While doing research for my book, "What Would Sasquatch Do?" it became very apparent that there was a link in many sightings to apple orchards.

In the 70’s in Whitehall, New York many of the sightings were centered on the north side of Route 4, and Abair Road. At the time there was a rather large apple orchard in the area on that north side.


In the mid 2000’s there was another flap of Sasquatch sightings this time on the South side of Route 4, but the apple orchard to the north, was long gone. However there is a large commercial apple orchard on the South side of Route 4 currently a short distance to some of the sighting locations.

In the "Baby Video," (taken outside of Modena, New York in May of 1997) which can be reviewed here, very prominent in the background was an apple orchard, as well as many years later after seeing the land, there were strawberry and blackberry bushes galore.

Also in the "Vermont Trail Cam Photo" (Captured in early September 2010), which also can be viewed here, was captured allegedly grabbing an apple from under an apple tree.

Do these controversial pieces of evidence, coincidentally support the sighting flaps of the last 4 decades?

Even more interesting is the research of Dr. Jane Goodall, (referencing her work in the Mogabe) whom used apples to coax the chimpanzees to socialize with her, noticed something interesting. The chimps often would go to the rotting apple first, Dr. Goodall assuming because they had an alcohol content. The chimps apparently enjoyed their buzz…


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