The Pridgen Video

Steve Kulls
On May 23rd, 1997, Doug Pridgen and his wife were camping at Lembo Lake Campground, located in Modena, New York, in the heart of New York’s apple country.

A music festival was occurring at the campground and pets were not permitted at the campground, due to insurance reasons, which property owner Mike Lembo confirmed.

A couple, in which tent was visible in the film, was working at the festival and had asked Pridgen and his friends to keep an eye on their tent while they were across the lake working the festival that evening.

What followed was a video clip of about a minute and a half, carrying a 45-second glimpse into a strange occurrence in the background.

While not conclusively Sasquatch, it is a fascinating video showing something non-human in the tree. What was it? We likely will never know.

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