“Haven’t we all seen the ‘meat with the hair on it’ trick before??? You remember the one that’s DNA was Human/Opossum back in ‘08???”

“Don’t sell you cabbages twice, in this case…like a dozen times.”

                                                      – Steve Kulls 6/19/14


A brief not on my venting of yesterday…some good news!

I spoke with the person whom I called traitor. He apologized for wording something that could easily have been misconstrued, and I understand that. I apologized for being brash and not communicating these perceptions sooner.

Bottom line is that’s fixed to a good degree, which makes me feel much better.

But he made me realize a few things people may not know about my personality and feelings.

  •  Sometimes people, even ones I know for 25 years, take my nicety for naivety. Not the case. My parents taught me to be polite. Sometimes I stray from that, but I am only human.
  • I choose my battles. I bite my tongue, sometimes to point blood is drawn. But ask me privately, I just may give you an earful.
  • Don’t expect to be brought in on something and expect to be in charge. I value ideas, and I will consider, but in something I built, and shed blood, sweat and tears on, lost many a nights sleep over and have paid the price emotionally at times, guess what? I have the final say no matter how much I value you, because ultimately I am the one who bears the responsibility. And that goes for ANY other business venture outside of the crypto or paranormal world, which is why the door slammed shut a couple of times on something that came so close.  
  • I respect different ideas, and even though I may feel strongly on a topic, say someone’s evidence for example, other people have the right to voice their own opinion. Debate has a time and place…sometimes even privately.
  • Don’t take things out of context which was not part of your conversation judge it as serious because it was sarcastic parody. (Example… Something equals four, is it 1+1? No…)

Okay…enough being a “Crypto-Crank”… stay tuned for more commentary, investigation and analysis! 

Squatch-D Radio or perhaps something else?

There’s a lot going on now, because I and Chris have been putting some boots on the ground, and / or in planning stages of some projects unrelated to the show or the field.

But I would same come the Fall, the show will return in some format, and we’re looking at a new and exciting way to serve it up to the audience. Most likely will involve the use of Google and YouTube services, but nothing is in concrete as of yet.

We kind of miss the Paranormal TV Network format at times, where we were Squatch-D TV. But when the network Founder and President, Laura Kimberly resigned for personal reasons, it kind of fell second fiddle to the other network operations and eventually the network eventually flopped without Laura’s leadership.

We enjoyed the ability to show our followers a multi-platform environment. Once we had that video format, going back to the old radio format, just never felt right.

With BTR it was never cost efficient and we still feel BTR takes advantage of their hosts. The only problem it was the most reliable platform to do a show.

I guess we still are not over BTR welching on their partnerships with their hosts and saying “F.U.” to the people that built them into what they are today.

But BTR never depended on an engineer or human factor, making it convenient albeit not having the greatest quality of sound and quite “prickish” at times for some of the listeners.

So that’s what’s cooking in our coconut on that!

Till Next Time,