Tonight I just received a communication via my YouTube account from Jeff Patterson, aka the “Squatchmaster” about my analysis.



Funny now he switches to the paranormal Bigfoot theory. He calls his audio for the first time, EVP’s.

He originally said nothing, about EVP’s and did not call them EVP’s…

“After retrieving my digital recorders that were set out around us,this was found on the one near where the Sasquatches were hiding.” 

                                                -Original verbiage found on the Squatchmaster video of the audio.

So hand in the cookie jar… change the story.

But we know what we really hear, including a transmit beep in the audio, and he knows he has been caught. Unfortunately his excuses should have been put out there prior to posting the audio but we know this is deflection and it comes a little too little a little too late.

Again the noises on that recording are artificially produced. Not crisp audio or even field audio with wind.

And Mr. Patterson doesn’t realize, I too am a Paranormal investigator and Demonologist as well.

It does not sound like any EVP I have ever caught either. Indoor or outdoor.

I call shenanigans… he got caught red handed!

Even more…. this audio clip was not from 2014 but recycled from 2011 thanks to some homework by Randy Filipovic which can be seen here on Bigfoot Anarchy.

Till Next Time,

Squatch –D