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Hi gang… after a much needed rest, I am slowly easing myself into operational mode.

Have to mention this…

First, I think everyone is shocked and saddened at the loss of Robin Williams, not only being 63 but in the manner in which he has passed.

Many folks don’t know this but when I was a teenager, I had a friend who committed suicide hours after basically saying goodbye to all his friends, talking to them one last time. I spoke with him about an hour and a half before he took a .357 to the mouth.  It gave me a prolific manner in which I look at suicide.


Robin Williams 7/21/51 – 8/11/14

Let’s all take a minute to remember those friends we have that struggle with depression, and the devastating toll it takes not only on them but their family members and friends. Let’s reach out to them and make sure they are “ok.”

And if they need help… stage your own intervention. Get them the help. I know in all circumstances this is not possible, but if this message saves one person down the road, it has served its purpose.


On June 24th, I began working again as a private investigator once again, and my area covers five surrounding states. So I am on the road constantly during the week but have access (unless I am in God’s country) to email, internet and social networking.

On July 2nd this year my apartment flooded due to the malfeasance of the property caretakers. So we immediately packed and made an emergency move which worked out for the best.

So now we are into a month of casual unpacking. Soon to be in the field with the Squatchdetective Field Team again, and happy to get the Massachusetts contingent up and running.

We’re finalizing some reports from Vermont, thanks to our man there, Frank Siecienski and help from author Paul Bartholomew.

Squatchdetective Radio will be returning sometime in October as both Chris Bennett and I are looking forward to getting back into the hot topics of the Bigfoot world, and I am toying with a new format as well.

Lot’s of nothing has happened since my “vacation,” but since I’ve been nosing around things have been popping up like crazy.

Strange…2 of our three stories of the day have a derivative of “falcon” in it.

Falcon Project gets funded…



Soon may be flying over a forest near you!!! (Credit: The Falcon Project)

Internet rumor has it that the Falcon Project, run by our friend William Allen Barnes, has gotten $250K in funding for 3 dirigibles.

That’s stupendous! and congratulations are in order if true for their dedication and perseverance of getting the project off the ground, both metaphorically and literally.

There’s our first Falcon….now off to a Falconer!

Standing’s last stand?

As we’ve tried to educate readers here over the last 8 years, Todd Standing was my second inductee into the Hall of Shame. Even the man who “found God,” was number three.

In fact Todd puts the man who “found God” to shame. He hasn’t been just a flash in the pan. He’s been consistent making headlines over the years and actually has been able to garner a little credo, via the Canadian Parliament (who quickly retracted), and “Survivor Man,” and has managed to get Dr. Jeff Meldrum to co-host a radio show with him.

Reason being, is… he’s a better actor than, “I found Jesus,” whose over the top performances and “I dare you attitudes,” amongst other severe sociopathic tendencies has made him easy to read.

Fact is Todd’s delivery and presentation is much more an act of scientific presentation than a Barnum and Bailey act as the previous.

Over the years, such as Todd’s “Puppet Face” where we’ve pointed out the anomalies on the shadowing of the branches, even so much as having a photographic expert come on Squatchdetective Radio to verify as much, the line at the bottom of the septum (nose), as well and let’s not forget “Blinky,” where we completely destroyed the idea that was a video, but part of a composite.

The following was presented to me by Daniel Falconer and Phil Poling. It is a critical examination of the Sylvanic bigfoot videos released by Todd Standing.


After reading such, it backs up many of the things we stated earlier over the years and has some other interesting analysis which rather slaps Standing right in the face, and it should be a cold shower to the “Standlings” aka Todd’s supporters.

Standing and Blinky

Composite shown in the report. (Credit: P. Poling/D. Falconer)

Here’s a direct download for the report.

Speaking engagement in October

Yes back to Chautauqua Lake this year for the weekend of October 24th –26th.

Different format and lineup this year, sans me of course, and we will be bringing Vermont Researcher Frank Siecienski (also who nabbed the Vt. Trail Cam Photo in 2010). Other speakers TBA as soon as I hear confirmation. 

Things are in the works so I will try to get them to you as fast as possible.


Meanwhile event organizer Peter Weimer once again is trying to petition the State and Federal governments to offer protection to the yet to be discovered species as a precaution… that petition can be found here and I encourage all to sign and add their name to the ever growing list of people calling for protection of the species.

A brief sidebar…

For the conference “poo-pooers” out there note, the speakers in this conference are not being paid for their appearance, only certain expenses are being covered.

We do this because we love to talk all things Bigfoot / Sasquatch meet and greet other researchers and most of all hear more encounter reports straight from the witnesses.

If occasionally somebody pays me for a speaker honorarium etc. I put that towards the costs of website, radio show production, my cryptid / paranormal library and most of all equipment.



I hope to see some of you there!!!

Till Next Time…


Good times, good times. This year’s Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo gave us the wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with some truly great people as well as reconnect with folks from last year’s event.



Beautiful sunrise Saturday morning at the We Wan Chu cottages.

This year we had the additional honor of meeting Bob Gimlin and Tom Yamarone. Both who presented their stories and recounts to a captivated audience, myself included. As usual Tom with the help of Canadian researcher Todd Prescott added a wonderful musical medley to his presentation. Also i n the lineup was wildlife educator Larry Battson, Sasquatchwatch of Virginia’s Billy Willard, The American Bigfoot Society’s Melissa Hovey and myself.


(Left to right) The legend himself, Bob Gimlin, Steve Kulls and Tom Yamarone.


Because of the way the event was planned, on Saturday at the “ Bigfoot School” and I was privy to noticing the Skeptical Enquirer’s Joe Nickell there. We had a great talk and the man actually disdains armchair skeptics.


Joe Nickell meeting  Bob Gimlin. 

He said it best to me when he stated, “We really have the same goals, to solve a mystery, we just have different beliefs.”

Very true, and for both sides when conducting an investigation, you have to leave your beliefs checked at the door. Joe truly enjoys these events, and does not look at them scoffingly. To him, he’s just as curious about these mysteries as we are.

I gave a presentation on Forensic interviewing the Sasquatch Witness, which when concluded Joe paid me the ultimate compliment.

“You could have been a skeptic giving the same presentation up there.”

During an investigation, I agree, there should be no discernable difference, when examining evidence, to be redundant, just leave your beliefs checked at the door.

For all those who missed it, meeting Bob Gimlin was an amazing experience. Many people have told me who’ve met Bob what a great person he is. All I can say is that no words can describe the man, as he is the most personable and open person I’ve ever met, and he is a great example of humbleness, humanity and caring about other people, just from a weekend of observations.

If there was a shred of doubt in my mind about the P/G Film, it was erased after meeting Bob that weekend.



Giving a Forensic Interviewing lecture at the Bigfoot school.


(Left to Right) Peter Wiemer, Steve Kulls, Billy Willard, Melissa Hovey, Bob Gimlin, Larry Battson, and Tom Yamarone.


All in all a great time and experience and my hats off to Peter Wiemer, and the rest of the lineup for a wonderful time!

Till Next Time,


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