Hey gang, a quick update from a weekend reconnoiter by One of our team leaders, Ted V.



SQD Field Team Leader Ted V. (left) with Assistant Director Steve Kannes (right)

(Credit: Stacey Horton / Squatchdetective.com)


Over the weekend Ted traveled to Research Area 1 when he met up with researchers from the Northeast Anomalous Research group when they noticed two trucks with yellow “Bigfoot Crossing” signs on them. (All my Team vehicles are unmarked.)

As they scouted the area they came across these obviously hoaxed tracks:



Obvious fake prints found in Research Area 1

(Credit: Ted V. / Squatchdetective Field Team)


In the 2013 we noticed a sharp downturn in activity, with the exception of a rock throwing incident which occurred in the fall of the same year. Last year we only took one trip there in the Spring and due to the inactivity, we considered the area “spent,” at least for that year.

Sad thing is, hoaxers of this amateurish sort do not understand that after doing this for 16 years this is kind of the thing that we spot from a distance and call it.

It’s either, “Wow a great print,” (a rarity especially given the substrate of New York State forests) or “see the arch, that’s a human foot,” or “that’s a stamper!” In this case… it’s a stamper.

So the prints the hoaxer made will not get posted as evidence, or as an exciting find, but rather a pathetic individual’s attempt at creating some noise and as a tool for teaching.

Any researchers out there, feel free to use these photos to show folks what phony tracks look like. How we notice the uniformity of the print, the squaring and finally the lack of any toe splay whatsoever.

They thought they would get us, but instead the joke is on them.

Research Area 1 had been my primary area since 2000, when an encounter was reported to me. It had yielded some great results over the years and some interesting encounters.

Since we know there is at least one hoaxer in this area, we have no choice but to move on and move on happily knowing we have many more productive areas to explore.

But you never know..we may just hide some cameras to get a snapshot of our hoaxer too!

A great thank you to Ted and N.E.A.R. for making this discovery.


Till Next Time…