

Back to the scientists…

Fact is these fine folks (and I do mean that sincerely) in science have been trained in science.

 What they haven’t been trained in is public relations.

When they go out on the cuff, and don’t do their due diligence, and later are proved wrong or their theory sounds kind of out there, even for Bigfoot research, they embarrass us all.

Some who have been proven wrong or have no evidence to back their claims, have taken on the new program of…Ignore it, deny it, chose to diminish it with the least amount of noise.

Well something is wrong… and I am no longer quiet, nor am I choosing to ignore it.

“Scientists are not Gods, Prophets, Presidents, nor Kings. They are human beings, subject to all the fallacies a human is capable of being vulnerable to.”

                                                        -Steve  Kulls, June 2014


Airing laundry…a traitor in my midst

Sadly, that’s not the only problem. See I have problems with people being two faced. If people keep close eye on what I do, there has been a person replaced a while ago.

And folks know, that I have dealt with this kind of thing before, but I need to get this off my chest so please grant me the liberty of doing such.

First by destroying a 25 year friendship with someone, by feeding both sides bullshit. Stirring the pot. Took me a while to figure out my friend’s anger, and why a knee jerk reaction angered him more. I realized how this jackass I let in, operates. And I feel the guilt of such.

I miss my best friend, but I think thanks to this ass feeding BS to both sides, it is probably irreparably destroyed.

Then later this Jackass insinuates, that I stole a logo design off of him I had designed for a paranormal group I co-founded. Mind you this is over a single symbol in the design. And the design and color of the symbol are much different them his.

I asked numerous people if they could see any similarities…bupkis. Apparently he felt he has a monopoly on this symbol which we found at least five other groups across the country using.

But he wanted to hear none of it, because it wasn’t about the design, it was the anger of starting our own paranormal group, instead of being a branch of his.

I hear he’s coming over 200 miles to go back into the areas, I showed him.

The group I had coexisted with prior to that, despite our philosophical differences, earned the use of that area.

The old team

As far as the other team, I can co-exist with them, although I think they have a hard time dealing with being dumped and sometimes a quirky remark, very much unnecessary is thrown out there.

They got a little unnerved when I co-founded a paranormal group, but prior to my departure, they did create a Bigfoot organization, which was a direct conflict of what I was told a couple of years earlier their intentions were.

Moreover I saw information there that was in direct conflict with my own theories and were more to the fringe. It was becoming time to move on regardless of any other drama.

As for the Paranormal group it wasn’t a competition thing, it was a continuance of doing something I love to do, as well as supporting my significant other.

Were they riding coattails? Although they have much different philosophies than I now, I believe some out of spite, I considered it them earning their right of passage.

The old team put in blood, sweat and tears consistently for several years. We had many good times, laughs, excitement and a lot of good results.

I was called a mentor on many different occasions by them pertaining to the Crypto-field.

Much to as I indebted to them for cutting my teeth in the paranormal world.

There are other reasons as well, but those are not for public consumption, because it had nothing to do with the evidence they were putting forth, their integrity in evidentiary matters, up until I left, is without question. 

(Up until I left is said, because I cannot vouch for their evidence today as I am not associated with them so I cannot verify. Such is not meant as a derogatory remark.)

I have let bygones be bygones.

Back to the traitor in my midst…

Three months of being in my research area didn’t give him that right to steal it, or corrupt it.

But he does not care. He was riding coattails. He wanted to be noticed. He wanted to be in control. Fortunately, he blanked himself out of any good favor. Expecting me to cave on his latest whim.

Nonetheless I still tried to remain his friend.

But the final straw was when I hear insinuations, because I went on my own for thirty-five minutes during the day time in a public park. I’ve been going there on my own for thirteen years. I think I’ve earned that.

He thinks people don’t talk especially when he’s talking behind my back about me. Then he wonders why I unfriended him. Really? Naïve young man. 

I have three words for him…

Now I won’t name names, because the people in the know, already know about all of this, for some time. Funny thing is he perceives these people as being ignorant but they all know what he’s about.

And mark my words… he’s gonna be calling people telling them I got this all wrong.


So if you’ve been wondering why I have been so quiet, it’s been all just holding in for quite some time.

This isn’t for condolences, nor was it for advice. Sometimes I can be wise beyond my years.


This is the airing of my feelings and should certain people cross this blog once in a while like I think they do…they now see where exactly I stand.

Time for my ‘’Reboot.”


Till Next Time,


The Bigfoot Media Machine

For the last year or so I’ve been sitting around and pondering questions to myself and to others, as to exactly what effect is the information super-highway having on real Bigfoot investigation.

After much consideration and thought, I see it digressing in much the way traditional media has come about.

Television came to full bear in the 1960’s and news reported just that news. Speculation was a rarity. By the 1990’s news on TV was evolving into a 24 hour service.

Today, speculation, pundits and opinions are the filler between actual news stories.

In the 1990’s the internet slowly began to change the way Bigfoot information was transmitted. By the middle of the 2000’s printed newsletters such as Daniel Perez’s newsletter and Ray Crowe’s newsletter (The Track Report), have became antiquated.

The beginning of the new millennium public forums and discussion groups about Bigfoot were the rage. Now that too is slowly fading from view.

By the beginning of this decade, information has spun so far out of control, there is little hope to keep much under wraps.

Why is this? Because on a daily basis just as in the mainstream, there is very little real information to write about. So these sites, my own included, have to use speculative content to fill the time. In some cases some blogs have gone to vitriolic hyperbole to  fill the time, others report rumor, rather than fact for some of the time.

Since the popularity of “Finding Bigfoot,” there has been an influx of new researchers and media that has entered the fray. The problem is, they come in and some don’t know anyone from anyone. 

They report things such as captures, killings of Sasquatch, sensational footage, or blobsquatches, that this type of thing is new. It’s not. Far from it.

Look up the names of Kerlow, Marx, Wallace and Crook just to name the few.

Look up the names of the researchers that had to make the calls on these things, and had to report on them, such as Byrne, Green, Dahinden. What would the pundits be saying about them today if the technologies today existed then?

Do the new folks even know who the Four Horsemen are or were?

It seems to me, after watching a few documentaries, owning the box set of season one of “Finding Bigfoot,” and having the ability to create a Blogger, Word Press or YouTube site, some of the “noobs”  feel they are some sort of authority to speak on the daily happenings on the community.

I take pause to wonder if this is what the older generation thought of us.

The majority however have been great, and have integrated nicely, however as usual it’s the exceptions that usual create the loudest noise.

As does every once in a while something brilliant does come out, but so often it can be twisted by opinion or naivety, I’m not sure which at times, but the problem is the point gets lost by hyperbole.

My mission has always been one of truth, so when I see opinions in spite of the truth that I’ve investigated, which in this case is not yet been made public, until now, it makes me cringe.

If we can’t get the truth in real life right, how can we even get close to solving the mystery of the Sasquatch?

While some do move with trepidation at first and exercise caution, some do not, and they act without restraint, in essence doing more damage than assist.

The old school way was to write letters and later telephone. That eventually graduated to blogging and email, and now has to digressed by some to the easy way out and just blog about it.

There is a hell of a lot of reporting, just no investigating.

The end result is people writing things with no real knowledge of anything, except what was written by others, speculated and talked about on a forum, and regurgitated in some other format.

The Melba Double Standard… 

Remember 2011 everyone criticizing Dr. Melba Ketchum for not saying anything public about the study and results? Now the criticism has turned to she DID say something about the project, for whatever her rationale.

My original criticism was wrong that she made a statement, and I myself felt swayed by public opinion. My criticism still stands however, for including a political statement at the end of such.

But she was standing, at least in 2011 on scientific reasoning for not saying anything and we weren’t happy, now she did in contradiction to 2011 and now we’re criticizing her for it.

Stages of a Bigfoot Hoax…

Guy Edwards has written about stages of a Bigfoot Hoax, which he was spot on and brilliant, but unfortunately there is a major component missing.

And my points here are not to discredit Mr. Edwards, as he should be complimented for pointing these stages out in his model, but as an alternative to his opinions based on his model because it lacks a stage.

The essential component missing from Mr. Edward’s stages of a Bigfoot Hoax is the very first step. In every hoax, con and the like, there is a mark. The target. Remember that.

So the next time someone comes a knocking that says they have seen a Sasquatch, have them running over their property, have a body, a live one, and they are a hoaxer, YOU, not the public, not the community, are their mark.

As in every con, they prey upon the mark’s beliefs, naivety and faith in people. People have said to me, “but they were so confident I thought for sure…”

Hence the term con. It’s an abbreviation for confidence.

Now I don’t want to digress into, an argument of “The Boxed Bigfoot,” but some have forgotten Occam’s Razor, and this I feel duty bound to the truth to address.

Mr. Edwards’ last stage, “Claiming you are victim of a hoax” he is directing, or it appears such at the MABRC. No….NO… that should be directed at Ed Smith. That could have been Smith’s exit plan, which didn’t take.

And there’s a problem with Smith’s exit plan… Smith has no evidence that he was hoaxed. None..zip. And whatever did happen to “Smith’s Documentary?”

Now did the MABRC play things out as I would? Probably not, in some areas but they’re not me nor, I them. And so is no one else for that matter. They will be rethinking their methodology for sure, and rightfully so. We all do that on a constant basis, or should. It’s all too easy to be an armchair quarterback in these instances.

Mr. Edwards also brings out the point that Dr. Meldrum alone should have been enough to validate the claim. HUH?

If this hypothetically turned out to be real, the good Doctor would have come back and reported to the community, it’s real and his ass would have been barbequed as being bought, or some insidious plot how he was likely extorted, to say that, or worse yet, and unfortunately the most likely, the pundits would have attacked his good reputation by saying, he just wants to get his name in the paper and statements of that ilk.

That’s a lesson I learned the hard way even when you report something as a hoax. In these public debacles, NEVER, EVER go it alone. That’s also a lesson learned by some of the vets, and in my opinion, hence the BRG team, consisting of folks outside the MABRC, was formed, before anything was put into motion.

Smith named Meldrum and Hovey, and Darren Lee, Director of the MABRC chose Kathy, Abe and myself also to be part of the independent team.

We all knew that if Mr. Smith was lying, the public announcement of the team would be the quickest resolution to ending the claims. Darren, myself and a couple other members of the group spoke of that privately shortly after the announcement of the group was made. The clock was ticking for Smith.

The group was formed for four days prior to the public announcement and nothing Smith stated to Darren indicated that this would not move forward. Within hours of the public announcement, Smith called Darren with a potential problem and a day later, the group wasn’t needed. Yeah, go figure.

Let’s stop scapegoating, and put the blame on the real person, the VERY REAL Ed Smith.

YES… Ed Smith is real…

It’s very simple in my professional past to determine if someone is real or not. With Mr. Smith, a common name we needed something more, and we got one in a middle initial. With that info, I hit my resources hard, burning the midnight oil.

If he was fake the information would have been inconsistent., incomplete or more likely nothing at all. After I got the potential suspect, I pooled some information on what was known about Mr. Smith and confirmed this was indeed the very real Ed Smith, the phone numbers and email being the clincher.


Page one of a contact report confirming the existence of Ed Smith.

We know the names of his parents, siblings, his residence history, all consistent with the information known, his date of birth, phone number, which has been confirmed by sources as his own, his email, again confirmed.

The MABRC knew 75% of the information we uncovered, which helped greatly in verifying the data we collected was valid and consistent with the person they were dealing with the last several years.

What we did uncover they did not know, were the things that go against Smith’s claims, such as the lack of owned property, or any recent business ownership and work history not consistent with his previous claims and a purchase history, forensically indicative that this was a made up story from the get go, in 2008, when Smith first burst upon the scene claiming to have done this for ten years prior.

Matt Pruitt deserves the majority of the credit to this, as he has been researching the background of Mr. Smith for the last two years. Awesome job and hats off to him for his diligence.

I’d also like to thank Matt Knapp for obtaining property searches in the area as well.

My own involvement in the search was getting Mr. Smith’s work history.

So I hope that puts that issue to rest.

As to the impact of the MABRC…

A History Lesson…

There was a hoaxer that infiltrated a group of researchers.

They even paid him to track the activity in areas of the creatures. He came through with sighting reports and eventually led them to evidence that was hailed as great new convincing evidence.

He gave them frequent updates, which got the group excited that they were getting close. There should have been a lot of tell tale signs, which became apparent after the fact, that he was a hoaxer. But he seemed sincere and convincing so they believed him and even the evidence he had led them to.

He had been with them for about four years when it all came crumbling down for him.

They even were going to pay him $25,000 for his new ground breaking evidence.

The year was 1971, when Ivan Marx, (Biscardi’s mentor) claimed he had a film, which was obvious what it was.

The men associated with Marx before his claims, Roger Patterson, Rene Dahinden, Peter Byrne, Bob Titmus, John Green to name a few.

Oh and by the way… that wonderful piece of evidence that Marx led these men to?

The Bossburg Cripplefoot, the cornerstone of Dr. Grover Krantz’s thesis on Bigfoot evidence and he proudly displayed on all of the In Search Of… episodes and other documentaries.


Till Next Time,


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