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In continuing this brawl on the “Massacre Theory”, as I stated in my last blog, when “HowNotToHuntBigfoot” Isdahl stated he doesn’t give a F*** about what people think.



As I predicted, apparently he does ,especially with the “I Stand With Bob” Facebook page created by Russell Acord.


Let’s look at this point by point:

1st – Promoting the issue.Mr. Clickbait” jumped on the issue, he could have stayed out of it. He “believes” in the massacre theory, yet says Squatchies are Demonic and / or supernatural.

(Like I said on the last blog, how did they kill them then? Holy Water? Silver Bullets? Proton Pack?) You can’t have it both ways!

2. Not about Bob Gimlin? He was there!!! You weren’t! He is the only living witness to this. Why is he getting threats then?

3. This is about lying, bullying, bastards?  Seems like the believers of this are doing the bullying, but wait… how about Isdahl’s own cyber bullying?


“I’m going to make antis TOO SCARED TO STOP CONSERVATION…” – Steve Isdahl, 2018


          Source: http://victoriaanimalnews.com/the-loudest-voices-carry-guns-and-snares/

How about Isdahl lying by inference / omission?

Isdahl Hoax

A Mark Anders “Mexican” Bigfoot picture posted with a snow track..inference that you own it!

When people asked, “Is this yours?” they were met with crickets.



Let’s not forget just posting this on Instagram too, in this case with NO explanation:

si instagram

It caused confusion in many that saw his post. Did he care? (See his point #1 what he called Marketing 101!):


Here is a response from an angered fan:


Of course a year passes with many other posts, but not a single reply can be seen to any of these. Hmm you know what we call these folks don’t ya? It begins with an “H”.

Apparently he is only able to count to 3 on this post, so the rest of the point’s we will number ourselves.

4. To date he has seen emails and letters from all. Email from 1967? Proof please? Of course not. Evidence presented… nope.

5. He has looked into the eyes of a bonafide law man and the law man has seen the unedited…yadda yah. As I mentioned in the previous blog, here we go again with the “anonymous witness.” Evidence? Again zilch.

Jumping the Shark

I have spoken much, even just recently, as a suspect gets called on the carpet for a shaky story and making up stuff starts to provide more details which should have been there in the first place. It’s because they are making it up on the fly. Someone’s pants are on fire! (BUT WE THINK WE KNOW WHO THE LAW MAN IS!)

So if folks are still buying into him after seeing all this, I would like to introduce those folks to a guy I know… his name is Zorth!

We will be discussing this in-depth on this weeks Squatch-D TV with multiple guests. (April 26, 2020)

Stayed tuned for more from the front

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Get your reading glasses out folks!!!

Something I study is criminology and psychology behind crimes. In this, I have observed a number of hoaxing characteristics and psychology behind them are very similar. Hoaxing is not necessarily a crime but the reason why it shares many common traits with certain criminal activities is that it relies heavily upon deception, concealment, misdirection and the air of trying to get away with something.

A great article came out a few years ago, “5 telltale signs of an online hoax”.

The article has some “real world” examples which I will provide if you wish in the future involving the Bigfoot Community. However, I would like to go into some detail on those points covered in the article.

1. Timelines don’t add up

“People perpetrating a hoax often have to construct a backstory in order to build credibility. This may involve creating a history for a company, person, or other entity. The farther back they go to establish credibility, the more likely they are to make mistakes.”

That is provided you are given a timeline. Many hoaxes lack a timeline which in of itself is dubious. I always say, “A picture, video and audio is only as good as the story behind it.

2. Names and people are problematic

“The names and people cited in hoaxes often have gaps in their history, and offer a very thin profile. This is because most of the time they simply don’t exist.”

The lack of any source material, lack of names and places aside from scene preservation should be suspect.

3. It appeals to a specific group or ideology or is too perfect

“Humans love to hear things that we already believe. It is immensely comforting for us to be told information that conforms to our existing beliefs and knowledge.”

As I have stated previously, there is always a target group. Whether it be particular organization or the community as a whole.

4. It has the trappings of authenticity

“A hoax has to find ways to convey a sense of credibility. Fake news articles often cite other media reports to back up their claims, but they will not link to these (non-existent) articles or they’ll simply inset links that go to the homepage of the website they mention. "

The term “con” is an abbreviated slang for confidence. Always remember that. A person’s charm, sincerity should be discounted in these situations because to sell a story, you have to be a salesman (or woman). 

5. It falls apart when you focus on the details

“Click all of the links, Google all of the names, reverse image search all of the images, run a Whois on the domains mentioned. This is how you’ll find the loose thread that untangles the whole thing. Every piece of information offered is a detail to be examined. Something that reads as real will quickly fall apart in the face of a few clicks and searches.”

Con-artists rely on our natural human nature to be trusting and on laziness to count on you taking their word, rather than doing your homework.


Now I would like to move on to motive. For every audience targeted there is a motivation behind the hoax. As the internet progressed it is difficult sometimes to get to the real motivation.

Let’s look at some of the motivational factors for hoaxing (From the Squatch-D Hall of Shame):

The Psychologically Needy Hoaxer 

  One who hoaxes due to a recent psychological event in their life such as divorce, being widowed, or general loneliness and do it for company and or attention. They need to feel special or have special abilities to a particular class of people and have to fell superior within that class. These are the folks we see constantly on Facebook live espousing their special abilities to communicate,  detect or otherwise be “in the know.” This type of hoaxing overtook the field over the Prankster or Jokester with the advent of Facebook live and YouTube. Often when facing critics they use the term “jealousy,” often because it questions their superiority.

    -Subclass:  The Unintentional Hoaxer 

 One who has a legitimate sighting and due to psychological effect of the sighting, every bump in the night becomes a Bigfoot. Often confused with misidentification, however differs due to frequency of misidentifications by the subject. The reason why this is a sub-class because it’s root cause is a psychological effect of a sighting on them.

The Prankster or Jokester

One who hoaxes for humor and enjoyment. There is a psychological need , however in some instances. While there is obvious parody, which should not be misconstrued as hoaxing, the person, as a prank, tries to hoax,  is trying to belittle others in some manner either privately or publicly. The hoaxer at times wants to feel superiority over a particular group. It should be noted that some parody can be utilized for the same purpose. This motivation can be muddled at this point, due to monetization of YouTube Channels however. But the main motivation is usually the former.

 The Profiteer

One who hoaxes in an attempt to garner financial gain either directly or indirectly. These are the folks which associate most with criminal traits. Narcissism, sociopathic tendencies among others can be at play. Remember a person who hoaxes for profit, is the same type of personality which others take with more defined “shortcuts” in life. They often espouse their position with overconfidence and power plays.

Hoaxing will always continue to plague the community. The more aware we are of how to research and understand some of the psychological factors and behaviors associated with hoaxing, the quicker we can put the garbage to the back of the line and focus on more genuine material being presented.

Be sure to catch Chris Bennett and I on Squatch-D TV Sundays 9PM Eastern, the “not clickbait” show where we present the truth…the good, the bad and the ugly!

See you Sunday!!!


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Well we thought this was pretty well quashed in 2017, when the duo behind the Sasquatch Ontario hoax had a falling out. Darryl posted on the internet a number of items outing his former partner Mike Paterson in some cases with overwhelming detail by providing evidence that the whole thing was a hoax.



Of course it would appear that the two have patched things up and are moving forward again in the hoax. The motivations behind this were always clear with Paterson’s GoFund Me pages and now the creation of a website with a convenient “Donation” button.


In actuality you are “donating” to an individual. Sasquatch Ontario is not listed on Canada’s Not- for-profit list. (https://www.amcnposolutions.com/directory-of-canadian-not-for-profit-associations/ontario-n-to-z/).

I mean that’s okay, it you’re legit, but there has been so much shade thrown at this hoax I know there’s a prince somewhere in Nigeria, willing to give you at least six figures if you put up a small amount of money via Money Gram.


The biggest piece of evidence aside from Strumm outing the “Nephratia” voice was him outing the “Sasquatch Eye” picture circulated by Paterson. Anyone with common sense could have seen that the eye was that of a fish. Strumm confirmed this by providing a picture of the fish that was used in the creation of that particular hoax, conveniently mounted on the cabin where all of this alleged malarkey was occurring.


Much, much more evidence can be found in the Hall of Shame at Squatchdetective.com.

What exactly has social media done to hoaxing you might ask, even when they are caught with their pants down? No matter how many times they are proven to be liars, frauds and charlatans, all they do is deny it, ignore it or have their minions attack.

Mr. Paterson is exactly one of those folks, as is a number of others such as LNP, Standing and their ilk. A few on the Hall of Shame, moved on and rightfully so after being exposed. But these guys preys upon new people and their ignorance of the history of the topic.

Paterson has engaged in attacking anyone on YouTube, using the Fair Use Doctrine to intimidate people and remove their videos. This of course is to make critical attack difficult over an ultra-cautious platform like YouTube.

There is no defense from Paterson, only intimidation, threats and insults. Well people know me all too well to let a hoaxer bully me. That’s because I play by the rules, but still manage to get my message out.

The only strength of his argument is to make the evidence of his hoax disappear. No rebuttal because there is not scientific or investigative methodologies behind his processes. (The lighter measuring the “track” is a great example. (Maybe someone should donate to him, a measuring tape via PayPal.)

Clearly shown in Guy Edward’s Stages of a Bigfoot Hoax:

Number 2: Defensiveness or Attack of Critics

As far a Strumm being back with him, sorry the cat was let out of the bag, with some very nice examples provided. It cannot be undone.

There will be much more on Squatch-D TV in the near future!  See copyright does not apply when you become so much a public figure like he has become via his website, YouTube and Vimeo channels. When you only use snippets of a particular work for the purpose of commentary and education copyright is out the window. So any copyright challenge will be appealed and when he loses the bully will have his own YouTube account in jeopardy for a false claim which will be pursued.

See it is all in the delivery. This will not be a personal attack on the person (s) involved.  It’s all about the facts!

On that note, sorry for some of the Technical issues lately on Squatch-D TV. We have the sound issue fixed and finally are broadcasting again to Twitter, Twitch and the websites.

We will see you this Sunday at 9PM Eastern on Squatch-D TV!


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I just got done watching an HD copy of Shooting Bigfoot late last night when I came to realize that the ending not only sounded staged but LOOKED it as well.

Let’s look at the ending blow by blow…

Dyer-ama of Dyer-ia

First Dyer claims to have seen a little girl in a dress.

We see this sudden strain between him and Matthews.

Now for the first time while in the field, Matthews films himself on site and does an in face commentary, where he starts the climactic sequence with this predicate:




Then we go to a scene from the Biscardi portion, which actually looked credible at first, because there was no Biscardi. But we see another strangely staged scene it appears with Matthews moving about in the woods to find “Youngblood,”, whose real name is actually Rob Price, hiding directly behind him.

We cut back to the Dyer camp for the finale, where Morgan amazingly seems to have the camera right on the part where the alleged creature is going to hit the tent, coincidentally seconds after Matthews turns t he camera on and then gives the signal to hit the tent by saying…


Now we cut to the “attack.” First we here Matthews state, “Rick… Rick come back to the camp” Then we here a change and hear Matthews state “Rick, I’m going back to the camp.” In the process of saying a bit more louder when the attack begins, which Matthews amazingly has the camera in the right position.



I’m going to withhold commentary on the above picture until the next section. Now finally and the most convincing this was a setup, was the camera positioning when Matthews was allegedly knocked unconscious.




Well first here we are again with another Matthews money shot. There was one more as well on the way down but this one shows not only very rubber looking appendages, but look at the camera angle… straight up. Not very congruent with Matthews alleged facial injuries.




So here’s a capture of Matthews interviewing Dyer for Shooting  Bigfoot with a boom operator / sound tech. Does it look like it may defy the laws of physics for the camera to fall on it’s end, especially when at first it begins to fall it’s going lens first, snaps up to capture an image of the creature and then rests on it’s end which buy the way is not a flat surface, as that’s where the battery pack is.


Below is a shot of the equipment according to Dyer’s website in 2012.


Given the story line, the ease of money shots, the corny language used in the ending of “Shooting Bigfoot,” and the defiance of physics, the ending is ALL false.

Commentary about the Face…

As far as the face of the creature. it is pretty amazing how all parties involved left the upper portion out of it, including FBFB. No wonder they were in shock after the movie and Noel was on scene as well in Canada for the Hot Docs premiere. The top half and eyes obviously give it away as a fraud.

Randy Filipovic aka Racer-X has some great thoughts about that at his blog.


So arrogant were they prior to seeing the film they were all singing and acting punch drunk. They even sent me a little not about what am I going to say when I am proven wrong by this “documentary.” But instead of being stand up guys and honest, when they realized it was a sham they chose to do damage control, and keep skin in the game.

Searching for BS with Carmine and crew…

I loved it. If there was any more of someone being show as a know it all, cry baby, here it is. Morgan starts by confronting Biscardi about being involved in the 2008 Georgia Hoax.

Matthews confronts what we’ve been saying all along about Biscardi.

Matthews: “They say you said to them,  you know the body’s not real, but we can make a whole lot of money out of it and that you would give them fifty thousand dollars, so they went along with it.”




Tom’s response… here’s a shocker was a LIE…




He then adds the caveat, “until now.” But in 2009 he knew he was being blamed for his participation and even masterminding the latter part of the hoax.

Well here’s a little reminder and a tease from my book “Fifty Large,”

First the partial statement given to Clayton County Police by Bill Lett about the fifty thousand, BUT, states the date he got the DNA was August 9th, 2008.


Partial Statement

Which is why the freezer receipt, which the creature was kept in,  dated August 8th, 2008 at 8:45PM is all so important to Biscardi being involved.  He was present for the DNA collection and he saw it UNFROZEN. Remember in his own words, “He touched it…felt it..smelled it.” What I smell in Biscardi’s responses is BULLSHIT.



And just to show the money was real, here is the actual Bank Withdrawal slip, also part of the police record…


So Biscardi storms off afterwards, realizing Matthews talked to Whitton and Dyer, and he begins his tantrum like style we’ve all come to know and love, and gives me my new catchphrase. (I nearly fell out of my chair laughing with this one!)


Angry Tom


Of course throughout the film, Biscardi is very much captured as he really is. Contemptuous, nasty, egotistical, and occasionally funny. Quite funny and sad all at once. But the it’s obvious, Matthews does not portray Biscardi in a good light at all, not following the story of his Bigfoot investigations, but rather the idiosyncrasies of the personalities he interviews provided he can exploit them.

For example there is a witness from Virginia that’s a little bit off base. Okay…he’s a lot off base. Morgan gives him a lot of face time compared to the next witness who has a much more credible story.

Well get more into that on Part Two of my review.

Till Next Time,


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