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Yesterday evening, I had come home to see this interesting picture posted on the Coast 2 Coast website, depicting what appeared to be a Sasquatch observing a train as it passed. 


Sasquatch Watching a Passing Train

Well if it is a train, it must have been moving awfully slow. The other thing that struck me as oddly familiar and not in a good way, mainly the nose. 


So I reached out to my friend Randy Filipovic, aka Racer X, and noticed he had already covered it, apparently having the same thought process as I did.

The creator of Rick Dyer’s "Hank," Chris Russell  had actually made a second model which he had made for an Idaho Theme Park, and what we are seeing is the theme park train passing by the cousin of "Hank."

Is it also a surprise that the submitter of the page used Dyer’s legal first name "Ricky?" I think not.

Read more about it here at Randy’s Bigfoot Anarchy Blog:



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Who’s profiting from Hank now???

It was reported to me sometime ago by then Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society Director, Eric Altman that a fellow had bought the mold from Dyer’s phony Sasquatch, “Hank.” And like many years ago of Biscardi trying to cash in on his own hoax by attempting to sell the “Bigfoot in a Freezer” costume for $250K visa vie Joshua P. Warren…

Now we have the man who bought the mold selling “Hank” Busts for just $250.00 a pop. You can see the EBay listing here.

A big thank you to Pinkfoot for bringing that to my attention!!!



Snips of the EBay listing.

I will admit Brett did an incredible reproduction. Just as an FYI he bought the mold from the man who made the original Hank for an undisclosed amount and not Rick Dyer. Would look kind of cool on my mantle. Like a hunter with a deer head, a hoax buster with a costume head. Damn it now I want one!

At least its not a bad guy profiting, so I have no problem with it.


However we did learn that “Hank” himself went to Marijuana dispensary in Colorado reportedly for $12K what allegedly Dyer paid for Hank. The report of this can be read here which follows tour promoter and ex-Team Track Andrew Clacy.

Much more to come as more of the Dyer “Money Train” is exposed. My guess is Hanky Panky now is being funded by the sale of Hank.

But much more to come as we may have the first lawsuit being brought to bear against Mr. Dyer on a funding deal… more details to follow on that.

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Important Rick Dyer update…

Petition calling on Federal Prosecution of Dyer for Internet fraud etc…


Click Photo  to sign petition


To report a Cybercrime:


If you paid to see “Hank” while in San Antonio…

here’s a link to the onlne Police Report you can fill out.


Tweet campaign to the DA, (use Radio Station Link)



Bexar County DA’s Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BexarDA



Finally Hitting the news….

And the petition gets a boost too!





Former Employee Reveals Bigfoot Body is a Hoax [WATCH + LISTEN]



Mar 31, 2014

By Brandon De Hoyos

(HOUSTON) — A former publicist says the body of a dead Bigfoot now on national tour is a hoax.

Andrew Clacy told NEWS 92 FM famed Bigfoot tracker Rick Dyer has confessed the body was made by a Washington toy maker.

(HOUSTON) — A former publicist says the body of a dead Bigfoot now on national tour is a hoax.

Andrew Clacy told NEWS 92 FM famed Bigfoot tracker Rick Dyer has confessed the body was made by a Washington toy maker.

Clacy said he believed the events and the body were real based on what Dyer told him, but he became suspicious after moving from Australia to the U.S. to assist the infamous tracker in publicizing the body’s national tour.

“[He] admitted to me personally that the body of ‘Hank’ was not a real body but rather a construct of a company from Washington State which was paid for by Rick Dyer,” Clacy wrote.  ”Once I became aware of the truth, I could no longer continue in my role with Rick Dyer on moral and ethical grounds…”

On Sunday, Chris Russell, of Washington, confirmed ‘Hank’ was a fraud created for the filming of an upcoming movie, Sasquatch Detective blog reports.

“HANK was made of polyfoam filled latex with latex paints and red camel hair glued on… intentionally to look like an “old poorly made taxidermy of a bigfoot nearly 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide at shoulders” at clients request to tour the country while filming of a movie for film studio I will not publicly name at this time,” Russell told researcher Laura Michaels, according to the blog.

Clacy, who has since returned to Australia, told NEWS 92 FM he is “available and willing to cooperate with any Federal or State law enforcement  investigations should they arise.”

A petition was started online to charge Dyer with fraud. See the petition here.






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Hey gang!


Well another week, and the Bigfoot Bounty is barreling on, seeing yet another team eliminated. Leaving five teams, meaning at most only one more month to go but there’s always that show, where they usually have a “double elimination” as part of the exciting “Survivor formula”.

It will be very interesting to see if “The Bounty” gets renewed for another  season.



Will season one be the end of Bigfoot Bounty? Or will Rosie & Spike approve a second season and make it a quicker picker upper?

Bigfoot Dummy Tour Update

Will “Tray” Dyer, (yet another Ricky Dyer alias, shortened for one of his middle names), really be on tour?

Is he on tour now???

Ah the speculation.

Funny thing is, he’s been trying to sell the BF Tracker RV  for a month and Trailer just in the last few days!!!

Take a look:

Dyer Selling trailer

RV For Sale 3Winnie

If anyone doesn’t know where this is headed well then they are beyond most help. If they go out and attack the critics of this, call them “haters,” well then congratulations to them, they’ve been brainwashed.

This is really how this one will end up…


(Note: The above picture is satire)

Wonder if Joshua P. Warren is going to handle the sale of Dyer’s new dummy?

Radio show news…

This week on Squatchdetective Radio, we’ll have on our good friend from New Mexico, Crypto Four Corners Founder, JC Johnson.



This week’s guest, Crypto Four Corners’, JC Johnson


Join us 8:00 PM EST Thursday nights on Squatchdetective Radio.

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