Good times, good times. This year’s Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo gave us the wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with some truly great people as well as reconnect with folks from last year’s event.



Beautiful sunrise Saturday morning at the We Wan Chu cottages.

This year we had the additional honor of meeting Bob Gimlin and Tom Yamarone. Both who presented their stories and recounts to a captivated audience, myself included. As usual Tom with the help of Canadian researcher Todd Prescott added a wonderful musical medley to his presentation. Also i n the lineup was wildlife educator Larry Battson, Sasquatchwatch of Virginia’s Billy Willard, The American Bigfoot Society’s Melissa Hovey and myself.


(Left to right) The legend himself, Bob Gimlin, Steve Kulls and Tom Yamarone.


Because of the way the event was planned, on Saturday at the “ Bigfoot School” and I was privy to noticing the Skeptical Enquirer’s Joe Nickell there. We had a great talk and the man actually disdains armchair skeptics.


Joe Nickell meeting  Bob Gimlin. 

He said it best to me when he stated, “We really have the same goals, to solve a mystery, we just have different beliefs.”

Very true, and for both sides when conducting an investigation, you have to leave your beliefs checked at the door. Joe truly enjoys these events, and does not look at them scoffingly. To him, he’s just as curious about these mysteries as we are.

I gave a presentation on Forensic interviewing the Sasquatch Witness, which when concluded Joe paid me the ultimate compliment.

“You could have been a skeptic giving the same presentation up there.”

During an investigation, I agree, there should be no discernable difference, when examining evidence, to be redundant, just leave your beliefs checked at the door.

For all those who missed it, meeting Bob Gimlin was an amazing experience. Many people have told me who’ve met Bob what a great person he is. All I can say is that no words can describe the man, as he is the most personable and open person I’ve ever met, and he is a great example of humbleness, humanity and caring about other people, just from a weekend of observations.

If there was a shred of doubt in my mind about the P/G Film, it was erased after meeting Bob that weekend.



Giving a Forensic Interviewing lecture at the Bigfoot school.


(Left to Right) Peter Wiemer, Steve Kulls, Billy Willard, Melissa Hovey, Bob Gimlin, Larry Battson, and Tom Yamarone.


All in all a great time and experience and my hats off to Peter Wiemer, and the rest of the lineup for a wonderful time!

Till Next Time,