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Many months ago, a BFRO expedition organizer was jammed up for a bit at a National Park. Seems the Feds were fed up with people charging other people to walk through, camp and hike at their park.

Squatchdetective.com has learned that Rick Dyer will be doing the same:



Advertisement that was on Gold Member’s page prior to site crash of 5/13/13. 





So in case Mr. Dyer wants to avoid incursion with Federal wildlife officials, he might want to choose an alternate location. As an FYI, insiders have told us that the Bigfoot Tracker Ohio expedition originally scheduled for April 26,27,28 which was later moved to May 17, 18, 19 has been cancelled basically due to lack of interest.

So what does one get on a supposed Team Tracker Expedition, (remember we exposed on this blog earlier this year, most pictures of previous expeditions by BF Tracker.com to be stock imagery).

Well, obviously it is supposed to be an Expedition of a Lifetime…



This really should say it all, as really, Dyer’s obsession with being a superstar and being 100 percent correct, one hundred percent of the time is starting to implode the Team Tracker group and to his “customers” (victims).


Dyer crumbling1


And in case everyone is wondering here is Mr. Dyers event schedule line up:



See the Video # 2 release? What have we been saying since late last year when our investigation revealed Dyer buying movie making equipment?

And how can you guarantee when the “Body Tour” will be??? Doesn’t mainstream science need to verify this? How can you set a date on a tour?

And let me get this straight… (CHRIS NOEL…HERE”S EVIDENCE FOR YA!)

  1. Dyer says Minnow was in possession of the body hence the Navigator . No explanation as to how it came back to him. Apparently gets a pass from FBFB and sympathizers on that one.
  2. Makes statements that universities and scientists are looking at it, yet is non-specific as to who it may be. No announcements except by Dyer on this point.
  3. If the film that is released on Aug. 14th, 2013 is of a body on a slab…wait a minute…isn’t the universities examining it now? Or will “Musky” Allen Issleb be part of that film? Or is this just “additional footage” that Dyer will claim that allegedly was shot in September last year.
  4. Did anyone see the copyright date on the end of “Shooting Sasquatch?” Hmm..pretty interesting, if it says 2011 won’t it? (Films put their copyrights on films when they are completed btw, not when they are begun.)
  5. How about all the pre movie inconsistencies, the FBFB authentication film, the fact the tent picture was on BF Tracker since August, Dyer not billing the movie, first at the correct venue, and then saying it would be vindication for him.


Posted on BF Tracker before the release of “Shooting Sasquatch” at Hot Docs

Remember dear readers, while some think little details are trivial, they are far from it. Far too many criminals and bad guys are caught with a small trivial detail which leads them to eventuality. 

Now for some interesting trivia…

Mr. Dyer says I’m obsessed with him… but look closely how he has over the last couple of years try to look like me, going to the shaven head, and even the same facial hair patterns. Pretty creepy.  No, not obsessed, otherwise I’d be thinking about his hoax and him all day long. I just don’t like hoaxers that’s all.

But on the other hand, look at Mr. Dyer. Making up stories about people, adding more lies to excuse the lies he made up in the first place.

Now Mr. Noel contends there is no evidence of a hoax. That this is all hater’s gloating over the disappointment of FBFB and “Shooting Sasquatch.”

In all honesty, I’ve tried very hard to get them to see the light after the movie in one last attempt.

But you see folks, I find it very difficult, when a person as respected as Mr. Noel, and to some extent FBFB, to just look the other way at contradictory evidence.

What we see are at the very least, people becoming accomplices after the fact. If they had some argument against the evidence against Dyer’s claims, but they don’t.

Instead they make excuses, that these are from people that are mad, taking things out of context and nitpicking. They make blanket statements like, “we know more than you know.” They have become Dyer apologists.

I call bullshit to all of it. They’re accomplices after the fact. Not saying they know anything, they may very well believe he has a body, but their malfeasance makes them responsible.


Stunned by the lack of what Dyer would said would be in the film, FBFB in conference. Later they would become excuse makers for Dyer, on how it was Matthews fault.

Yes they may be gullible naïve, and not in on it at the beginning, but ignoring evidence with logical argument with evidence, which so far other than 2 seconds of film in a documentary that makes fun of the community, there has been no proof for their argument.

The minute Dyer had a claim, or when it was revealed the “Tent Video",” was revealed here by us, to be Dyer, their “Bullshit Detectors” should have been on high alert.

Instead of questioning inconsistencies, they accepted excuse after excuse. And instead of putting the brakes on then, they took Dyer’s word as Gospel.

Folks FBFB and Chris Noel (at least on this case) are not acting like researchers or investigators. That is appearance.

They walked in, as FBFB does with ALL of its videos, “How can we prove this real?”

Real investigators walk in with the attitude, “How can I reasonably debunk this.” Only then will it lead you to the proper conclusions to extraordinary claims.

The Body Cases… What Gives?

Frankly it does not matter in the spectrum of who I like and whom I dislike. I like Dyer, although his latest stunt and lies, have brought that to unlike, but not hate. He in his sociopathic mind thinks its funny. Although not so much anymore I think.

Here’s five body cases to throw at you:

1. Frank Kerlow – 1960’s claimed to have a BF body (HOAX)

2. “Bugs” Hale – 1980’s and 90’s, claimed to have buried Sassy. (HOAX)

3. Dyer-Whitton-Biscardi – 2008 “Bigfoot on Ice.” (HOAX)

4. Justin Smeja – 2010, claimed to have shot 2, killed one juvenile. (UNDER INVESTIGATION)

5. Rick Dyer 2012 – Yeah… (UNDER INVESTIGATION)

The first three have all been proven to be hoaxes. In all three cases there was no physical evidence that could be traced to the incident. In case number three the single lone sample, was possum contaminated by human.

What does that tell us today about the two unsolved cases:

How Smeja differs. Not that I am saying his account is truthful, but I am having a difficult time not being directly involved in the case, so my sense here is purely analytical.

Like #3 he has submitted samples to a lab that has come back as contaminated, however items were not claimed to have been cut off body, as with case # 3. Smeja also took and passed a lie detector test. A bold move, although not entirely conclusive.

Since I know two investigators on the case… I will leave that to them to get to the truth. I am not the “end all, be all.” Never claimed to have been. The Smeja case is in very competent hands.

Dyer’s case, No physical evidence provided, except one person who has claimed to see the body. In direct similarity to Case #1 listed. Kerlow originally had an accomplice, who played a minor role in a verification method. Like the Bugs case, Dyer is the only one talking.

Don’t you think, the assistant producer, who no longer works for Minnow would be talking? Matthews? No all you get is round abouts? Why? It helps the film along and keeps them out of trouble, (at least that’s what they perceive it as.)

Fact is that Dyer’s case despite some of the hype, is not to the level of 2008’s hype. If you look on it, on the surface, out of the list above, the 3 known hoaxes (cases 1-3) this one does not differ from them nor in any way rise to any unusual circumstance.

Till next time,


Did Rick Dyer pull an LNP?

As we’ve seen in the past with hoaxers like Linda Newton-Perry on her Bigfoot Ballyhoo blog, often pictures state a thousand words.

When those pictures have been ripped off from other sites to embellish thinks such as evidence and expeditions, you can tell just how trustful a person can be.

Let’s look at Rick’s site, Bigfoottracker.com  and his expedition photo page. It states, “Here are some of the pictures from our expeditions.”




Now lets look at some of the pictures on the site, particularly the last three.

Picture of the SUV going through the water:



Actually comes from here:


Source: http://www.fitzy.id.au/trips/2002/alpine.shtml


Picture of the backpackers:



Actually comes from here:


Source: http://www.evergreenpilates.com/hiking.php

Picture of the guy by the lake:



This actually comes from:


Source: http://www.backpackinglight.com/cgi-bin/backpackinglight/forums/thread_display.html?forum_thread_id=16654

The picture from the awning, shown is not from an expedition but from the McGee Lake Monster Conference in Oklahoma from 2010:



The man with the hat in the PBS T-Shirt is Ken Gerhard.


Here’s Ken Gerhard being interviewed on Fox about the conference:



Who else was interviewed, stating “We had a body, but the government took it?”



Which leads us to this other “expedition” photo shown on Rick’s page:



Here’s who she is….


The reporter doing the news episode.

Thanks to the BigfootLunchClub.com and Guy Edwards for keeping the news reel of the coverage that provided these wonderful screen captures.

Now onto the “evidence” that Dyer was with Morgan Matthews in 2012.

Well I can say with certainty these pictures have been on the web before 2012, and come on, these PROVE Matthew was there? Please:



In response to this I had a conversation with Rick, which from time to time we can be civil.

As to the Expedition photos, Rick claims that he has a third party doing web functions for him now and had no control over what they set up.


But we know that’s a lie, as we have looked on the Internet archive and found his website using 2 of the 3 since as early as 2011:




The pictures were conveniently removed from the BFT site after this post. (Thank goodness for screen captures!)

But first  I asked him about coming up with some evidence that he had been with Morgan Matthews and low and behold, he finally posted two videos which appear to be Matthews filming. And props to him for providing such (I guess my 10 percent chance of Matthews being with Dyer was slim enough for it to be the truth):

            Morgan and RickMorgan2

The videos were shot in late 2011, in Oklahoma.  So where does that leave us as to the body situation?

Well so far we have not seen anything from 2012 or in Texas. We have not seen a description change in the film from the Minnow site. And as stated in this blog, all indicators were that filming ended in 2011. This new evidence does nothing to the contrary to that.

It also does not explain how he stated Minnow took possession of the body how in the world can he be showing to anyone?

Is Tim Mitchell’s theory, for a while a Dyer/Issleb confidant, turned to the side of non-believers, when in a conversation with Issleb, Musky, stated this:

Minnow films is releasing this new documentary "of Monsters and Men" in March sometime at the independent Film festival. Rick through his BigfootTracker LLC company is guaranteed a piece of the sales of this film available only on DVD. Rick is promoting the film to enhance sales saying the Film will show a killing of a Sasquatch.

When the film is released not showing this, or an elaborate re-creation of such, Rick will claim he had no control of what final production would show and was promised it would contain the footage of the killing, and the body. Rick will continue that indeed his story is true. a story will follow explaining this and why the body is kept undercover….

                                                      – “Musky Allen” to Tim Mitchell 1/16/13

As far as Issleb’s description from what he saw during his “viewing,” I received a message this morning and this is what the person stated,

“If you are like me an avid deer hunter then you would recognize the words ‘Model 710’. That is a Remington model 700 series rifle with a composite stock and scope,I call it the Economic Model for hunters. They come in 30/06,270,300,7Mag, calibers most of the time and can be purchased at any Wal-Mart etc.

Here is the thing Steve,if you shot an Animal with any of these calibers from even close range the out come is simple. Small hole going in Explosion going out so if Dyer shot the Sasquatch in the back of the neck the end result would be NO face or Head.”

Till Next Time,


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