Well it’s been a couple of weeks since last posting. I decided a little me time was necessary and time to “right the ship” so to speak.

Squatchdetective Radio, will return shortly, as I have been working on a new center, and will be complete by October. Currently working on arrangements to continue the show with our great friends over at CyberstationUSA.com .

The Squatchdetective.com Field Team has been completely revamped. We have parted company with Tri-City NY Paranormal Society and the New York Bigfoot Society. The latter was going in a direction in which was very different to ours and thought it was best to part ways.

Of course I am still proud to be associated with NESRA and the ABS.

That being said, this concept was slowly in progress prior to our association with Tri-City, and now is the time to roll such out.

A new team within the last couple of days has been formed, and it is a much larger, more diverse contingent than we’ve had previously.

We have an advisory panel of seven great folks that will lend their eyes, ears and analysis of our evidence prior to release. Team members and advisors will be announced on a new team page we will be adding to Squatchdetective.com.

We also have two team members which will serve as our Wildlife Biology consultants.


Part of the new team in June 2013 on a scout mission.


That being said, we will announce today two positions that have been long overdue.

First is Gary Laviolette who has been acting as an ad-hoc Assistant Director since 2006 and now assumes the title.

Stacey Horton, who was previously with the original field team, now takes the roll of Squatchdetective.com’s Case Manager as well as taking an active field roll. 

In the upcoming months we have numerous plans in motion, so it should be an exciting season.

Till Next Time,