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Squatchdetective reviews theTexas Fence Climber Video Easily Debunked

Steve Kulls
For the better part of the last decade, MK Davis has tried to promote this video as the real deal, when in actuality it is likely the property owner knowing his stature. What it is isn’t, is a bigfoot!

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Squatch-D TV (April 26th, 2020) Bigfoot Massacre Debunked (again!)

Steve Kulls
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Join hosts Steve Kulls & Chris Bennett with news, presentations, videos and pics from the Bigfoot world. Sundays 9PM Eastern.
Tonight we delve into the P/G Film “Bigfoot Massacre Theory” and the jokers behind it.
With researchers Thom Steenburg, Russell Acord (Expedition Bigfoot) and Rictor Riolo (Off The Rictor)
#bigfoot #sasquatch #stopthewoonacy

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