Official Statement of Steve Kulls

By now some you have read the statement by DW Lee of the MABRC that he was asked by Ed Smith, on behalf of Team Quantra to establish a “Bridging Group.”

Several days ago, I was asked by DW Lee, much to my surprise, if I would participate in a meeting with Team Quantra, and the possibility of being able to observe their “live specimen.” 

I was particularly impressed with the named researchers, as they represent all a fair representation geographically of the United States and a couple of them being scientists.

The Independent part of the Bridging Group consists of:

  • Dr Jeff Meldrum
  • Kathy Strain
  • Melissa Hovey
  • Abe Del Rio
  • Steve Kulls

The MABRC part of the Bridging Team is as follows:

  • D.W. Lee
  • Randy Harrington
  • Jim Whitehead
  • Rob Gaudet
  • Doug Todd

I have no details of what is exactly to take place, nor a timeline, a location, nor any photos, videos and the like.

All I have is a commitment to have a meeting with the alleged Bigfoot captors.

This is one of many steps that are necessary to validate their claim.

If you’d ask me a couple of weeks ago, what are the odds, that this was real, I’d honestly tell you, “Slim.”

I still feel that way, however I am impressed at this effort.

Other than that, I have been a viewer on the sidelines as much as anyone else.

I have not been in contact with Ed Smith during this time period, and my only contact pertaining to this matter has been the last few days with DW Lee, who has as well wants to this to see this to the end.

Due to my “boots on the ground,” mentality, and’s mission statement, we must follow this to the end to see if such claims are the truth or otherwise.

To have absolute proof, you must follow the proof absolutely.

My personal “proof of life,” is to lay eyes on their specimen. No more, no less, videos, photos, interviews with Team Quantra will not suffice.

I will be releasing no further information on this independently, as I am now part of an assembled group. However I will not allow this to be a long, drawn out process either. This is not for an air of secrecy, but to prevent any wild speculations or conclusions.

-Steve Kulls, 01/07/13