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I have often said that in order to validate a picture you must first validate the story behind it.

First lets understand the story as it first appeared in the Facebook Group, The Bigfoot Community whom has graciously allowed me to illustrate for education purposes this dissertation on debunking photos.

Part I : The Claim (Here we go!)

This picture was posted on The Bigfoot Community group on February 9th, 2016 with the following claim…

Post 1


Okay so I am not so impressed with the picture. But let’s do some follow through on the story.


But as the story went on it became more elaborate, involving DNR, Sheriffs, sworn affidavits and dogs to track the beast. This didn’t make the news like all the other police responded Bigfoot events why? We see this typically in hoaxes.

Also the area was supposed to be remote as well…




But here we have some issue, I mean how did they get a hold of the sheriff with no cell towers nearby?

But according to Google Maps, there seem to be an abundance of cell towers on Lake Marion, which is part of Orangeburg County, South Carolina.  I-95 dissects the lake in half.


But there seems to be plenty of cell phone coverage on Lake Marion. Now for a quick break for some interesting sight seeing.


FindingBF1 Ranae


Meanwhile the day after initiating the conversation with Finding Bigfoot’s Ranae Holland, our person “with the cousin” now takes to the Animal Planet site and posts four separate times.


Animal Planet Posts

Now the whole Finding Bigfoot / Animal Planet tryst, really is a distraction, for most, but there seems to be a “look at me” motive going on and an admitted desire on the part of the “submitter” to be on television.

So with the failed attempt at Finding Bigfoot, it was off to one of the, if not the largest Facebook group about our hairy friends, The Bigfoot Community group.

Enter my foray after seeing the post, and within 24 hours of asking to get a copy of the original photo, allegedly from a cell phone, I was blocked over a rather minor reason. Because I had stated I had not gotten the originals as I was promised that evening to someone who posted that FACT publicly.

Now yes there were some people that got downright nasty with her over the picture. I don’t necessarily condone such action and I have always chosen to fight with fact and interrogative questions rather than insults or taunts.

So yes a lot of us were very skeptical, plus we all thought the picture looked, well…not so good. But research the story before trying to find any merit, if there is any merit with the photo.

So I was effectively cut out…or was I?

Part II : Never Sell Your Cabbages Twice

Enter Mark, my new friend from Canada. He too picked up the story as well, and here was his initial post.


Now just so everyone knows this wasn’t just made up, I do have the PM screen caps…

Convo 1


Again why would you bring your cell phone to call 911 when…



No mention of DNR, Sheriffs or Bloodhounds. The picture was taken by accident?Well that’s a first we’ve heard of that.

Big discrepancies in the stories? Things not making sense? You bet.

Well within 12 hours of asking for an original photo from the “Submitter” he was blocked for no apparent reason. The BC Admins trying to obtain more info…an original photo, even a date, all nothing. Which is what I expected.

Very typical for hoaxers to play the part of a victim, because they make a claim and folks want just the simplest of things. More pics, the original pic, how about the date and time. Not ambiguous, a week ago, or to another two weeks ago.

Stalling another common facet. First the cousin’s husband will be home “later,” then “tomorrow,” then “the day after.” “Perhaps a drive to there home over the weekend.”

The behind the scenes ambiguity, stalling, or just not asking the simplist of questions are all huge flags.

I had my first Sasquatch encounter on July 16th, 2006. It’s a date I will never forget. With things of such significance, YOU DON’T FORGET. And you certainly don’t answer the question, “What was the date?” With, “Oh about two weeks ago.”

Part III Now for the rest of the story

Problem number one is why isn’t her cousin doing all this? Being the spokesperson for his own photograph, not his cousins wife some two hours away?

This is what I call a potential setup for what I call the “Biscardi Loophole.” If she is caught, it’s not her fault, it is her nameless cousin’s husband that duped her.

Now I kept asking if we could get an original copy of the photo. I asked everyone involved to ask that question, and it was promised and promised, but never delivered upon.

Ruling: HOAX (Intentional)


The lesson here is, have patience. Have facts before calling something a hoax on just looks alone. Your opinion is not evidence. Give a hoaxer enough rope, they hang themselves. She could have been gigged on the story flaws and inconsistencies alone or the photo metadata alone, but having them both is having the beyond certainty box checked and a decision you can sleep on. The other flip side is there is nothing that can be done to recover from this.

She has been trying to play the victim, but how can she be a victim in the light of EVIDENCE? The answer is she can’t. She should go as quickly as she came and as quietly as possible.

Special thanks to Suzy M., Robin R. and Brenda from The Bigfoot Community. Also props to Shane Corson for getting me in touch with Mark “Sasquatch,” and Super props to Mark for putting the dunk onto her two storylines.

Again the Submitter’s name has been omitted so her name isn’t further exposed. At least not by me anyway. And I do wish that people let her go in peace without taunting, “told ya so’s,” and the like. Be satisfied, by what we’ve done here. She will see this and know that we weren’t fooled, and that everything we do, we investigate. With an open mind, while remaining objective and the outcome is the truth, be it good, bad or downright ugly.

And that’s what we’re about!!!

Till Next Time,



Thanks to a few intrepid researchers out there this has been brought to my attention and a little necessary investigation was performed to come out with this gem of an outcome.

Since early this year a group calling itself the Maryland Bigfoot Research Organization has been touting having a state of the art facility and a highly educated doctor backing them, Dr. Jose Garcia, MD. who claims to work at John Hopkins University and only emerged with his own Google+ account three weeks ago. This ringer is being run on Google+ social network and they have a YouTube account as well which they are using to hijack content.

On November 24th, 2015 the “Doctor” made a huge claim:


Big claim

Wild claim found on the “Doc’s” Google+ page.

I am afraid that people might have the inclination to send evidence there.

Word of caution: DON’T!

How is this a hoax you ask???


“Dr. Garcia’s” profile.

        impressive2 impressive

Impressive credentials for an MD wouldn’t ya say?


Except our sources that dropped this story in our lap, called John Hopkins and they know of no doctor there by Jose Garcia.

The Doctor’s profile pick is actually that of an actual MD and professor at John Hopkins, Dr. Ben Ho Park:


Dr. Ben Ho Park

Source: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/kimmel_cancer_center/centers/breast_cancer_program/research.html


Now we know that the person that started the Maryland Research Organization page many months was also opened by someone claiming to be Dr. Jose Garcia as well.

Here are some of the items debunked on both pages:


On the left is the fine “Doctor” posting about remains…

Garcia PostKitch Hill

Actually from Kite Hill in Yellowstone.


Source: http://www.yellowstonegate.com/2012/07/yellowstones-kite-hill-cemetery-at-mammoth-home-mysterious-graves/


Here’s one from the Maryland Bigfoot Research Organization Site…

 Maryland Bigfoot3   gallery hip

On left is their post..on right is where the photograph came from, a gallery site called GalleryHip.com listed under HIV Pathology.

Source: http://galleryhip.com/pathology-test-images.html


Here’s another one from the Maryland site:

        lab  Washington University

On left is the MBRO post and on right is a blog article on a DNA testing lab in St. Louis.

Source: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:Z43VU3ZuW4AJ:https://medicine.wustl.edu/%3Fexpertise%3Dcancer+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us


I am also put off by the gross plagiarism of Dr. Henner Fahrenbach’s and the omission of even John Green’s quote in Dr. Fahrenbach’s work.

henner ripoff Henner2

Simple cut and paste job with the only thing missing is the credits to who REALLY wrote it and who was quoted.

Original Source: http://Bigfootencounters.com

So given the claims and the ease of debunking these claims, not seen since the likes of LNP, this is a hoax of the obvious proportion.  So my next question is who did it?


Just who is behind the MBRO & Doc Garcia?

What we do know is the Google+ accounts are an obvious hoax. The pages are run by a man by the name of James May, from Middle River, Maryland who is a partner in a sign company and is a current or former DJ who used the stage name “Jose Garcia.” He also has a Facebook account under that name as well. Thanks to “Jose” using his business address, we linked everything together very neatly.

First I database searched the address he posts on the Maryland Bigfoot page, and there is listed a James May. In the YouTube comments, “the doctor” throws an email address out there for someone to contact him. We do a search of the web with the email address, and we find the business name with the name James May posted as a partner. There were other relevant database backups as well.



YouTube Comment left by the hoaxer.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shQZHWBmU-g


A Google search also turned up the email address linked to both Google+ pages.

business web

 Eventually we got the company profile listing James May as a partner.

Of course our database search recovered this address when we searched James May’s name. (The address is publicly listed on the Google+ Page which is why it is listed here.): 

James Jay May

Database on the address of Mr. May comes up as the address publicly posted on the MBRO Google+ page.


                   DJ Too    dj twitter account 

An internet search using the business name corresponds. With the Garcia profile on Facebook it led us to the Twitter page which is also supported with the database search results.




Source: https://www.facebook.com/INTERSHIPSYSTEMS/

Not so coincidentally, the Jose “Jim” Garcia page which led us Twitter account has this photo on it! Hmm..an Asian man doing lab tests.


Apparently he’s a Doctor who also owns a DJ business!


Bottom line folks, don’t send him anything… He’s a HOAXER!!!

Till Next Time,


Yesterday evening, I had come home to see this interesting picture posted on the Coast 2 Coast website, depicting what appeared to be a Sasquatch observing a train as it passed. 


Sasquatch Watching a Passing Train

Well if it is a train, it must have been moving awfully slow. The other thing that struck me as oddly familiar and not in a good way, mainly the nose. 


So I reached out to my friend Randy Filipovic, aka Racer X, and noticed he had already covered it, apparently having the same thought process as I did.

The creator of Rick Dyer’s "Hank," Chris Russell  had actually made a second model which he had made for an Idaho Theme Park, and what we are seeing is the theme park train passing by the cousin of "Hank."

Is it also a surprise that the submitter of the page used Dyer’s legal first name "Ricky?" I think not.

Read more about it here at Randy’s Bigfoot Anarchy Blog:



Till Next Time,


It’s No Big Deal

There’s been a lot of hoopty-doo on the web over the Rick Dyer alleged dead Bigfoot picture.


A picture of the alleged dead Bigfoot? We don’t think so.

Truth is we saw that pic very briefly earlier last year in 2013, when we had access to the Team Tracker Platinum account.

At that time we knew "Hank" would look a little bit like "Gimli" from Lord of the Rings, or LOTR for you role playing gamers. I was dubious that he would actually use the picture, leading me to suspect he knew we were in the premium section. It disappeared shortly thereafter.

So I was a bit amused when I had seen this “brand new” picture.

Folks, please don’t be taken for a ride. Missing in the picture is any sort of oral injury where Dyer had claimed an exit wound through the mouth.

And others have shown all the dissimilarities in the sketches of what "Hank" originally looked liked.

My only question is…are the keys still with it?

Till next time,

The last few days, since the turn of events in the Musky Allen – Rick Dyer saga over yet again another claim of a dead Bigfoot has taken a series of turns which make things appear, that life is truly stranger than fiction.



(Left) Issleb, with (Right) Dyer.


Musky Allen who’ve we determined to be Allen Issleb of Wisconsin, issued a statement, making allegations of attempting to get Dr. Jeff Meldrum involved. (The Facebook posts are courtesy of Researcher Brad Vincent…excellent job!!!)



As  it turns out this appears much like comments from the body propagator, and it is completely false. You see folks I know, Dr. Meldrum’s appearance stipend and it is not so grandiose as claimed.  Matter of fact it isn’t even close.

A “partial embalming".” Can someone please explain that to me?

The circulatory system is a complete system, please explain how you only let some of the blood out and put part of the formaldehyde in?  How does that work?

Something stinks and it isn’t a Sasquatch body!

There was also a comment made by Issleb that he flew home to Chicago. Again our sources, and by his own admission, he resides in Wisconsin.


Steve and Dr. M

Dr. Meldrum and I at the East Coast Bigfoot Conference in late 2011.


Dr. Meldrum elaborates…



Now… lets take a look at another Pro-Bigfoot group that has come forth over the last couple of years; Facebook FindBigfoot. The Facebook group run by Jack D. Barnes. Guess what? That’s not his real name either. It’s a pseudonym.




In September, they were propagating the Stacy Brown footage, much to the dismay of Stacy, as he had asked to keep it under wraps.

The release of the footage they stated they had promised us was in actuality the Dyer Tent video, as you can read my previous blog entry here.

The fact of FB/FB’s strange behavior around these events are leading me to suspect what some in the community are already saying, that they too may be involved.

I may suspect it, but the evidence isn’t quite in yet on that one, and maybe just in their amateurish nature, they have committed to a course, and their ego’s demand they stay upon it.

Now in similar fashion, as we’ve seen with other hoaxers, including Dyer himself, FB/FB has made a statement that many are construing as if Dyer does not have a body, FB/FB will shut down.

But that is NOT what was said, what was said was…


FBFB Promise

(Courtesy of The Bigfoot Evidence Blog)


What they said if there is no further evidence. Not evidence to support Dyer’s claims. It’s a little vague if you ask me, and as we have seen in the past with folks like Linda Newton-Perry and her promise to shut down her site, Bigfoot Ballyhoo, don’t expect it to happen.

I’d like them to follow through in their promise, however I don’t expect it, and there would be a litany of excuses as to why the promise was not made good on. 

Also there is a big contradiction in the testimony of Dyer and the testimony of Issleb on what was seen versus what had occurred. The whole shooting doesn’t appear to add up to me and sounds a bit far fetched.

For example, Dyer claims after he shot the creature in the back, it runs and he gives chase. A camera man gets in front of the creature and he shoots it in the back of the head, and the exit wound exits via the mouth.

Well isn’t that kind of stupid taking a direct shot of something with a camera man caught in the crossfire?

And if the shot exited through the mouth, why wouldn’t the camera man been hit?

Issleb’s testimony, is again not scientifically correct, (which should be for such a “well respected skeptic”) and contradicts some of the things Dyer states had occurred.

An exit wound through the mouth would have been catastrophic and noticeable, mouth closed upon examination or not. There would have been a fair amount of swelling and disfigurement.

Thanks to Bruce Barraclough, we have the links to the interviews.

The interviews can be heard here:

Dyer’s Account:



Issleb’s Account:



Thanks to Matt Knapp and also Larry Wentz for pointing out BigfootTrackerLLC.com, and thanks to all the other contributors, the list is getting way to big to list them all now!!!




Whether this is a real spoof site or not, they identify Musky Allen, using his real first name, which many did not know, REALLY was.

The interesting thing is site spoof or not, identifies Musky, (Issleb), and uses his real first name. Some researchers thought that Tim Mitchell was really Musky Allen, but that is incorrect.

Mitchell appears to be someone as Cindy “Pinkfoot” Shafer is, caught in the belief and entrenched that Dyer’s claims are real.

Even to the point that Shafer has been saying she cannot be friends with people if they are friends of mine. (Is this High School?)

I wouldn’t read much into the site, it does appear to be a spoof and someone’s disgust and anger over this strange diversion to real Bigfoot research.

But as to the people making the big claims, it would seem that the house of cards is crumbling. This often occurs when things are just, made up. Players reveal themselves, and more inconsistencies arise as more players get involved, as well as more outlandish claims.


Till Next Time


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